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3.5/5 86% L'Enfant (2006) What is astonishing, and most admirable, is the way the filmmakers manage to create sympathy for this pathetic loser.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted May 25, 2006
3/5 36% Art School Confidential (2006) It's pleasant enough, features fine acting in smaller parts, rises occasionally to laughs or plot, but its ambitions and its accomplishments are modest.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted May 11, 2006
2/5 56% The Notorious Bettie Page (2006) It isn't a bad film, but it isn't a good film, either. Basically, it's a movie that doesn't have a good reason for having been made.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted May 4, 2006
1.5/5 42% When Do We Eat? (2006) It borders on painful to see this cast go through the motions of this uninspired script.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Apr 20, 2006
1/5 18% Church Ball (2006) Jokes fall flat, characterizations are sketchy at best, setups never receive their payoff, unnecessary subplots slow the already glacial pace.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Apr 13, 2006
3/5 79% Why We Fight (2006) The fact is, Jon Stewart on The Daily Show uncovers this same hypocrisy every night, and does it in two minutes with irony and humor, while Why We Fight attempts it with outrage and scolding.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Mar 30, 2006
4/5 82% Tsotsi (Thug) (2006) A deeply moving portrait of a human being, suffering in life and not having any handle on how to deal with it. It's tragedy, not melodrama.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Mar 24, 2006
1.5/4 35% Ask the Dust (2006) What's surprising about the new film's vapid emptiness is that Towne also wrote the screenplay. And the writing is the film's central problem.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Mar 16, 2006
5/5 85% The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (2006) Few films have ever captured the feel of the desert Southwest better than Tommy Lee Jones' The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Feb 23, 2006
3.5/5 97% Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till (2005) This well-focused, short (75 minute) film will be an eye opener for those who didn't live through the era. For those who did, it will be all too familiar.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Feb 9, 2006
4/5 89% Caché (2005) This is a film you will be discussing for days, trying to figure out what actually happened and why.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Feb 9, 2006
3/5 59% Forty Shades of Blue (2005) It contains some very good performances and some finely observed writing.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Feb 2, 2006
3/5 50% The White Countess (2005) The White Countess, although it has its share of Masterpiece Theatre moments, is another film to remind us just how cosmopolitan is the Merchant-Ivory filmography.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Jan 27, 2006
77% Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (2005) The film is episodic, and most of the scenes are evocative and charming.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Jan 12, 2006
3.5/5 82% Keane (2005) When it comes to an emotional payoff at the end, unlike most Hollywood films, it has earned it.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Jan 12, 2006
2/5 53% Wolf Creek (2005) A very unpleasant movie.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Dec 25, 2005
4/5 84% De zaak Alzheimer (The Memory of a Killer) (2005) It is distinguished by the intelligence of its plotting and the fullness of its characterizations: These are believable people, not merely plot fodder.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Dec 24, 2005
3/5 82% Screen Door Jesus (2005) Screen Door Jesus demonstrates why [Robert] Altman is a genius and [director Kirk] Davis is a novice.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Dec 1, 2005
3.5/5 69% Christmas in the Clouds (2005) It's genuinely funny and it has heart without the obvious calculation the word "heart" usually means in a Hollywood film.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Dec 1, 2005
2/5 12% The Aryan Couple, (The Couple) (2005) Pure sentimental melodrama, with not a moment's reflection on any issue larger than the fate of our heroes.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Nov 17, 2005
3/5 85% The Perfect Crime (El Crimen Perfecto)(Crimen ferpecto) (2005) It plays like one of those minor European oddball comedies of the 1970s ... neither realistic nor particularly clever but making up for that with a certain charm.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Sep 22, 2005
3/5 88% Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D (2005) When you fail to acknowledge the difference between Hollywood and reality, you have abdicated this responsibility.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Sep 22, 2005
3/5 57% Après vous (After You) (2003) A light, entertaining comedy with little, if any, redeeming value, other than a few good laughs.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Sep 1, 2005
4.5/5 53% Killing Ends (Matando Cabos) (2005) There isn't any deep message to Matando Cabos; it's pure entertainment.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Aug 25, 2005
3.5/5 52% Yes (2005) Your taste in movies may not be/ Quite so highbrow or so twee/ But Potter has a lot to say/ About the troubles of our day.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Aug 18, 2005
