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2/5 26%

A Good Year (2006)

"Audiences will have to be content with the admittedly lovely Provence landscape and Ridley Scott's slick, superficial direction. Those searching for anything more will be sorely disappointed." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Sep 14, 2006
2/5 61%

Crank (2006)

"There's a self-realization here that at its heart this is an absurd, even silly, movie, but rather than exploring that premise further, Chev is off again, inflicting gruesome violence on his enemies until the film's inevitable, sadly predictable end." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Sep 1, 2006
1/4 26%

John Tucker Must Die (2006)

"When we have savvy, smart TV shows like Veronica Mars, which perfectly and cleverly capture the angst and tribulations of high school life, there's absolutely no need for empty-headed, vapid movies like this." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Aug 5, 2006
3/5 85%

The Descent (2006)

"The Descent may be superior to other recent horror movies but it's all still just surface thrills." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Aug 4, 2006
2/5 72%

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)

"Talladega Nights spins out early and never recovers." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Aug 4, 2006
2/4 40%

Scoop (2006)

"Woody Allen's latest movie is further evidence of his inexorable descent into consistent mediocrity. Simply put, his films have become irrelevant, undistinguished and not terribly original." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jul 28, 2006
2.5/5 40%

My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006)

"My Super Ex-Girlfriend is watchable enough but it's humor for our age of diminished comedic expectations." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jul 21, 2006
2/5 18%

Shadowboxer (2005)

"It wants to break new ground but lacks the ability to think outside of the box." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jul 8, 2006
2/5 86%

The Proposition (2005)

"When it comes to condemning the ancient Western code of violence, this film should practice what it preaches." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jun 24, 2006
2.5/5 72%

Seres queridos (2006)

"Well-meaning but forgettable." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jun 9, 2006
2/5 13%

Just My Luck (2006)

"You'd think a movie set in New York could at least boast some grit and panache, but Just My Luck is over-sanitized and cutesy. There's nothing serendipitous about this inauspicious concoction." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted May 12, 2006
0.5/5 11%

The Benchwarmers (2006)

"Only the reliably funny Jon Lovitz delivers his lines with any aplomb, providing just a few laughs in this otherwise horrid movie." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted May 6, 2006
1/5 7%

Basic Instinct 2 (2006)

"It's left to David Thewlis as a know-it-all cynical cop to walk away with the whole film. He brings a mischievousness and wit to a movie sorely lacking in both and offers a fine example of what this sequel should have been." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted May 6, 2006
3.5/5 86%

Three Times (Zui hao de shi guang) (2005)

"Like all of Hou's films, Three Times is beautifully shot -- a painting come to life. And like most of his movies, it's utterly compelling." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Apr 28, 2006
0/5 29%

Silent Hill (2006)

"Absolutely atrocious, Silent Hill is probably the worst movie ever to be based on a video game." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Apr 24, 2006
2/5 33%

The Sentinel (2006)

"It's a competent but charmless, emotionally flat and dull concoction." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Apr 21, 2006
3/5 75%

Look Both Ways (2006)

"A well-rounded, funny and appealingly quirky drama." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Apr 14, 2006
3/5 88%

The Syrian Bride (2005)

"Though too schematic and too intent on resolving all its prickly family issues, The Syrian Bride nonetheless packs an emotional punch." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Apr 1, 2006
1/5 9%

Ultraviolet (2006)

"This is disposable cinema, to be wiped clean from the mind as soon it's over and mercifully forgotten." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Mar 25, 2006
2.5/5 48%

Harsh Times (2006)

"Ambitious but unfocused." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Mar 11, 2006
3.5/5 69%

Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man (2006)

"A funny, frank and incisive look at the philosophical singer and poet." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Mar 11, 2006
3/5 90%

Forgiving Dr. Mengele (2006)

"Though dry in spots, Forgiving Dr. Mengele is a provocative, emotionally affecting film." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Feb 24, 2006
3/5 89%

Little Fish (2006)

"The acting talent on display surmounts all the obstacles he puts in their way." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Feb 24, 2006
2.5/5 87%

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (2006)

"Sophie Scholl: The Final Days wants to avoid the sentiment that is inherent in the details of her tragic demise, but in doing so, it's leeched the emotional power out of her life and death." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Feb 24, 2006
2/5 79%

Why We Fight (2006)

