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51% Lucky Number Slevin (2006) "In real life, that towel would drop as Slevin waltzes around New York. The fact that it doesn't is the first clue that we are being treated to some blatant, playful artifice. " ‐
Posted Apr 7, 2006
35% Ask the Dust (2006) "In trying to revisit L.A. once more, the 71-year-old Towne fails to bring to life a more arcane slice of his beloved Chinatown and Heaven Can Wait burg. " ‐
Posted Mar 8, 2006
42% Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World (2006) "Don't be fooled by the title. There's very little comedy here, and the Muslim world in question is on the wrong continent. " ‐
Posted Jan 19, 2006
35% Memoirs of a Geisha (2005) "It does indeed feel like Thousand Oaks, CA, rather than Land of a Thousand Cherry Blossoms. " ‐
Posted Dec 13, 2005
76% The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (2005) "It's the best of both worlds: a spiritually faithful hymn that can be sung along to by those who already know the words, and tapped along to by those who just dig the music. " ‐
Posted Dec 7, 2005
82% Walk the Line (2005) "As sure as night is dark and day is light; Joaquin will be on voters' minds both day and night. " ‐
Posted Nov 14, 2005
85% Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (2005) "It's Chinatown on crack; no, make that Chinatown on crystal meth. " ‐
Posted Oct 18, 2005
31% Valiant (2005) "No matter how hard the CGI animators try, the idea of Ricky Gervais as a bird is not as funny as the idea of Ricky Gervais as a human being. " ‐
Posted Aug 18, 2005
9% Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (2005) "Hardcore fans of The Howard Stern Show will worship at the altar of the various low-rent attempts to outdo the hair gel scene in There's Something About Mary. " ‐
Posted Aug 11, 2005
71% My Date With Drew (2004) "The budget for this year's second Drew Barrymore romantic comedy is 36,363 times smaller than that of the first, Fever Pitch. Guess which film is more satisfying? " ‐
Posted Aug 4, 2005
48% Bad News Bears (2005) "What the f#?! were Billy Bob and his two Bad Santa screenwriters thinking by turning a beloved family film into the equivalent of Bad Buttermaker? " ‐
Posted Jul 21, 2005
25% Bewitched (2005) "It now appears as if Jessica Simpson's Daisy Duke is going to leave skid marks this summer all over Nicole Kidman's Samantha. " ‐
Posted Jun 24, 2005
56% The Interpreter (2005) "With her frameless glasses, resplendent cheekbones, delicate accent and increasingly mysterious motives, Kidman is a leading lady near and dear to Hitchcock's heart. " ‐
Posted Apr 21, 2005
53% Melinda and Melinda (2005) "Allen is no longer the sure-handed artist who made Annie Hall, Manhattan and Hannah and her Sisters. He is the guy at the park with a limp. " ‐
Posted Mar 23, 2005
35% Hostage (2005) "We hate to say it, but an episode of Bravo's Celebrity Poker Showdown featuring Bruce Willis and Kevin Pollak would have been waaay more entertaining. " ‐
Posted Mar 10, 2005
65% Coach Carter (2005) "In the film, Coach Carter orders his students to maintain a 2.3 grade point average. If he were to review his own movie, we imagine he'd propose a similar kind of deal. " ‐
Posted Jan 13, 2005
91% Million Dollar Baby (2004) "When it comes to the narrative canvas of two wounded souls, the film pedigree is formidable, beginning with Fellini's La Strada and Bogdanovich's Paper Moon. " ‐
Posted Dec 15, 2004
35% Shark Tale (2004) "Jack Nicholson, Prizzi's Honor; Dean Stockwell, Married to the Mob; Robert DeNiro, Shark Tale. The mafia is no stranger to great cartoon characters. " ‐
Posted Sep 30, 2004
91% Shaolin Soccer (2004) "Despite more than 400 visual effects from Hong Kong's leading CGI shop, Centro Digital Pictures, the film's narrative manages to retain a sweet-natured feel. " ‐
Posted Apr 1, 2004
71% Cold Mountain (2003) "For decades, Hollywood has toyed with the idea of remaking or following up Gone With The Wind. That moment has finally arrived. " ‐
Posted Dec 24, 2003
38% Brother Bear (2003) "Thanks to the reincarnation of SCTV stalwarts The McKenzie Brothers as a pair of moose, Disney's latest animated feature is more like Brother Beer. " ‐
Posted Oct 27, 2003
44% Good Boy! (2003) "Based on an informal straw poll at the film's grandiose family premiere, the audience most likely to enjoy the film is seven to ten-year-old boys. " ‐
Posted Oct 12, 2003
87% Mystic River (2003) "Don't be fooled by the contemporary Boston setting. For all intents and purposes, Clint Eastwood has made another superlative western. " ‐
Posted Oct 10, 2003
42% The Event (2003) "Fifteen years after winning an Oscar for Moonstruck, Olympia Dukakis strikes gold once again as the matriarch of a New York family devastated by AIDS. " ‐
Posted Oct 2, 2003
31% Underworld (2003) "There's no doubt Wiseman has promise as a visual stylist, such as when he transforms a number radiating on his leading lady's laptop into the image of an apartment door. " ‐
Posted Sep 23, 2003
77% Seabiscuit (2003) "Audiences young and old are likely to luxuriate in the opportunity of spending a couple of summer hours in the company of kinder, gentler moviegoing fare. " ‐
Posted Aug 2, 2003
79% Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) "The last time a Hollywood leading man wore this much mascara, it resulted in an Academy Award for Best Actor. " ‐
Posted Jul 12, 2003
36% 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) "For those who were less than impressed with The Fast and the Furious, the sequel offers up some kinetics much more in keeping with the franchise title. " ‐
Posted Jun 6, 2003
14% View from the Top (2003) "If you're looking to spend a couple of hours in first class, View from the Top is definitely not the ticket. " ‐
Posted Jun 4, 2003
81% Better Luck Tomorrow (2002) ". . .its bolder themes and naked ambition heighten the sense of disappointment towards the film's end when it fails to deliver on its initial promise. " ‐
Posted May 30, 2003
14% Chasing Papi (2003) "If you're in the mood for a couple of hours of carefree fun, Chasing Papi is well worth chasing down. " ‐
Posted May 30, 2003
96% Raising Victor Vargas (2003) "In a day and age when head shaking moments of disbelief are about as commonplace at the Cineplex as stale popcorn, Raising Victor Vargas is reason enough for discerning moviegoers to raise a cheer. " ‐
Posted May 30, 2003
47% City of Ghosts (2003) "In the end, it becomes clear that the missing ingredient in City of Ghosts is nothing more than some additional directing experience on the part of Dillon. " ‐
Posted May 30, 2003
86% X2: X-Men United (2003) ". . .the most successful big budget comic book adaptation since Superman: The Movie and Batman. " ‐
Posted May 29, 2003
43% Anger Management (2003) "By this reviewer's count, there are at least six good chuckles to the dollar. " ‐
Posted May 28, 2003
3/4 77% Holes (2003) "A perfect father-son movie." ‐
Posted Apr 18, 2003
3/4 14% Chasing Papi (2003) "A romantic comedy that is sexy without being gratuitous, funny without being crude, and mercifully free of on-screen Latino stereotypes such as chambermaids and troubled immigrants." ‐
Posted Apr 17, 2003
1.5/4 2% The In Crowd (2000) "Nothing but a big, fat tease." ‐
Posted Jun 15, 2002
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