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3/4 77% How To Make Money Selling Drugs (2013) The film employs a flashy text-and-graphics aesthetic that immediately brings to mind the satirical undercurrent of a Grand Theft Auto video game. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Jun 24, 2013
No Score Yet Going Up The Stairs (2011) The triumph of an artistic spirit conquering its invisible chains is potent in front of and behind the camera. ‐ House Next Door
Posted Jun 22, 2013
67% 99%: The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film (2013) ...never speaking to the diversity and complexity of a social movement and only inadvertently to its often inherent disorganization. ‐ House Next Door
Posted Jun 22, 2013
82% Pussy Riot- - A Punk Prayer (2013) The film benefits greatly from the young feminists' understanding of political theater. ‐ House Next Door
Posted Jun 22, 2013
78% Fatal Assistance (2014) ...holds an appropriately cynical attitude toward spectacle... ‐ House Next Door
Posted Jun 22, 2013
100% Which Way Is the Front Line from Here? The Life and Times of Tim Hetherington (2013) Hetherington's portrait-like approach to his subjects is itself a form of cinema. ‐ House Next Door
Posted Jun 22, 2013
No Score Yet Camera/Woman (2012) exquisitely captured sans breaking the fourth wall that it occasionally suggests a Kiarostami-esque blurring of fact and fiction. ‐ House Next Door
Posted Jun 22, 2013
55% Man of Steel (2013) Eschews camp and lends Superman a genuinely fantastic, spiritual heft, one that grounds the ruthless destruction to come and elevates it above mere popcorn spectacle. ‐ The Berks-Mont News
Posted Jun 18, 2013
1.5/4 25% The Guillotines (2013) Despite the multitude of cinematic tricks the prolific Andrew Lau has up his sleeve, the film is a disappointingly rote entry in the wuxia pantheon. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Jun 13, 2013
48% The Great Gatsby (2013) Luhrmann makes the most out of what might be considered the text's music video counterpart. ‐ The Berks-Mont News
Posted May 22, 2013
2/4 No Score Yet 3 Geezers! (2013) The film's self-aware mockumentary setup indicates that this is all meant to be taken as an exercise in self-deprecating rib-nudging, though the proceedings rarely rise to the occasion. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted May 17, 2013
1/4 20% Pilgrim Song (2013) It aims for a sense of soulful introspection that instead comes off as an unwitting parody of languid indie conventions. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted May 8, 2013
79% Iron Man 3 (2013) A superhero movie with enough intelligence and personality that it should appeal to plenty outside its intended comic book demographic. ‐ The Berks-Mont News
Posted May 7, 2013
2.5/4 73% Free The Mind (2013) Phie Ambo deftly captures her subjects' sense of paranoia and helplessness without encroaching on their brave candor. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted May 2, 2013
.5/4 7% The Big Wedding (2013) For a movie ultimately about what freaks we all are behind the fronts we build for the sake of normalcy, the apathetically performed The Big Wedding couldn't possibly be more square. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Apr 27, 2013
2/4 71% Fists Of Legend (2013) The film is so generous in its characterizations that it's easy to overlook the fact that its hot-topic drama (bullying, economic marginalization, etc.) amounts to little more than padded lip service. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Apr 10, 2013
1.5/4 78% Murph: The Protector (2013) One wonders if the filmmakers ever asked themselves who their film was intended for, or if it was at least a consciously self-serving effort from the outset. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Mar 22, 2013
3.5/4 56% Vanishing Waves (2013) A scintillating sci-fi throwback, Vanishing Waves draws inspiration from Stanley Kubrick and Andrei Tarkovsky, among others, but without feeling plagiaristic. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Mar 14, 2013
3/4 69% Greedy Lying Bastards (2013) What Craig Scott Rosebraugh's film lacks in originality, it makes up for in comprehensiveness. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Mar 6, 2013
1/4 16% The Last Exorcism Part II (2013) Scenes of solemn importance drag on to the point of self-parody in an attempt at establishing mood, while dialogue reeks of connect-the-dots spoonfeeding. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Mar 1, 2013
3/4 100% Pavilion (2013) George Washington this isn't, but there's enough heft here that the comparison can be tastefully made. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Feb 26, 2013
1.5/4 33% Escape From Planet Earth (2013) An energetic but thoroughly watered-down kiddie flick. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Feb 18, 2013
2/4 33% The Berlin File (2013) A sporadically entertaining, modestly ambitious shoot 'em up that frequently succumbs to spelling out its subtext. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Feb 14, 2013