"... Why We Fight is neither fair nor convincing." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jan 22, 2006
3/5 33%

The Libertine (2006)

"A fine feature debut for director Laurence Dunmore, The Libertine is more of a calling card for his future work than a fully rounded triumph in its own right." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jan 14, 2006
2/5 82%

Private (2005)

"Rather than evincing some subtlety in its depiction of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the movie's Italian makers prefer to engage in melodrama and simplistic Israel-bashing." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jan 1, 2006
0.5/5 40%

The Ringer (2005)

"The Ringer manages to avoid offending anyone -- the handicapped athletes are a savvy bunch -- but it also fails to provide any semblance of intelligence or wit." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Dec 27, 2005
4.5/5 86%

The Intruder (L'Intrus) (2005)

"Exciting, vital cinema that pushes the boundaries of what movies can do. It's a masterpiece." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Dec 21, 2005
3/5 92%

Fateless (2006)

"A memorable affair." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Dec 11, 2005
2/5 74%

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005)

"Alternately wonky -- a late plot twist will leave you thinking a couple of the film's reels went missing -- and offensive as only an elegant depiction of brutal violence can be, Lady Vengeance is meretricious nonsense." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Dec 11, 2005
2/5 54%

Go for Zucker! (Alles auf Zucker!) (2006)

"Ostensibly a comedy, Go For Zucker makes a heavy-handed hash of its overly contrived plot, which plays like a lame sitcom." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Nov 11, 2005
4.5/5 67%

Good Morning, Night (Buongiorno, Notte) (2005)

"A stunning achievement." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Nov 11, 2005
2/5 27%

Stay (2005)

"The intent is to rivet the viewer's attention, but the movie is so relentless in imposing its deliberately dazzling technique that audiences are liable to be annoyed instead." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Oct 29, 2005
3.5/5 90%

Tristram Shandy: A Cock & Bull Story (2005)

"Winterbottom's conceit may not quite pay off but his risk-taking is exhilarating." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Oct 20, 2005
2.5/5 68%

Before the Fall (Napola) (2004)

"Though well-made, Before the Fall never really comes to cinematic life." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Oct 7, 2005
4/5 95%

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)

"The Curse of the Were-Rabbit is a unique delight." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Oct 7, 2005
2.5/5 75%

In Her Shoes (2005)

"In Her Shoes provides the perfect example of a talented director rising far above his material. But there's only so much that Curtis Hanson can do with the choppy, unfocused script." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Oct 6, 2005
2/5 72%

The War Within (2005)

"You can't say The War Within lacks topicality, but it's not exactly a courageous film, either." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Sep 30, 2005
3/5 68%

Protocols of Zion (2005)

"Protocols of Zion is most effective when it lays bare the realities of today's anti-Semitism." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Sep 26, 2005
3/5 60%

Oliver Twist (2005)

"Though some may quibble with the changes Polanski and scripter Ronald Harwood have made to the book, mostly they get it right." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Sep 23, 2005
3/5 68%

Mrs. Henderson Presents (2006)

"It takes a while to get going, but it pays off in the end." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Sep 18, 2005
2/5 56%

The Notorious Bettie Page (2006)

"No doubt, there's more to Bettie Page than meets the eye, but you wouldn't know it from this affectless, pointless movie." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Sep 18, 2005
2.5/5 57%

Breakfast on Pluto (2005)

"Sprawling, ambitious but ultimately tiresome." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Sep 18, 2005
1/5 28%

Elizabethtown (2005)

"Pretty much a disaster on all counts." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Sep 18, 2005
3/5 82%

The World's Fastest Indian (2005)

"Yes, it's well-made schmaltz, but that's not a bad thing." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Sep 18, 2005
2.5/5 91%

Water (2005)

"Mehta's conventional direction fails to do proper justice to this disturbing reality." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Sep 18, 2005
2/5 61%

Lord of War (2005)

"For a movie dealing with so much explosive firepower, Lord of War is a damp squib." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Sep 16, 2005
2.5/5 51%

Cote d'Azur (2005)

"It all adds up to a fairly watchable movie, albeit one of the been-there, done-that school." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Sep 9, 2005
1/5 6%

Underclassman (2005)

"If unbelievable scenarios were against the law, Underclassman's filmmakers would be under lock and key." ‐Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Sep 1, 2005
Showing 51 - 100 of 264