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6/10 81% The Bachelor's Weekend (2014) The stripped down, character centric antics of The Stag are admirable (especially considering the stigma of the bachelor party movie subgenre), though one can't help but to think that a tad more outlandishness would have done it some good. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted May 2, 2014
5/10 56% The Best Offer (2014) The clues and themes laid out early on in The Best Offer, which evolve into heavy handedness in their own right, also lay unencumbered paths for obvious twists to come in this limp arthouse thriller. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Jan 8, 2014
7/10 15% Open Grave (2014) Its climax may not be to everyone's tastes, but so relentless are the number of intriguing questions present in Open Grave's onset that it more than warrants a look. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Dec 30, 2013
7/10 96% Birth Of The Living Dead (2013) Sweet and simple, Birth of the Living Dead is a nostalgic, informative trip back to the origins of the modern zombie, featuring a George A. Romero who is as spry and entertaining as ever. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Nov 7, 2013
8/10 64% Mr. Nobody (2013) While visual excess and occasional thematic bombast softens Mr. Nobody at times, the film nevertheless has poignant, often profound things to say about fate, mortality, consequence and love. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Oct 31, 2013
8/10 83% Blue Caprice (2013) In presenting no easy answers or a clear motive for the actions of our two doomed leads, Blue Caprice paints a portrait of disillusionment gone awry and a bond steeped in impending tragedy. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Sep 29, 2013
4/10 34% Jayne Mansfield's Car (2013) The truly superb cast of Jayne Mansfield's Car sputters in this confused melodrama that is more pre-occupied with explicitly saying everything rather than genuinely saying something. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Sep 29, 2013
8/10 50% A Single Shot (2013) A Single Shot assembles an outstanding, mostly under-appreciated, cast and with them crafts a tense, disquieting gothic fable led by the always preeminent Sam Rockwell. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Sep 21, 2013
4/10 34% Passion (2013) With a bafflingly awful performance from McAdams and insulting, manipulative twists, Passion never capitalizes on its style and instead wallows in unintentional camp. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Aug 25, 2013
7/10 65% Scenic Route (2013) Scenic Route is an unsettling and wonderfully obtuse picture that will provide a different experience for every viewer. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Aug 22, 2013
7/10 61% The Frozen Ground (2013) Featuring great work from Nicolas Cage, John Cusack and most surprisingly Vanessa Hudgens, The Frozen Ground is an old school thriller with plenty to offer. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Aug 20, 2013
5/10 55% Clear History (2013) Fans of Larry David could easily be won over by Clear History but ultimately, a fun cast and genuine laughs are unable to outshine its many inconsistencies. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Aug 15, 2013
7/10 54% I Give It a Year (2013) Sarcastic, frank and ultimately very funny, I Give It a Year most importantly understands the grating pitfalls of the romantic comedy and subverts them in more ways than one. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Aug 7, 2013
6/10 32% Drift (2013) As has always been the case, well choreographed surf sequences are a delight to behold on the big screen, but also having always been the case, cliché and messy drama is not. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Aug 4, 2013
3/10 0% Stranded (2013) If you're looking for a low budget, greatest hits collection of some of the best science fiction of all time then I'm sure you'll love Stranded. That is if the filmmakers could even do blatant mimicry correctly. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Aug 2, 2013
3/10 30% Hammer Of The Gods (2013) Hammer of the Gods steals freely from a number of modern action films, but the fact that it is so misguided and fares so poorly is another thing entirely. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Jul 3, 2013
7/10 49% Redemption (2013) Redemption fights against the conventions of the average revenge thriller and thanks to Statham and writer-director Knight, it wins more often than not. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Jun 30, 2013
3/10 No Score Yet Crazy Kind Of Love (2013) Crazy Kind of Love is like a dramedy set in a parallel universe where nobody can tell the heroine is a raging psychotic, more than the coming of age story it intends. The only thing that ages here are unlucky viewers. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Jun 2, 2013