5/5 92% Saraband (2003) Saraband shows absolutely no sign that Bergman has run out of things to say or ways to say them -- it is as fresh and direct as any he's made.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Aug 4, 2005
2/5 85% Mysterious Skin (2005) The audience has gotten the point roughly 90 minutes before the characters do.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Jul 21, 2005
4/5 99% Moolaadé (2004) It's certainly clear where the director stands on the issue, but underneath is a far richer film about the complex issues of globalization and the values of tradition.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Jul 21, 2005
3.5/5 81% Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005) One leaves the theater grateful to have shared the time with these characters on-screen, but hoping we won't meet them in the lobby.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Jul 14, 2005
1.5/5 33% Man with the Screaming Brain (2005) The film tries very hard to be over the top, wacky and camp, but instead, it's flat as stale O'Doul's.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Jul 14, 2005
4/5 82% Control (2005) As a group of episodes, the movie keeps our interest not by linear plot, but by finely drawn characterizations.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Jun 23, 2005
4.5/5 87% Howl's Moving Castle (2005) The world it gives us to live in, for a couple of hours, is pure magic. It is one of those places we might wish never to leave.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Jun 16, 2005
3.5/5 87% 3-Iron (2004) What is so engaging about the film is the way its director, Ki-duk Kim, manages to keep our interest intensely focused on the couple.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Jun 16, 2005
4.5/5 89% Brothers (2004) A profoundly affecting movie, one in which our sympathies lie with everyone.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Jun 9, 2005
3/5 22% In My Country (2005) It shows what can go wrong when a good-intentioned filmmaker mixes historical tragedy with Hollywood banality.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Jun 9, 2005
3.5/5 84% Mad Hot Ballroom (2005) Although not a great film, it's a joy to watch.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Jun 2, 2005
2.5/5 63% Ladies in Lavender (2005) The kind of Masterpiece Theater-type film that does its level best to bland us into a pleasant slumber.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted May 26, 2005
3.5/5 87% Look at Me (2005) The pleasure of the film, as in many French films from Renoir to Rohmer, is in the exactitude of observation, the accuracy of the portrait and the elegance of the writing.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted May 26, 2005
3.5/5 77% It's All Gone Pete Tong (2004) The film cannot be said to be a success as an aesthetic whole, but the power of the first half and the exceptionally believable acting of Kaye make this the kind of experience that only film can provide.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted May 12, 2005
3.5/5 84% Gloomy Sunday (2003) It's intelligent, well-acted and beautifully photographed.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted May 12, 2005
1/5 25% Mindhunters (2005) Primarily, the film is an exercise in stupidity. You don't have to be an Einstein for it to insult your intelligence.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted May 12, 2005
4/5 83% Up and Down (Horem Pádem) (Loop the Loop) (2004) The movie asks us to see these people as humans and to forgive them for being human and doing to each other what humans beings do to each other. It's a deeply humane film.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Apr 28, 2005
4/5 91% Downfall (Der Untergang) (2004) Hirschbiegel and Ganz are not apologizing for Nazism. They are trying to come to terms with the fact that the evils of Nazism were invented and carried out by human beings.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Mar 17, 2005
3/5 96% Born Into Brothels (2004) One feels manipulated rather than enlightened.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Mar 11, 2005
4.5/5 72% William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice (2004) Radford has rendered off the comedy to find the dramatic skeleton underneath. It is an approach that works stunningly well and is perhaps the only way the play can now be done.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Mar 10, 2005
2.5/5 68% The Chorus (Les Choristes) (2005) It is treacly, dishonest and stuffed with clichés like a Christmas goose.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Jan 27, 2005
97% La Dolce Vita (1960) [An] epic of anomie.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Dec 27, 2004
4.5/5 78% A Very Long Engagement (2004) Artifice, this brilliantly handled, is its own excuse.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Dec 16, 2004
3.5/5 76% Being Julia (2004) Bening brings such vitality to the role that she sweeps aside all the quibbles, and you have to sit back and enjoy what is a masterly performance by a great actor playing a great actor.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Nov 18, 2004
4/5 92% Vera Drake (2004) All the actors so completely fade away that you come out of the film thinking you've seen the real people, not players reciting a script.‐ Arizona Republic
Posted Nov 4, 2004