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Rima Sabina Aouf

Rima Sabina Aouf
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97% The Artist (2011) There's no such thing as a perfect movie, but there may be one you wouldn't wish to be any different. Such is the magic of The Artist. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Feb 17, 2015
6/10 91% Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013) Its biggest charm lies in the understated yet giving and uninhibited performances of its leads ... but not all three hours' worth of scenes deserve to be there. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Feb 10, 2014
7/10 89% The World's End (2013) Maybe it is time to move on from the genre mash-up, but this is a thundering way to go out. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Feb 7, 2014
7/10 69% Stoker (2013) It's real strength, perhaps, is in its gaps and silences, which allow director Park to go to town with mood, composition and imagery. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Feb 7, 2014
9/10 94% Stories We Tell (2013) Simply the most enthralling, idiosyncratic and entertaining family memoir around. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Feb 7, 2014
8/10 96% Gravity (2013) The single most stressful two hours you can have in a movie theatre - in the best possible way. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Feb 7, 2014
9/10 96% The Act Of Killing (2013) The film of the year, if not the decade, if not documentary history. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Feb 7, 2014
9/10 89% The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) There's no Disneyfication; Catching Fire has a distinct look and sustained dark, gritty mood. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Feb 7, 2014
5/10 48% Carrie (2013) Not only doesn't Carrie add anything particularly new to the mix, it fails to stand on its own feet and cohere its somewhat disparate components. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Feb 7, 2014
9.5/10 99% Short Term 12 (2013) Cretton is able to leap tall towers of everyday humour and humanity and then suddenly drop you into a pit of total, gut-wrenching sadness in a single bound. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Feb 7, 2014
7/10 51% The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013) A charmer with a good heart and a healthy dose of unrealism. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Feb 7, 2014
8/10 93% The Spectacular Now (2013) The Spectacular Now definitely IS that genuine and refreshing take on the cool-guy-falls-in-love-with-the-dorky-girl story. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Dec 12, 2013
9/10 85% Upstream Color (2013) This gorgeous, unknowable, deeply affecting film makes Primer look almost conventional, given time travel is a genre filmgoers know a little something of. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Aug 26, 2013
8/10 93% Frances Ha (2013) It's all wonderfully tangential, sweet and unerringly funny, and it will have you dancing to Bowie's 'Modern Love' for days and days. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Aug 24, 2013
4/10 31% Kick-Ass 2 (2013) If the whole of Kick-Ass 2 had been 'Hit Girl Goes to High School', it would have been great. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Aug 24, 2013
4/10 41% Only God Forgives (2013) If you're caught in Refn's spell, everything holds together. But if the spell glances off you, it's hard to walk away with anything from watching the film. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Jul 31, 2013
8/10 98% Before Midnight (2013) The release of each sequel is becoming an event, so it's particularly great to see Before Midnight not only meeting expectations but raising the bar. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Jul 16, 2013
5/10 55% Man of Steel (2013) In many ways, this is the strongest Superman reboot for a long time. Yet the story manages to be both rushed and overlong, and Snyder doesn't know when to say stop. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Jun 27, 2013
9/10 79% Iron Man 3 (2013) The Iron Mans have always innately had the superhero secret formula ... but this instalment is even funnier and more thrillingly action-packed than its predecessors. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Apr 24, 2013
8/10 82% De rouille et d'os (Rust and Bone) (2012) Rust and Bone is an unsentimentally lyrical triumph, unexpected in every way. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Mar 31, 2013
6/10 84% Sleepwalk With Me (2012) The idea of the man-boy who can't commit is rather '90s, and neither the film's narrative nor style brings it forward two decades, to where it should be. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Mar 31, 2013
5/10 68% Trance (2013) Trance will divide people. A film like this really rests on the payoff of its twist, and the Trance twist is limp and signposted early on. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Mar 26, 2013
8/10 95% The Imposter (2012) The Imposter at every stage reveals another layer of the bizarreness of which human beings are capable. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Mar 8, 2013
8/10 92% Zero Dark Thirty (2013) You can't deny that what Zero Dark Thirty sets out to do, it does excellently. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Feb 26, 2013
8/10 63% Anna Karenina (2012) It's easy to conclude that this Anna Karenina is a superficial portrait of a superficial society, but that would be to dismiss how emotionally powerful it is in key moments. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Feb 26, 2013
10/10 92% Silver Linings Playbook (2012) Silver Linings Playbook looks like your run-of-the-mill wacky family comedy, but it's an important film and a great one that deserves to sweep the awards it's nominated for. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Feb 26, 2013
7/10 66% Cloud Atlas (2012) Tykwer and the Wachowskis are aiming for greatness here. They don't make it, and that leaves the unorthodox film open to savagery, far more than it deserves. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Feb 26, 2013
4/5 76% We Need to Talk About Kevin (2012) A remarkable film because it talks about taboos - that we might not love our own children, that there are more victims in murder than just those who died - and it does it in a powerful, incisive and mesmerising way. ‐ MovieFIX
Posted Nov 17, 2011
3/5 46% Anonymous (2011) Anonymous is earnest, high-camp and regularly ridiculous, but it's also a fun and gripping adventure for lovers of stagecraft or Tudor mystery. ‐ MovieFIX
Posted Nov 3, 2011
3.5/5 59% Red State (2011) Red State is a bit unpolished - a timestamp appears just once and completely without reason, for instance - but the film has bite and purpose, and it's gripping to watch. ‐ MovieFIX
Posted Oct 12, 2011
64% Tomorrow, When the War Began (2012) Although it's bookended by some stilted dialogue and inappropriately upbeat end credits, the film gets the important things right: explosions and emotional resonance. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Sep 7, 2010
86% The Special Relationship (2010) It is an insightful portrait of the relationship between Blair and US President Bill Clinton that casts them as men of both action and accident, driven by ideals and petty personal proclivities. ‐ Concrete Playground
Posted Aug 3, 2010