5/10 82% Shadow Dancer (2013) Devoid of extended tension or even an emotionally robust climax to justify the deliberate stride Marsh employs, Shadow Dancer rings hollow even while all the pieces seem so substantial when singled out. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted May 27, 2013
6/10 42% The English Teacher (2013) Notwithstanding some very bizarre stylistic choices and sometimes erratic character transformations, The English Teacher is a frothy indie dramedy with dedicated performances and plenty of pep. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted May 16, 2013
7/10 74% Love Is All You Need (2013) It's thanks to a calming Italian setting and amiable chemistry between its leads that the film is able to rise above its conventional setup and sometimes erratic and convoluted plot developments. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted May 5, 2013
6/10 32% The Numbers Station (2013) Assembled from competent elements and featuring more dedicated performances than one might expect, The Numbers Station is still a tad too nondescript to leave much of an impact. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Apr 25, 2013
6/10 50% Down the Shore (2013) In terms of pace, Down the Shore walks a very narrow line between deliberate and utterly languid, but there are just enough strong performances and intriguing (if messy) dynamics to make it work. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Apr 16, 2013
7/10 88% The Angels' Share (2013) With The Angels' Share, Ken Loach expertly combines a handful of genres which congeal into an often funny, always charming affair that serves as a salute to whisky to boot. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Apr 11, 2013
5/10 50% Into the White (2013) As dramatically potent as a B-tier Disney drama, Into the White, while displaying instances of complexity, is mired by cliché and melodrama. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Apr 11, 2013
6/10 4% 6 Souls (2013) Convention-straddled to a significant fault, 6 Souls is however notable for its performances and for sticking to its creepy, contained formula, far more at least than most recent horror films. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Apr 5, 2013
7/10 94% Room 237 (2013) Room 237 is both an ode to the subversive nature of the movies and a fascinating insight into clashing obsessions in its most lurid form, even when its stylistic choices seek to destroy the experience. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Apr 2, 2013
7/10 65% Starbuck (2013) While overly contrived and often slight, Starbuck is a feel-good comedy to be rivalled and benefits immensely from a snappy, wry screenplay and charming performance from Huard. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Mar 31, 2013
9/10 89% My Brother The Devil (2013) An engrossing debut from director Sally El Hosaini, My Brother the Devil is as authentic, emotionally complex and powerfully acted as any film you'll see this year. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Mar 30, 2013
7/10 91% The Sapphires (2013) Melodramatic and clichéd to a fault, The Sapphires is however elevated by winsome performances, particularly O'Dowd, and plentiful musically-driven charm. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Mar 22, 2013
5/10 83% From Up On Poppy Hill (2013) Soft, warm animation and resonant reflections on death, moving on and growing up can't fully overcome slighter plot points and erratic music choices. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Mar 16, 2013
6/10 95% War Witch (2013) While War Witch is a gorgeously made film with strong, natural performances from its leads. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Mar 2, 2013
8/10 85% Kon Tiki (2013) This Scandinavian import is a lavishly constructed true-to-life epic that stands among the most thrilling and accessible films of this year's Academy Award nominations. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Feb 10, 2013
8.5/10 100% Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007 (2012) Everything or Nothing is one of the best films of the year and the rare documentary that can fascinate, inform and enliven all at the same time. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Nov 9, 2012
5.5/10 45% Hotel Transylvania (2012) Hotel Transylvania is a chief offender when it comes to the issues plaguing mainstream animation today and in a number of ways is a significant step back for Sony Pictures Animation after their hit Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Sep 28, 2012
3.5/10 57% Bachelorette (2012) Bachelorette is a thoroughly off-putting misfire that squanders its talented cast with horrible writing and an overabundance of bitter fights, vulgar language and general bitchiness. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Sep 28, 2012
6.5/10 66% Solomon Kane (2012) Uneven and far less deep that it believes itself to be, Solomon Kane is nevertheless a solid B-movie diversion that excels when sticking to its pulpy, action-fantasy roots. ‐ We Got This Covered
Posted Sep 28, 2012