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50% Superstore: Season 1 (TV, 2016) "Superstore does not seem as committed to the grim void that has replaced the American dream as early episodes of The Office were-but the debut sitcom is leaning in the right direction. " ‐
Posted Nov 30, 2015
100% BoJack Horseman: Season 2 (TV, 2015) "Truly, I cannot entirely explain it; and yes, it might be better stoned. But it is a reminder of the gorgeous possibility of animation, the seductive pull of a world with different rules-even for us lonely, disaffected, cynical adults. " ‐
Posted Nov 16, 2015
55% Grace and Frankie: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "Grace And Frankie is plagued by caricature. " ‐
Posted Nov 13, 2015
50% Empire: Season 2 Episode 7 "Empire is throwing everything at the wall this season, and it might have better results if it would let its characters breathe a little, and maybe enjoy the moment just a little bit. " ‐
Posted Nov 12, 2015
100% The Good Wife: Season 7 (TV, 2015) "One of the ways The Good Wife digs into corporate culture is with clever and insightful perspective-switching, and this is no exception. " ‐
Posted Nov 10, 2015
100% Master of None: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "Master of None is about grappling with a specific kind of privilege, and figuring out how to live with it; in that sense, it is the definitive millennial comedy. " ‐
Posted Nov 5, 2015
A- 100% Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 6 (TV, 2014) "It works to rectify the mistakes of the prequels by filling in all the gaps and adding many, many layers of nuance to the major characters. It manages to have fun while also telling serious and sometimes even tragic stories. " ‐ AV Club
Posted Oct 29, 2015
No Score Yet Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 5 (TV, 2012-2013) "It's light fare-after all, it's a Saturday morning cartoon-but it effortlessly takes you into the world of Star Wars, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. As a result it's highly enjoyable: fascinating and immersive and fun. " ‐ AV Club
Posted Oct 29, 2015
98% Mr. Robot: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "One of the most captivating elements to the show is how raw and deep it cuts into this world, the world we live in, the world I am writing in and you are reading on right now. " ‐
Posted Oct 20, 2015
100% The Leftovers: Season 2 Episode 3 "Season two isn't a more upbeat show, but it's one that is moving out of the stasis of depression towards a more dynamic engagement with why it's so sad all the time. " ‐
Posted Oct 20, 2015
97% Wolf Hall: Series 1 (TV, 2015) "From its masterful acting all the way down to its period-perfect approach to hats and heads, Wolf Hall nails it. " ‐
Posted Oct 19, 2015
100% The Americans: Season 3 (TV, 2015) "The Americans has consistently been a show that brings violence and duplicity home. In Season 3, it's becoming even more intimate. " ‐
Posted Oct 16, 2015
100% Better Call Saul: Season 1 (TV, 2014) "It did make me care about the man who becomes Saul Goodman in a way I never did in Breaking Bad. " ‐
Posted Oct 15, 2015
81% Red Oaks: Season 1 (TV, 2014) "Red Oaks paints a past that is just a closed-ended cocoon for some man's injured feelings. I have come to expect more complexity from television. " ‐
Posted Oct 14, 2015
100% Fargo: Season 2 (TV, 2015) "It's brilliant. But most importantly: Fargo remembers to be funny, even amid the horror. " ‐
Posted Oct 14, 2015
100% Fargo: Season 2 Episode 1 "It's brilliant. But most importantly: Fargo remembers to be funny, even amid the horror. " ‐
Posted Oct 14, 2015
94% Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "Kimmy believably trips, stumbles, and occasionally glides through her second lease on life, wielding her gumption, her dazzling grin, and her light-up kicks. She is believably unbreakable, both underground and in the big city. " ‐
Posted Oct 14, 2015
58% American Horror Story: Hotel (TV, 2015) "I am here to tell you that Ryan Murphy must be stopped. " ‐
Posted Oct 8, 2015
90% Casual: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "The show is perplexing, but as evidenced by the care it shows for Laura's fragile relationship with her father, or the siblings' devotion to each other in the face of their egotistical, manipulative mother (Frances Conroy)-it has a poetry to it, too. " ‐
Posted Oct 6, 2015
A- 91% The Leftovers: Season 1 Episode 10 "I'm not totally sold on whatever The Leftovers is trying to get me to buy, but the last chunk of this episode is magical. " ‐ AV Club
Posted Oct 5, 2015
