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3/4 68%

Redbelt (2008)

"In Redbelt, David Mamet enters the realm of sports drama and Rocky-underdog clichà (C)s and discovers it's a surprisingly good fit." ‐Miami Herald
Posted May 9, 2008

Kingdom Come (2001)

"There are long stretches of dialogue and not a lot of action." ‐Miami Herald
Posted Apr 10, 2001

Josie and the Pussycats (2001)

"There have been too many movies trading on old TV shows for another one to inspire anything but weariness." ‐Miami Herald
Posted Apr 10, 2001

The House of Mirth (2000)

"It has such an eerie contemporary resonance that you nearly forget about the horses and corsets and lamplight." ‐Miami Herald
Posted Apr 6, 2001

Someone Like You (2001)

"An oddly flat, quirky romantic comedy." ‐Miami Herald
Posted Mar 29, 2001

See Spot Run (2001)

"The crawling narrative starts out as a version of Adam Sandler's Big Daddy with training wheels." ‐Miami Herald
Posted Mar 1, 2001

Head over Heels (2001)

"[Teens] deserve decent movies, but instead they get glop like Head Over Heels. There ought to be a law." ‐Miami Herald
Posted Feb 16, 2001

Malena (2000)

"The cliches in this movie are as ripe and plump and tightly packed as olives in a jar. But the surface is handsome, moving and humorous, and people are going to like it." ‐Miami Herald
Posted Feb 2, 2001

State and Main (2000)

"A surfeit of farce and fast-talking makes up for a lack of plot." ‐Miami Herald
Posted Jan 12, 2001

Save the Last Dance (2001)

"A decent, well-put-together romantic drama to hold hands to on the weekend." ‐Miami Herald
Posted Jan 12, 2001

The Family Man (2000)

"For a holiday movie, it doesn't have much about giving or sharing." ‐Miami Herald
Posted Dec 22, 2000

Miss Congeniality (2000)

"The players are game. Too bad they don't have much of a coach or a plan." ‐Miami Herald
Posted Dec 22, 2000

The Little Vampire (2000)

"There are some decent lessons about power and when to use it and when to give it up, about accepting rather than attacking those who are different and about dealing with fear." ‐Miami Herald
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000)

"Everything in the movie is ripped off from somewhere else." ‐Miami Herald
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Next Stop Wonderland (1998)

"A soulful, thoughtful comedy!" ‐Miami Herald
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Lucky Numbers (2000)

"Ends up looking like cut-rate Coen, and it's got an obtrusive soundtrack straight from the heavy-metal bargain bin." ‐Miami Herald
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Bless the Child (2000)

"The whole thing's grotesque as a gargoyle and ugly as sin." ‐Miami Herald
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Bedazzled (2000)

"A cute and clever good-vs-evil parable that ought to appeal to those weary of SNL retreads and gross-out humor." ‐Miami Herald
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Pitch Black (2000)

"Despite far too many video-game moments and annoying taglines, the scifi thriller Pitch Black just may be the most entertainingly derivative movie of the millennium so far." ‐Miami Herald
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999)

"The teenage boys say 'ewww' and the teenage girls say 'awww,' and you've recouped your $8 million in no time." ‐Miami Herald
Posted Jan 1, 2000

The Wood (1999)

"Even the charismatic Epps can't bail out a script that lacks tension, too often substitutes high-fives for dialogue or action and calls for farce scenes that used to get 'em rolling in the stone aisles of ancient Greece." ‐Miami Herald
Posted Jan 1, 2000
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