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56% Carnage Park (2016) "Much of Carnage Park is merely a sun-bleached desert creepshow, a murky soup of a murderer toying with his victims simply because he's cra-a-azy. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jun 29, 2016
17% Intruder (2016) "Even [its] looming threat can't enliven the plotless lollygagging in the foreground. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jun 23, 2016
91% Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words (2016) "There's no explicit attempt to put forth a Grand Unifying Theory of Zappa; Schütte immerses us in the competing aspects of Zappa's public persona for their own sake. The results are fascinating. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jun 22, 2016
71% What We Become (Sorgenfri) (2016) "In our zombie-glutted media landscape, this is familiar territory; we know what's coming, pretty much beat for beat. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted May 11, 2016
36% Sacrifice (2016) "This watered-down throwback to The Wicker Man never really heats up. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Apr 27, 2016
40% They're Watching (2016) "Writer-directors Micah Wright and Jay Lender are kids'-cartoon vets and show a facility for comedy on a more human level here - as does the nimble cast, which ably handles the tonal shift from travel nightmare to actual nightmare. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Mar 22, 2016
43% The Final Project (2016) "Slipshod in every way, The Final Project can't even be bothered to show the important stuff ... " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Mar 1, 2016
64% Ava's Possessions (2016) "Jordan Galland's Ava's Possessions begins where most demonic-possession movies end. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Mar 1, 2016
33% The Pack (2016) "Ultimately, these feral dogs pose no danger that couldn't be solved by staying inside, boarding the windows and barricading the doors. It's not a bad approach to the film itself. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Feb 25, 2016
57% Jeruzalem (2016) "As impressive as the Old City locations can be, one narrow alleyway looks much like another when the Paz brothers' camera is bouncing to and fro. Not much substance is buried beneath the irritating style. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jan 26, 2016
50% Intruders (2016) "Like the house, the movie is something of a shifting puzzle box; if only the backstory that turns its gears weren't so rotten. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jan 12, 2016
87% He Never Died (2015) "He Never Died is a Tootsie Pop of a movie. It has the outer shell of Taken ... but there's an altogether different treat in the center. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Dec 15, 2015
73% Dementia (2015) "As a suspense film, Dementia is solid but unremarkable, even considering its ugly snarl of an ending. But hidden underneath, the film has all the elements for a compelling, sharp-edged family drama. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Dec 1, 2015
No Score Yet I Spit on Your Grave: Vengeance Is Mine "Brutality is the only thing director R.D. Braunstein cares to show with any specificity; everything else is so vague as to seem imaginary. J " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Nov 24, 2015
50% #Horror (2015) "First-time director Subkoff shoots even the mundane sniping in horror mode, and makes the hallucinations pay vivid dividends: " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Nov 24, 2015
76% A Christmas Horror Story "The anthology is a mixed stocking; if you reach inside, something's likely to grab you. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 29, 2015
86% Deathgasm (2015) "Confident and giddily brutal. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 29, 2015
0% Muck (2015) "The plot is as scant and demeaning as the costumes... " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 4, 2015
21% Amnesiac (2015) "The film's palette is relentlessly beige, and Bosworth and Bentley echo that, speaking in elliptical hushes. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Sep 4, 2015
61% Bloodsucking Bastards (2015) "...the film sinks its teeth into toxic elements of office culture, such as the trampling of individuality...or simply how no one ever bothers to learn the janitor's name. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Sep 4, 2015
78% Blood Punch (2015) "A fun, dark movie made by the stars and staff of a kids show. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Aug 28, 2015
19% The Vatican Tapes (2015) "At no point does this film strive to be more than a second-rate version of what it is: a halfhearted attempt to make some scratch while pretending the devil exists. Some trick. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jul 21, 2015
50% Closer To God (2015) "The drama plays out as expected - the ending, particularly, seems too pat - but offers several well-executed moments of tension along the way. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jul 1, 2015
25% The Stranger (2015) "For viewers who don't need to suck down every last drop of vampire lore, The Stranger never gets the blood pumping. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jun 10, 2015
95% We Are Still Here (2015) "Early scenes overplay the shock of these phantasms, but just as you expect Geoghegan to crank up the effects, the film mixes in some subtler scares. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jun 2, 2015
63% The Water Diviner (2015) "Russell Crowe proves to be a proficient director in need of better material with The Water Diviner, an adaptation of Andrew Anastasios and Dr. Meaghan Wilson-Anastasios's inspired-by-true-events novel. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Apr 22, 2015
