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74% War of the Worlds (2005) You don't think a walking tripod can be scary?‐
Posted Jul 8, 2005
No Score Yet The Passage (1979) Would not nearly be as watchable without McDowell relishing his role as [a] fanatical German officer‐
Posted May 23, 2005
100% Only Yesterday (2016) How many other animated films are you likely to see that would spend screen time watching characters eat a pineapple?‐
Posted May 23, 2005
No Score Yet Thalassa, Thalassa (1994) These kids aren't the typically cute ensemble we've seen in countless other films.‐
Posted Mar 22, 2005
No Score Yet Darktown Strutters (Get Down and Boogie) (1975) Nearly everything it needs for status as a cult classic except a star turn in the lead role‐
Posted Feb 22, 2005
No Score Yet Re-established the hype, speculation and anticipation that had become an integral part of the original trilogy‐
Posted Jan 31, 2005
No Score Yet Our Mother's House (1967) The idea ... has been done before in everything from comedies to horror movies‐
Posted Jan 20, 2005
75% My Neighbors the Yamadas (1999) Unlike all other animated works from the celebrated Studio [Ghibli]‐
Posted Nov 9, 2004
No Score Yet Mr. No Legs (1981) Ends as conventionally as it begins, leaving us with nothing special other than a token title character‐
Posted Oct 6, 2004
100% The Sadist (1963) The key to its success is the decision ... to take time out from Junior's grooming as a movie matinee idol and cast him as a sniveling creep‐
Posted Sep 17, 2004
No Score Yet French Dressing (1964) One of the most light-hearted efforts from the irreverent director, who was liberated with a widescreen palette after years of working for TV ‐
Posted Aug 23, 2004
19% Thunderbirds (2004) The premise of the TV series has been abandoned just as effectively as the Tracy boys have been marooned in space for nearly the entire story‐
Posted Aug 10, 2004
No Score Yet Sands of the Kalahari (1965) Gripping, existential adventure.‐
Posted Jul 26, 2004
No Score Yet The Isle of Fantasy (1986) I was forced to watch it‐
Posted Jun 21, 2004
92% White Dog (1982) Sat on the shelf at Paramount for ten years... and was not shown in U.S. cinemas until it received retrospective festival screenings.‐
Posted May 17, 2004
33% Don Quixote (1992) The least of Welles' features, but just as intriguing as his major works‐
Posted Apr 1, 2004
50% Chelsea Girls (1966) Another Warhol put-on.‐
Posted Apr 1, 2004
90% The Savage Innocents (1961) Unlike anything else in Nicholas Ray's catalogue‐
Posted Mar 16, 2004
No Score Yet The Trap (The Mad Trapper) (1966) Reed, playing against a character who is mute, seems to make it his duty to act enough for the both of them.‐
Posted Mar 16, 2004
No Score Yet Confessions of an Opium Eater (1962) (The) distributor's alternate title SOULS FOR SALE...advertises the film's sinister proceedings right from the opening credits‐
Posted Mar 9, 2004
No Score Yet The Phynx (1970) A bust‐
Posted Feb 4, 2004
91% Whisper of the Heart (Mimi wo sumaseba) (If You Listen Closely) (2006) Will easily capture the hearts of those who are both romantics and animation buffs‐
Posted Jan 8, 2004
100% Playtime (1973) One of those rare films that has earned a following through its architecture‐
Posted Dec 15, 2003
10% Night of the Lepus (1972) A failure on every level‐
Posted Nov 24, 2003
No Score Yet A High Wind in Jamaica (1964) What might have happened to the Lost Boys if they'd left Neverland and taken up with the pirates.‐
Posted Nov 24, 2003
93% My Neighbor Totoro (1988) Has such assured naturalism and incidental detail that it seems we are watching animated actors, not just cartoon characters‐
Posted Nov 17, 2003
No Score Yet The Twonky (1953) Would have made an ideal hour-long episode for Rod Serling's Twilight Zone.‐
Posted Oct 27, 2003
No Score Yet Gawain and the Green Knight (1973) An amalgam of two standard motifs, the Quest and Damsel-in-Distress.‐
Posted Oct 27, 2003
87% Battle Royale (2000) Its content will earn it a following from as many witless viewers as it will thoughtful ones, but that's no reason to condemn it‐
Posted Jun 30, 2003
75% The Ninth Configuration (Twinkle, Twinkle, Killer Kane) (1980) At its worst, it is supposed to be profound; at its best it's amusing‐
Posted Jun 30, 2003
No Score Yet All This and World War II (1976) Like seeing the world's biggest school project unfolding before your eyes‐
Posted Jun 30, 2003
No Score Yet Wonderwall (1969) In spite of its trippy feel, the basis of the storyline is surprisingly conservative‐
Posted Jun 28, 2003
No Score Yet Antarctica (Nankyoku Monogatari) (1984) ANTARCTICA has many sad moments but these are undermined a little by its uneasy mix of fact and conjecture‐
Posted Jun 28, 2003
No Score Yet Twilight of the Cockroaches (1990) A GODZILLA destruction allegory pared down to insect level‐
Posted Jun 28, 2003
No Score Yet Northwest Frontier (1959) Supremely enjoyable adventure yarn‐
Posted Jun 28, 2003
33% North Sea Hijack (ffolkes) (Assault Force) (1980) FFOLKES appears in the middle of Moore's run of Bond films, and you have to wonder how strongly he was attracted to the part just to escape that image‐
Posted Jun 28, 2003
No Score Yet Butch and Sundance: The Early Days (1972) Many quirky spins on familiar standards‐
Posted Jun 28, 2003
No Score Yet Riefenstahl's attachment to the project...ensured that the film of the event would not escape being viewed as a propaganda piece‐
Posted Jun 28, 2003
No Score Yet O.C. and Stiggs (1987) (Altman's) distinctive, observational satire is poles apart from the sophomoric humor that trademarks the Lampoon‐
Posted Jun 28, 2003
100% The Railway Children (1970) An idyllic world that is entirely plausible‐
Posted Jun 28, 2003
100% The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle (1980) A document that proves all the cynics right‐
Posted Jun 10, 2003
No Score Yet Second Sight (1994) As simple as any medieval tale would aim to tell it‐
Posted Jun 9, 2003
No Score Yet Hollywood Rated "R" (1997) If you've never sampled this unique genre of films, then this may well whet your appetite‐
Posted May 12, 2003
80% Ghidrah the Three Headed Monster (1965) This time around their scenery-chewing easily exceeds their usual scenery-stamping‐
Posted May 7, 2003
No Score Yet Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens (1979) In his early days, Meyer was spoofing the genre; in ULTRA VIXENS he is spoofing himself‐
Posted Apr 30, 2003
100% Punishment Park (1971) Watkins' convincing cinema-verite style contradicts what we know is an historical untruth ‐
Posted Apr 22, 2003
85% Spider (2002) It ... can be viewed a second time with a different perspective, without having the feeling of being 'cheated' the first time around‐
Posted Apr 22, 2003
No Score Yet The Monitors (1969) To improve the lot of just too altruistic to be regarded with anything other than suspicion‐
Posted Apr 22, 2003
60% Stereo (1969) Difficult viewing, although there are some intriguing nuggets buried within‐
Posted Mar 18, 2003
60% Crimes of the Future (1970) Difficult viewing, although there are some intriguing nuggets buried within‐
Posted Mar 18, 2003