A 85% Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2) (2008) If the first Hellboy was about the loss of our fathers and the mystery of where we come from, Hellboy II centers on where we are going, and what we do when the mantle passes. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Feb 6, 2013
C- 65% Quantum of Solace (2008) This time around, Bond's biggest adversaries are those behind the camera. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Feb 4, 2013
B- 83% Avatar (2009) This sci-fi epic would be a masterpiece if judged solely on its technical merits. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Feb 3, 2013
B 80% Warm Bodies (2013) The creative production design and earnest script go a long way in elevating so modest a work. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Feb 2, 2013
B 65% Mama (2013) No mere shocker, but a thoughtful rumination on what it means to love, lose, and move on from life's cruel blows. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Feb 1, 2013
C- 31% Gangster Squad (2013) All style and pose devoid of soul. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Jan 31, 2013
B+ 60% The Last Stand (2013) If the sequences removed from Sommerton held a little more presence [...] I'd be less hesitant to call The Last Stand anything less than great. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Jan 31, 2013
D 15% Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013) It would be different if Hansel & Gretel were only stupid; that it's also boring is unforgivable. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Jan 30, 2013
19% Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) Few elements of Fallen are completely odious unto themselves, but rolled together it becomes a wave of inescapable proportions. ‐ House Next Door
Posted Jan 27, 2013
B+ No Score Yet Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972) Among the most efficient and exciting of the series since the 1954 original ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Jan 27, 2013
B+ 94% The Dark Knight (2008) Were films judged entirely by the emotive impact of their opening and closing images, The Dark Knight would be a masterpiece. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Jan 24, 2013
B+ 37% Rambo (Rambo IV) (2008) Stallone uses his iconic character here to explore the necessary evils of violence through a brutal pop lens. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Jan 24, 2013
A+ 96% Night of the Living Dead (1968) Subjects us to the kind of unrelenting nightmare we only wish we could wake up from. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Jan 23, 2013
B+ 77% Planet Terror (Grindhouse Presents: Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror) (2007) A first-rate homage to the schlocky, sleazy B-movies of decades past. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Jan 23, 2013
67% Death Proof (2007) Death Proof doesn't simply comment on its genre inspirations - it adds to their very legacy. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Jan 20, 2013
63% Anna Karenina (2012) The end result remains quixotically affecting, and more than the sum of its many delirious parts. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Jan 10, 2013
87% Life of Pi (2012) Martel's novel could have yielded a greater film in different hands, but Lee's work remains one to be grateful for. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Jan 10, 2013
92% Silver Linings Playbook (2012) Succeeds less on the merits of aesthetics than its willingness to give in to crowd-pleasing effervescence. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Jan 10, 2013
86% Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012) Yearns to find eternal truths under impossible circumstances, and succeeds with flying colors by my watch. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Jan 10, 2013
81% The Impossible (2012) What reeks most about The Impossible is that it mistakes adventurous titillation for humanitarian mourning. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Jan 10, 2013
2.5/4 No Score Yet Welcome To The Machine (2013) The focus on Weider's fatherly duties and modest personal insights is what provides the film with its moral grounding. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Jan 10, 2013
19% Texas Chainsaw (2013) Pardon me while I reassess my stance on the death penalty. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Jan 7, 2013
90% Lincoln (2012) As essential an entry in Spielberg's catalog as his most popular blockbusters and heralded epics. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Jan 5, 2013
69% Les Misérables (2012) Fosse wept. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Dec 31, 2012
62% Hitchcock (2012) Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Dec 31, 2012
78% Flight (2012) One would be foolish to expect anything less from one of our great humanitarian mainstream artists. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Dec 31, 2012
88% Django Unchained (2012) A work that suggests someone brave or foolish enough (or both) to charge into a hellfire with dynamite strapped to their back. ‐ Projection Booth
Posted Dec 31, 2012