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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
8/10 98%

Inside Out (2015)

"A charming mix of humor and heartbreak." ‐PopMatters
Posted Aug 31, 2015
6/10 89%

Le Week-End (2014)

"Thankfully, Roger Michell's film doesn't linger on... banalities for long." ‐PopMatters
Posted Jan 6, 2015
8/10 No Score Yet

A Poet in New York (2014)

"The portrayal of Thomas' decline is visceral from the first moments to the last, evoking that same second-hand queasiness one experiences watching, say, Leaving Las Vegas." ‐PopMatters
Posted Nov 4, 2014
5/10 33%

Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story (2011)

"This journey is a string of moments, all leading to Harry Potter." ‐PopMatters
Posted Aug 13, 2012

Letters to Juliet (2010)

"Letters to Juliet does poke fun at itself occasionally, but not enough to keep us from saying, "Grazie!" when it finally ends." ‐PopMatters
Posted May 14, 2010
7/10 86%

500 Days of Summer (2009)

"(500) Days of Summer may not be a particularly happy love story, but it's a love story all the same." ‐PopMatters
Posted Jul 17, 2009

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3) (2009)

"Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs alters the pattern established by the previous two films, focusing not on the herd but on action-packed, 3-D adventure." ‐PopMatters
Posted Jul 10, 2009

My Sister's Keeper (2009)

"If the adults in My Sister's Keeper are repeatedly compromised in the honesty department, the children seem to embody truth physically." ‐PopMatters
Posted Jul 10, 2009
2/10 14%

I Love You Beth Cooper (2009)

"I Love You, Beth Cooper is yet another in the long line of shameless knock-offs being shoveled into theaters near you." ‐PopMatters
Posted Jul 10, 2009
3/10 68%

Bruno (2009)

"In Brüno, most of the stunts feel staged, more like The Hills than Cultural Learnings." ‐PopMatters
Posted Jul 10, 2009

The Proposal (2009)

"The troubling thing about Margaret's "punishment" is the implication that she deserves it in the first place." ‐PopMatters
Posted Jun 24, 2009
4/10 19%

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

"The cluttered storyline of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen amounts to a convoluted treasure hunt." ‐PopMatters
Posted Jun 24, 2009

Up (2009)

"Up is full of fun and fantasy, and also earns its PG rating with complex emotional situations." ‐PopMatters
Posted May 29, 2009

Management (2009)

"Jennifer Aniston is stuck, again." ‐PopMatters
Posted May 21, 2009

O' Horten (2007)

"As O'Horten begins, it's clear that Horten will manage his retired life much the same as he has his working one, with consistent routines and a decided lack of improvisation." ‐PopMatters
Posted May 21, 2009

Earth (Disneynature's Earth) (Planet Earth) (2009)

"Earth caters to a younger audience, keeping its biological and environmental lessons at a basic level of understanding." ‐PopMatters
Posted May 7, 2009

Faubourg 36 (Paris 36) (2009)

"Paris 36 is ultimately about men and power." ‐PopMatters
Posted May 7, 2009
5/10 65%

Is Anybody There? (2009)

"Is Anybody There? provides an insightful and sensitive look at the pain of isolation and the connections between people, no matter their ages." ‐PopMatters
Posted May 7, 2009

Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009)

"In Hannah Montana: The Movie, Miley Cyrus gets back to her roots, re-learns the importance of family, and purges herself of the poisons of materialism. For a minute." ‐PopMatters
Posted Apr 19, 2009

Observe and Report (2009)

"Observe and Report proposes that a man who feels worthless is capable of a violent rage. If this sounds edgy, it's not." ‐PopMatters
Posted Apr 19, 2009

Chatham (The Golden Boys) (2009)

"This tale of three codgery sea captains looking for a wife is not all that romantic, or especially comic." ‐PopMatters
Posted Apr 19, 2009

17 Again (2009)

"As much fun as 17 Again has with its young-again reverie, the conclusions Mike reaches are not fantastic, but, more accurately, adult." ‐PopMatters
Posted Apr 19, 2009
4/10 34%

Knowing (2009)

"Knowing's premise is intriguing, even if it ends up being a familiar race-against-time-disaster-movie." ‐PopMatters
Posted Apr 7, 2009
6/10 72%

Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)

"Monsters vs. Aliens is both a spoof and celebration of mid-century creature features, offering positive, if well-worn, "messages for the kids."" ‐PopMatters
Posted Apr 7, 2009
6/10 89%

Adventureland (2009)

"Adventureland is as tidy and predictable as it sounds. And it falls into that annoying trap that seems to plague this sort of film, relying on an unrelenting '80s soundtrack to set tones and cue plot points." ‐PopMatters
Posted Apr 7, 2009
6/10 72%

Sunshine Cleaning (2009)

"Despite occasional nuances, we can see from a long way off where Sunshine Cleaning is headed." ‐PopMatters
Posted Mar 15, 2009
5/10 43%

Race to Witch Mountain (2009)

"Race to Witch Mountain holds no surprises (even granting that it's a remake)." ‐PopMatters
Posted Mar 15, 2009
6/10 40%

He's Just Not That Into You (2009)

"He's Just Not That Into You is a standard chick flick, which isn't necessarily a bad thing: it's cute and comic and organized according to fixed, mostly ancient gender roles." ‐PopMatters
Posted Mar 8, 2009
7/10 90%

Coraline (2009)

"The other mother in Coraline is mother-love gone berserk, all-consuming and self-serving." ‐PopMatters
Posted Mar 8, 2009
8/10 94%

Under the Sea 3D (2009)

"Under the Sea 3D offers a rare and gorgeous look at marine life from the heart of the Coral Triangle." ‐PopMatters
Posted Mar 8, 2009
1/10 24%

Fired Up (2009)

"Fired Up! is the worst of its kind: a cheap imitation of much better films, a 90-minute dirty joke with no punch line." ‐PopMatters
Posted Mar 8, 2009
5/10 16%

Crossing Over (2009)

"In its stories of immigration, Crossing Over raises questions: how far are we willing to bend the rules to get what we desire? What will we risk to uphold our own values?" ‐PopMatters
Posted Mar 8, 2009
3/10 29%

New In Town (2009)

"New in Town subjects Lucy (Renée Zellweger) to a series of life-changing revelations, most stemming from a reductive big city/small town dichotomy." ‐PopMatters
Posted Feb 6, 2009

Finding Nemo (2003)

"Like Toy Story, A Bug's Life, and Monster's Inc., it features amazing animation, great characters, sharp wit, smart humor, and a story both timeless and timely." ‐PopMatters
Posted Jun 6, 2003

XXX (2002)

"I love a great action movie as much as the next person, and XXX is definitely that." ‐PopMatters
Posted Aug 14, 2002

The Rookie (2002)

"The conflicts here are familiar, but The Rookie presents them admirably and resolves them without sap overload." ‐PopMatters
Posted Apr 3, 2002
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