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84% Deadpool (2016) [Deadpool] the (anti)hero we didn't even know we needed. ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Dec 12, 2016
93/100 97% La Dolce Vita (1960) Along with his later 8 1/2, La Dolce Vita is regarded as one of acclaimed Italian director Federico Fellini's best-loved and most influential films. The '60s-set tale of one man's struggle with the so-called "sweet life" stars Marcello Mastroi ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Feb 17, 2010
50/100 34% The Wolfman (2010) The Wolfman boasts a solid principal cast from Del Toro to Hopkins and up-and-comer Emily Blunt, but Del Toro especially seems to be going through the motions at half speed, as if waiting for the beast and the stuntmen to take it from there. Only H ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Feb 11, 2010
6/10 48% The Book of Eli (2010) Denzel Washington deserves equal credit for this, delivering his best Man with No Name impression as a Bible-thumping hero in a much more literal sense, one who delivers bloody vengeance in lieu of sermons. Though these types of roles are far more demandi ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Jan 15, 2010
8/10 83% Avatar (2009) Rarely a boring moment or unnecessary scene. Avatar isn't going to redefine movies as we know them, but on the level of pure visual spectacle, the bar has certainly been raised. ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Dec 15, 2009
64/100 63% Brothers (2009) Despite its title, Sheridan's film is less concerned with sibling rivalry (romantic or otherwise) and more with post-traumatic stress disorder -- which would be fine if it had anything particularly new or profound to add to the conversation. Unfortunately ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Dec 4, 2009
9/10 87% Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009) A movie that ultimately has more cult than mass appeal, how much you enjoy Bad Lieutenant will probably come down to how much you like Werner Herzog rather than Nicolas Cage. A notoriously eccentric director, his latest film is nowhere near as mainstream ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Nov 20, 2009
4/10 28% The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) If you're not a teenage girl or don't swoon at the sight of Robert Pattinson or a shirtless Taylor Lautner, then surprise, New Moon wasn't made for you. An event movie for girls in the same way every Michael Bay movie is a guilty pleasure for guys, there' ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Nov 20, 2009
73/100 52% The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009) There's not much action in The Men Who Stare at Goats, despite ostensibly being a "war movie" -- but then again, that's about what you'd expect from a film about a military unit trained to fight with their minds instead of guns. And while the satir ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Nov 4, 2009
71/100 81% Michael Jackson's This Is It (2009) Originally meant for Michael Jackson's own personal library prior to the pop superstar's untimely death in June 2009, This Is It chronicles four months in the King of Pop's life as he prepared for a string of sold-out concerts that were set to have ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Oct 28, 2009
83/100 83% Paranormal Activity (2009) Since the characters feel real, so do the scares. Peli shows a profound grasp of the fundamentals of suspense, making a 30-second shot of an empty bedroom more terrifying than most of what passes for horror these days. That's because Paranormal Activity's ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Oct 15, 2009
75/100 84% Whip It (2009) Make no mistake, despite the promise of girls in fishnets, Whip It! is a chick flick through and through. It may advertise hot girls in skates hitting each other to get you into the theater, but apart from a few tame shots of Page stripping down, o ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Oct 2, 2009
92/100 89% Zombieland (2009) Zombieland doesn't find quite the same balance of laughs and scares as Shaun of the Dead did -- it's much heavier on the comedy than the horror -- but its similar focus on three-dimensional characters rather than the genre's typical cardboar ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Sep 30, 2009
31/100 20% I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (2009) Made up of strung-together stories from Tucker Max's best-selling book of the same name, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell is a painfully unfunny celebration of dim misogyny and unabashed narcissism. Matt Czuchry plays Tucker as he ropes his best frie ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Sep 23, 2009
71/100 7% Whiteout (2009) All we're given is a lukewarm mystery where frustrating plot holes give way to lackulster conclusions, and even the most furious CGI snowstorms can't obscure the film's telegraphed "twist." ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Sep 10, 2009
60/100 28% Gamer (2009) There's a reason Neveldine and Taylor have been heralded by action junkies as potential saviors of the genre -- after years of interchangeable formulaic entries, they're giving audiences something different yet familiar at the same time. Is it perfect? Ha ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Sep 4, 2009
76/100 63% Extract (2009) With Extract, Office Space (1999) creator Mike Judge returns to familiar ground: A comedy about an average Joe unsatisfied with his lot in life and reaching the breaking point. Jason Bateman plays Joel, the owner of an extract manufacturing ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Sep 3, 2009