33% Laugh Killer Laugh (2015) "Conversations meander and fizzle; characters repeat themselves, speaking in banalities and clichés. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Apr 22, 2015
18% Monsters: Dark Continent (2015) "It's taxing to watch, and Green moves between scenes with Malick-inspired ellipses, frustrating momentum. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Apr 14, 2015
69% Zombeavers (2015) "Director Jordan Rubin and the cast know the material is ridiculous, but calibrate the tone so that the dangers still feels dangerous. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Mar 17, 2015
25% Ghoul (2015) "Ghoul rewards attention for much of its running time with subtle scares and growing unease, before squandering it in a shaky chase through twisted corridors that goes nowhere unexpected. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Mar 17, 2015
79% WYRMWOOD: Road Of The Dead (2015) "Australian filmmakers Kiah and Tristan Roache-Turner remind us why we love these bloody movies in the first place, evincing Raimi-esque glee at twisting the rules of zombiehood like so much taffy. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Feb 10, 2015
32% Dark Summer (2015) "Paul Solet's direction relies on disorienting tight shots as Daniel creeps through the halls, followed by never-quite-frightening appearances by Mona in her bloody hoodie. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jan 7, 2015
25% Wolves (2014) "If you're in the bag for werewolves (or have a thing for hairy dudes smoking distinctive pipes), Wolves is a beckoning howl in the night. As an action movie, however, it's surprisingly tame. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Nov 11, 2014
77% ABCs of Death 2 (2014) "There's no denying this mixed bag contains some really choice severed heads. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Oct 28, 2014
No Score Yet Blood Ransom (2014) "While the portentous glances and oblique dialogue of the undead evoke stylish '70s Euro-vampires - as do the trippy cuts and fade-outs - Oliver's manhunt feels more like a low-budget '80s potboiler. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Oct 28, 2014
52% Stonehearst Asylum (2014) "The implicit criticism of psychiatry without compassion makes this confection unusually filling. Vincent Price never had it so good. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Oct 21, 2014
83% Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead (Død snø 2) (2014) "After a high-speed recap, Dead Snow 2 broadens the canvas almost immediately. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Oct 7, 2014
0% Catch Hell (2014) "Catch Hell suffers from both a drowsy start and a dragging ending. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Oct 7, 2014
56% Inner Demons (2014) "What's most interesting about Inner Demons is its third ingredient: a film crew that stirs up trouble with an intervention-themed reality show. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Oct 2, 2014
No Score Yet Asmodexia (2014) "Is it possible to be decidedly unsubtle and also maddeningly opaque? Marc Carreté's exorcism film Asmodexia threads that infuriating needle. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 23, 2014
100% No No: A Dockumentary (2014) "There's enough diamond lore here to please baseball diehards, but Ellis's outsize life will grip even casual fans. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 2, 2014
29% The Possession of Michael King (2014) "It's a testament to director David Jung's smart script and Shane Johnson's performance that Michael King's decisions seem largely free of horror-movie logic - the stubborn refusal to acknowledge danger, an insistence on going it alone. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Aug 19, 2014
72% Dinosaur 13 (2014) "Unfortunately, Dinosaur 13 never manages to display the story's many complex parts in a way that enables viewers to grasp the whole beast ... " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Aug 12, 2014
24% Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero (2014) "Vincent Guastini's makeup effects are the star here, a refreshing change from the inky CGI morphing of too much modern horror. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jul 29, 2014
17% Come Back To Me (2014) "A film in which every character states her motivation out loud, and even so-called "shocking" revelations are underlined with a hand-holding voice-over. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jul 22, 2014
62% The Sacrament (2014) "The Sacrament infuses the past with ghoulish immediacy. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jun 3, 2014
65% Rigor Mortis (2014) "Has some frantic action scenes, but never quite enough spring in its step. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jun 3, 2014
50% Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas (2014) "This muted approach robs the film of sorely needed momentum, but offers a rare opportunity for contemplation, a trade-off that only occasionally satisfies. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted May 27, 2014
No Score Yet Happy Camp (2014) "Eventually, all of the mundane squabbling is topped by a ridiculous climax full of jumbled, indecipherable action and bargain-basement CGI. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Apr 1, 2014
83% In Fear (2014) "Logic is a torch we can use to fight our fears. If it flickers only dimly here, perhaps that's by design. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Mar 4, 2014
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