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Shannon M. Houston
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97% 13th (2016) Director Ava DuVernay has successfully made a documentary that challenges and even dismantles our collective understanding of one of the most dangerous notions of our time: "progress." ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Oct 17, 2016
9/10 91% Microbe and Gasoline (Microbe et Gasoil) (2016) Microbe & Gasoline celebrates the notion that there's a thin line between genius and idiocy. And then it walks that line itself, teetering between the eye-roll-inducing absurd and the Derridean-like theoretical world which a certain kind of youth inhabit. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jun 30, 2016
8/10 86% Echo Park (2016) Echo Park succeeds as a romantic story that resists grand, clichéd declarations and depictions of love, and also as its own love letter of sorts, to a distinctive part of Los Angeles. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Apr 19, 2016
7.9/10 100% Out Of My Hand (2015) The result is a compelling story whose lead character is presented in such a way that the so-called immigrant experience -- though complex and unique -- must also be read as, simply, human. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Nov 18, 2015
100% Nas: Time Is Illmatic (2014) Where Time is Illmatic soars and surprises, is in its historical approach to this portrait, and in its portrayal of another side of the artist -- his brother, Jungle. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Oct 23, 2014
7.9/10 No Score Yet Children of the Light (2014) Engle and the PeaceJam Foundation have created a fitting tribute that will, hopefully, inspire the next generation of political minds in Africa, and abroad. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Sep 26, 2014
8/10 27% Farmland (2014) After a bit of a slow start, Farmland finishes strong as it eventually transforms into a fascinating, emotional narrative with more layers than we might have expected. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted May 29, 2014
6.8/10 No Score Yet Rachel Is (2013) Although the film is a bit unpolished -- playing more like a collection of home videos than a documentary at times -- the footage used tells a whole story, and the work is compelling. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted May 23, 2014
7.8/10 100% Vanishing Pearls: The Oystermen Of Pointe A La Hache (2014) The importance of a film like Vanishing Pearls is immeasurable. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Apr 24, 2014
8.3/10 84% Dancing In Jaffa (2014) Dancing in Jaffa falls into many narratives categories, as a film about the healing power of art, the resilience of the young, and one amazing teacher who transforms a community. That it is a true story, makes it all the more incredible. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Apr 17, 2014
6.2/10 25% Stay (2014) There are other small triumphs that carry the film. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Apr 3, 2014
6.7/10 40% A Farewell to Fools (2014) Dreyer's work is still an enjoyable story that ultimately triumphs as sweet little comedy that doesn't make any attempts to shake up the world of historical cinema. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Mar 27, 2014
6.5/10 6% Maladies (2014) Ultimately it adds to the eternally ongoing cinematic conversation about artists and the quirks (healthy and otherwise) that define them. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Mar 20, 2014
6/10 44% Raze (2014) As violent as it is, Raze is refreshing. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jan 16, 2014
7/10 82% The Good Son: The Life of Ray Boom Boom Mancini (2013) With commentary from Sugar Ray Leonard, Mickey Rourke, and others who witnessed the exceptional journey and career of Youngstown's finest, another powerful boxing story has been told. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Aug 29, 2013
8.3/10 79% Ain't Them Bodies Saints (2013) At the risk of sounding a bit melodramatic, it must be said that Ain't Them Bodies Saints is not a movie; it's a feeling. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Aug 22, 2013
8/10 38% Between Us (2013) Mirvish has taken an interesting approach to this story of two couples and four friends (often enemies) that love, loathe, betray, and -- in the end -- reflect each other deeply. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jun 27, 2013
7.7/10 86% The Attack (2013) A stark portrait of love, politics, and betrayal. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jun 27, 2013
5.8/10 49% Now You See Me (2013) Leterrier's sixth feature film relies so heavily on the flashiness of a great show that the characters become props whose motives and storylines disappear amidst all the smoke and mirrors of the movie. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jun 6, 2013
7.2/10 42% The English Teacher (2013) Funny and fulfilling, Craig Zisk has created a small, triumphant feature film debut. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted May 31, 2013
7.3/10 79% 42 (2013) 42 delivers a powerful story, adding one more crucial piece to the puzzle that is American history. But as for a fleshed-out biopic that provides more pieces to the puzzle that was Jackie Robinson, the man? For that, you'll have to wait. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Apr 26, 2013
7.2/10 85% Chronicle (2012) Chronicle is a sometimes fun, slightly dark film about a boy and his camera. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jan 7, 2013
8.3/10 93% The Central Park Five (2012) The Central Park Five is such a moving piece of work, it is difficult to watch at times. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jan 4, 2013
6.4/10 71% Dangerous Liaisons (2012) This Shanghai Dangerous Liaisons proves that universal tales, when interpreted with care, can benefit from a little cross-cultural specificity. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Nov 29, 2012
9/10 82% De rouille et d'os (Rust and Bone) (2012) Few films come along and conquer new territory in the way of cinematic storytelling like Rust and Bone. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Nov 29, 2012
7/10 33% Butter (2012) A movie concerned with the seemingly ridiculous world of butter carving may not sound like a smart, tear-jerking, must-watch political satire. Yet Jim Field Smith's sophomore effort Butter is all of the above and more. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Nov 1, 2012
8.3/10 93% Wild Horse, Wild Ride (2012) Wild Horse, Wild Ride takes the viewer on an unforgettable journey across the American Southwest where, together, man and beast reign supreme. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Sep 7, 2012
6.2/10 19% Goats (2012) A strong cast and the sweet and simple nature of the script (based on the novel by Mark Poirier) makes Goats a charming little indie tale worth the viewing. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Aug 16, 2012
6.5/10 57% Red Hook Summer (2012) Ultimately, Red Hook Summer is both a disappointment and yet, somehow, still completely worth seeing. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Aug 16, 2012
8/10 93% Last Ride (2012) This curiosity about the main character -- and his major crime (which is revealed gradually) -- creates and maintains the lovely, looming suspense of Last Ride. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jul 6, 2012
5.5/10 50% Americano (2012) A film with a compelling story (though far too dependent on a single character) fails to move its audience, even as its own scenes somehow fail to move their protagonist. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Jun 15, 2012
5.7/10 5% Hick (2012) Though Hick promises danger, sex (or at least sexiness) and adventure, it delivers a dry tale lacking in real action or intensity. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted May 22, 2012
7.4/10 25% Mansome (2012) Spurlock seems to be wholeheartedly interested in the motivating factors behind manscaping and other choices men make about their appearances. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted May 22, 2012
6.8/10 22% What to Expect When You're Expecting (2012) Serves up an adult-sized sippy cup full of good fun, good drama and, most importantly, dirty pregnancy jokes. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted May 22, 2012
5.2/10 21% Elles (2012) In spite of an original storyline and the amazing talent of Juliette Binoche, Elles fails to deliver on a perceived promise to deconstruct, re-define, or re-imagine notions of female sexuality. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted May 3, 2012
7.3/10 80% Un amour de jeunesse (Goodbye First Love) (2012) A small, sweet film that tells an old story with some new twists. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted May 3, 2012
7.3/10 83% Incendiary: The Willingham Case (2011) Despite the occasional broad-brush stroke, the filmmakers refuse to tell the viewer which side to take. There's no big-bang ending that tells the audience, once and for all, where the film or filmmakers stand. ‐ Paste Magazine
Posted Oct 18, 2011