45/100 19% H2: Halloween II (2009) While Halloween II starts out as a character study in post-traumatic stress, it's safe to assume that's not what most horror fans will be looking for. And though Zombie maintains the motif of nightmarish visions throughout, the movie eventually cha ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Aug 28, 2009
41/100 38% The Time Traveler's Wife (2009) The Time Traveler's Wife stars Eric Bana as Henry DeTamble, a Chicago man suffering from "chrono-impairment disorder" -- that is, a genetic anomaly that causes him to involuntarily time travel. The defective gene doesn't prevent Henry from meeting ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Aug 12, 2009
65/100 77% Valentino: The Last Emperor (2009) By glossing over much of the Italian designer's past, Tyrnauer assumes a certain level of familiarity with his subject from his intended audience. If you can't tell Valentino from Versace, you ain't it. That said, The Last Emperor isn't totally ina ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Aug 5, 2009
85/100 94% In the Loop (2009) A war-room farce in the proud tradition of Dr. Strangelove, the satire is sharp and biting, and the comic incompetence and witty bickering that's become a hallmark of recent British comedy exports is absurdly terrifying when it's also found in the ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Jul 23, 2009
44/100 55% Orphan (2009) House of Wax director Jaume Collet-Serra returns to the horror genre with Orphan, a clumsy thriller that elicits far more laughs than genuine scares. Like too many horror films these days, the movie is so rife with false scares or misleading ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Jul 23, 2009
78/100 80% Humpday (2009) Ben (Mark Duplass) and Andrew (Joshua Leonard) are two college friends whose lives have taken very different paths. While Andrew's gone globetrotting, Ben settles down with a wife (Alycia Delmore) and a white picket fence. When Andrew shows up at Ben's do ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Jul 9, 2009
45/100 44% The Proposal (2009) At every turn where The Proposal could have seemingly gone in a less obvious direction, it just puts on the blinders and forges ahead with the cliches of this genre. ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Jun 18, 2009
42/100 15% Year One (2009) Need your fix of Black and Cera? We recommend renting School of Rock and Superbad instead of heading to the theater for this one. ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Jun 18, 2009
35/100 40% Imagine That (2009) There's not much in Imagine That to appeal to critics -- or to anyone with an even marginally cynical disposition. Every A-list funnyman seems contractually obligated to do a high-concept family comedy like this, but it's a lot less fresh this time ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Jun 11, 2009
37/100 26% Land of the Lost (2009) On the Ferrell scale, Land of the Lost ranks squarely below Anchorman and leagues above Semi-Pro, landing right in that murky middle-ground Talladega Nights territory. Let your tolerance level for the comedian be your guide. If ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Jun 4, 2009
68/100 70% Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines (2003) Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines is without a doubt the weakest entry in an otherwise beloved trilogy, but let's be honest, T3 was doomed from the very day franchise creator James Cameron decided to pass on it. ‐ AskMen.com
Posted May 21, 2009
22/100 24% Little Ashes (2009) An intriguing and muddled relationship between three brilliant artists is downgraded into a tedious and lurid art-world soap opera full of convoluted love triangles. ‐ AskMen.com
Posted May 21, 2009
59/100 37% Angels & Demons (2009) Despite its lofty aspirations, Angels & Demons is no less artificial and forced than the latest Fast & Furious sequel. Different target audience, same motive: easy money. ‐ AskMen.com
Posted May 13, 2009
71/100 84% State of Play (2009) State of Play is a rare exception to the rule that thrillers are only as good as their twists: it's good almost in spite of its sometimes obvious plot machinations. ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Apr 16, 2009
60/100 50% Observe and Report (2009) Comparisons to the similarly set and massively popular Paul Blart: Mall Cop will inevitably pop up, but where the Kevin James comedy played things broad and safe, Hill's latest is anything but. Unlikable characters, gratuitous male nudity, a dry and somet ‐ AskMen.com
Posted Apr 8, 2009
D 45% Redacted (2007) Quote not available.‐ The Cinema Source
Posted Nov 16, 2007
A+ 67% Shoot 'Em Up (2007) Quote not available.‐ The Cinema Source
Posted Sep 7, 2007
B+ 40% Hot Rod (2007) Quote not available.‐ The Cinema Source
Posted Aug 3, 2007
B+ 70% Ocean's Thirteen (2007) Quote not available.‐ The Cinema Source
Posted Jun 8, 2007
C+ 55% Mr. Brooks (2007) Quote not available.‐ The Cinema Source
Posted Jun 1, 2007
A- 44% Fay Grim (2007) Quote not available.‐ The Cinema Source
Posted Jan 19, 2007
A 64% Severance (2006) Quote not available.‐ The Cinema Source
Posted Sep 1, 2006
B+ 74% Monster House (2006) Quote not available.‐ The Cinema Source
Posted Jul 21, 2006
B+ 38% Kill Your Idols (2006) Quote not available.‐ The Cinema Source
Posted Jul 7, 2006
A- 93% Halloween (1978) Quote not available.‐ The Cinema Source
Posted Oct 25, 1978