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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
5/10 42% The Fighting Temptations (2003) Without its music, The Fighting Temptations would be about half an hour long, and one of the worst films of the year. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Sep 18, 2003
2/10 30% Hollywood Homicide (2003) Nothing works -- the comedy is thin at best and the story is an embarrassment of cliches and plot holes. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Jun 12, 2003
8/10 70% Confidence (2003) The plot is interesting enough to keep the audience guessing what will happen to whom, but the film's end turns out to be simpler than fans of the genre might have hoped for. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Apr 24, 2003
9/10 80% Ghosts of the Abyss (2003) Generally, documentaries aren't known for dramatic moments, yet the tension is palpable as an anxious Bill Paxton sinks two and a half miles to the bottom of the sea. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Apr 10, 2003
8/10 73% The Guys (2003) Though not for everyone, The Guys is a somber trip worth taking. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Apr 3, 2003
7/10 82% Amandla! A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony (2003) Seeing Nelson Mandela walk out of prison a free man, backed by a nation in song, is sure to renew your faith in mankind. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Feb 20, 2003
4/10 19% The Jungle Book 2 (2003) Attempts to recreate the nostalgic magic of the original film and fails miserably -- it's completely run-of-the-mill. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Feb 13, 2003
6/10 42% How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003) If reality's your bag, take a pass. But if you're looking for a harmless diversion to get you in the mood for Valentine's Day, this could be the ticket. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Feb 6, 2003
7/10 57% The Guru (2002) Fluffy yet entertaining. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Jan 30, 2003
7/10 8% Kangaroo Jack (2003) The film has a lively bounce, brisk pacing and a sense of humor that younger viewers can appreciate. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Jan 16, 2003
7/10 80% The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002) All but the most persnickety preteens should enjoy this nonthreatening but thrilling adventure. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Dec 19, 2002
4/10 22% The Hot Chick (2002) The execution is so pedestrian that the most positive comment we can make is that Rob Schneider actually turns in a pretty convincing performance as a prissy teenage girl. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Dec 13, 2002
6/10 27% Analyze That (2002) Unless Analyze This is among your all-time favorites, you won't miss a thing by skipping this retread. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Dec 5, 2002
6/10 22% The Tuxedo (2002) The techno tux is good for a few laughs, as are Chan and Hewitt, but when such a good design turns out to be a cheap knockoff, we can't recommend anything but a rental for The Tuxedo. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Sep 26, 2002
8/10 75% Igby Goes Down (2002) Culkin, who's in virtually every scene, shines as a young man who uses sarcastic lies like a shield. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Sep 13, 2002
53% Blood Work (2002) Seems to have been influenced solely by TV cop shows, right down to its cliched humor. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Aug 8, 2002
6/10 60% K-19: The Widowmaker (2002) Though a capable thriller, somewhere along the way K-19 jettisoned some crucial drama. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Jul 19, 2002
7/10 32% Windtalkers (2002) A worthwhile, if excessively violent look at a piece of history that's rarely discussed. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Jun 13, 2002
7/10 69% Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron (2002) The story is one-dimensional, but the fact that the horses don't speak in cutesy Disney style elevates the proceedings to a classier level. ‐ Citysearch
Posted May 23, 2002
4/4 72% Enigma (2002) The big-screen equivalent of a page-turner. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Apr 19, 2002
2/4 29% Clockstoppers (2002) Although Clockstoppers sports some cool visual effects, it ultimately succumbs to a predictable plot and cardboard characters. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Mar 28, 2002
3/4 38% 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002) A lighthearted romp that delivers laughs, and a thought or two, along the way. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Mar 1, 2002
2/4 17% Queen of the Damned (2002) [E]even if you can swallow the silly plot about a vampire turned rock star, the humorless script turns things sour, eliciting unintentional laughs instead of blood-curdling frights. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Feb 22, 2002
19% Collateral Damage (2002) Any film featuring young children threatened by a terrorist bomb can no longer pass as mere entertainment. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Feb 8, 2002
88% Italian for Beginners (2001) The characters exude a warmth that's infectious. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Jan 18, 2002
2/4 24% Snow Dogs (2002) Manages to please its intended audience -- children -- without placing their parents in a coma-like state. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Jan 18, 2002
46% Orange County (2002) Director Jake Kasdan delivers that rare entry in the teen comedy genre: a funny film that's also quite wise. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Jan 11, 2002
55% The Shipping News (2001) Hallstrom and screenwriter Robert Nelson Jacobs deftly sidestep sentimentality in favor of subtlety, and the talented cast, lead by Spacey, follows their lead. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Dec 25, 2001
27% How High (2001) This marginally funny cannabis comedy only proves how funny Cheech and Chong movies were in their day. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Dec 21, 2001
90% Lantana (2002) A small, personal film, which ponders the importance of honesty, trust and love in a relationship. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Dec 14, 2001
80% The Business of Strangers (2001) Channing's brittle performance ... makes this drama well-worth a stopover. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Dec 7, 2001
3/4 82% Ocean's Eleven (2001) The film drags a bit after the characters are introduced, but then the well-paced heist begins. ‐ Citysearch
Posted Dec 6, 2001