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ATL (2006)

"It unpretentiously serves class consciousness and conflict with its Cadillac music, attempting to capture -- not capitalize on -- the Atlanta scene that's spawned an aesthetic and a mythology all its own." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Mar 28, 2006

Mirage (2006)

"Marko's story is far from novel, but its wicked evocation of hopelessness transcends any familiarities." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Mar 14, 2006

Eight Below (2006)

"The plot's slavish schmaltz proves as oppressive as the harsh winter that descends upon the dogs." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Feb 21, 2006

Curious George (2006)

"Misanthropic toddlers will be rolling in the aisles." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Feb 7, 2006

The Tollbooth (2006)

"The question of whether Sarabeth will make it as a big-city artist is less fascinating than wondering when she'll discover that her art is terrible." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jan 31, 2006

Tristan & Isolde (2006)

"I dub thee tolerable." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jan 17, 2006

El Carro (2003)

"First-timer Luis Orjuela paint-rollers on soupy layers of humor and emotion while mixing in measured shots of class commentary." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jan 3, 2006

Zathura (2005)

"Let's play Jumanji! No, let's not, but say we did -- in space!" ‐ Village Voice
Posted Nov 8, 2005

G (2005)

"No green light but the one mistakenly given to start production." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Nov 1, 2005

The Dark Hours (2005)

"[A] taut '70s throwback thriller." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Oct 11, 2005
No Score Yet

Life, Translated (2005)

"Kiefer Liu's eccentric bit of teen sigh candy is veined with enough chewy oddities to give it texture, but its sappy center isn't sustainable over 100 minutes." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Oct 7, 2005
No Score Yet

Santo Domingo Blues (2005)

"Wolfe's anecdotal musicology succeeds precisely because of its bare-bones, bawdy yet beautiful approach -- just like the music Vargas makes." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 27, 2005

Into the Fire (2005)

"If there's an element of Into the Fire that isn't rank and offensive, I've failed to find it." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 20, 2005

Human Error (2005)

"Watch it with your eyes closed." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 13, 2005

Green Street Hooligans (2005)

"Hooligans loses the plot late though -- in the filmic and Brit-speak sense -- revealing Hollywood, not hooligan, roots." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 6, 2005

Margaret Cho: Assassin (2005)

"Her embrace of controversial political topics might be welcome if her jokes weren't so predictable." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Aug 30, 2005

The Dukes of Hazzard (2005)

"Prepare to witness an amazing feat of filmmaking: Shocked and delighted will you be to see real Hollywood actors and real musicians outperformed by your favorite inanimate objects!" ‐ Village Voice
Posted Aug 2, 2005

Crónicas (2005)

"Oscillating between furor and languor, rage and repose, Crónicas mixes ethnography with media critique." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jul 6, 2005

The War on the War on Drugs (2002)

"Ineptitude is so thorough here that War on . . . could only make sense as a sinister governmental smear campaign to justify the war on drugs and total sobriety." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jun 22, 2005

POV (2005)

"Weisberg, whose stripped-down style seems refreshing amid the current spate of super-produced docs, gives you what you want, if what you want are dismally deferred American Dreams and harsh economic realities. And you should." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jun 22, 2005

Après vous (After You) (2003)

"As genre fare, Après Vous is saved by its irresistibly sympathetic performances." ‐ Village Voice
Posted May 31, 2005

Bomb the System (2003)

"A needlessly circuitous plot twist leaves a bitter taste, but not before the film's scruffy charm does its work." ‐ Village Voice
Posted May 24, 2005
No Score Yet

Red Passport (2003)

"I'm in jail. Whoops! Now I'm not." ‐ Village Voice
Posted May 10, 2005

xXx: State of the Union (2005)

"Explosions abound, along with expository dialogue and a ham-tastic triad of performances from Sam Jackson, Willem Dafoe, and Peter Strauss." ‐ Village Voice
Posted May 3, 2005

Death of a Dynasty (2003)

"In Dynasty, even caricature becomes commodity." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Apr 26, 2005

King's Ransom (2005)

"Little in this film suggests 'director' Jeff Byrd and writer Wayne Conley possess any facility -- or familiarity -- with irony or any other comedic device." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Apr 26, 2005

Perlasca: The Courage of a Just Man (Perlasca. Un eroe italiano) (2005)

"More courageous than Spielberg in its depiction of Nazi brutality, Perlasca occasionally feels like the made-for-Italian-TV film that it is." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Apr 12, 2005

Guess Who (2005)

"The film is predictable and its humor is tension free." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Mar 29, 2005

Naked Fame (2005)

"There are many dreadful elements in this chronicle of aging gay male porn star Colton Ford's quest for crossover success in the music industry: sub-amateurish camera work, a maddeningly repetitive score, and a listless narrative." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Mar 22, 2005

With Friends Like These (1998)

"Plot and characterization are drawn strictly off the rack." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Feb 22, 2005

The Letter: An American Town and the 'Somali Invasion' (2005)

"Hamzeh's film eschews voice-over to allow the more despicable characters to embarrass themselves with their ludicrously foolish invective." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Feb 8, 2005

Assisted Living (2005)

"The problem with Greenebaum's approach is that in courting the confusion between real and constructed realities, he allows our emotional response to become similarly confused." ‐ Village Voice
Posted Feb 2, 2005