A- 100% The Leftovers: Season 1 Episode 9 ""The Garveys At Their Best" is in fact a fantastic episode, on its own. But it leads to one very obvious question: Why on earth didn't we see this three, six, or even nine weeks ago? " ‐ AV Club
Posted Oct 5, 2015
B+ 100% The Leftovers: Season 1 Episode 8 "More than most weeks, "Cairo" has some compelling underpinnings that make it a solid episode. But especially around Kevin, the storytelling falls short of the mystery. " ‐ AV Club
Posted Oct 5, 2015
B+ 100% The Leftovers: Season 1 Episode 7 "While not the kind of transcendent episode we know the show is capable of, "Solace For Tired Feet" shows the long-term value of such a strategy, and is the series' best piece of transition work to date. " ‐ AV Club
Posted Oct 5, 2015
A 100% The Leftovers: Season 1 Episode 6 ""Guest" is simply stunning. " ‐ AV Club
Posted Oct 5, 2015
B 92% The Leftovers: Season 1 Episode 5 "In an unsubtle show that is happy with an episode where a girl plays with fire, a woman talks about fire, and a dead crone is sent to burn in fire. It's not subtle-it's deliberately playing one note for one audience. " ‐ AV Club
Posted Oct 5, 2015
C+ 82% The Leftovers: Season 1 Episode 4 "It is not inherently a bad episode, but girl, it is very heavy-handed. I found myself cringing through a lot of it, even though there were moments that managed to speak to me. " ‐ AV Club
Posted Oct 5, 2015
A 92% The Leftovers: Season 1 Episode 3 "This hour is nothing except an exploration of what it means to be inexplicably-indelibly-human. " ‐ AV Club
Posted Oct 5, 2015
A- 100% The Leftovers: Season 1 Episode 2 "The ambiguity is a delightful sweet spot-it lets the story be what it needs to be to the viewer, which is the best kind of story. Like the religious texts it's borrowing from, The Leftovers is open to interpretation. " ‐ AV Club
Posted Oct 5, 2015
B+ 100% The Leftovers: Season 1 Episode 1 "It speaks to life's frustrating ability to offer multitudes that are often not exactly what we want-to crack open windows while we're sitting and staring at a door, willing it to open. " ‐ AV Club
Posted Oct 5, 2015
96% The Affair: Season 2 (TV, 2015) "The Affair has used this ambiguity, these necessarily isolate perspectives, as a lens for examining romantic relationships. Lurking in the background, though, is far more interesting subtext about the politics of gentrification. " ‐
Posted Oct 5, 2015
91% Homeland: Season 5 (TV, 2015) "I'm being incredibly inartistic, but I think that she - Carrie Mathison - is such a compelling character, and I think her journey is part and parcel with what Homeland is about, juxtaposed to the world and what is happening in the world currently. " ‐
Posted Oct 2, 2015
78% The Daily Show With Trevor Noah: Season 1 (TV, 2015-2016) "Where Noah did shine was where he'd clearly rehearsed-not because his delivery seemed rehearsed at all, but because his demeanor was so comfortable, so confident, so charming. " ‐
Posted Sep 29, 2015
83% Quantico: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "Quantico is little more than a fantastical sandbox full of gadgets and car crashes, sure; but for once, I feel actually invited to play. " ‐
Posted Sep 28, 2015
95% Empire: Season 2 (TV, 2015) "Despite the glitz of Empire, I prefer to have something to chew on after the episode is over. " ‐
Posted Sep 24, 2015
100% black-ish: Season 2 (TV, 2015) "Without giving away the conclusion, I'll just say, it's basically perfect. " ‐
Posted Sep 24, 2015
64% The Muppets: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "The Muppets isn't really the Muppets, except in sad facsimile. " ‐
Posted Sep 23, 2015
66% Blindspot: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "Blindspot has a bit of a spark. Whether it manages to alight into something worth watching is another question entirely. " ‐
Posted Sep 22, 2015
7% Dr. Ken: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "Jeong is such a huge onscreen presence that he's suffered in ensembles where he's a fringe element, at best; Dr. Ken gives him a chance to rightfully steal the scene " ‐
Posted Sep 11, 2015
91% The Late Show With Stephen Colbert: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "At some point, The Late Show has to be more than a collection of inside jokes that refer to Colbert's past at The Colbert Report, his new home at CBS, and his competition, as friendly as it appears to be, with Jimmy Fallon. " ‐
Posted Sep 9, 2015
78% Narcos: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "It's not perfect, but it works. " ‐
Posted Sep 4, 2015
70% Another Period: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "The dangling setup is both confrontationally mean-spirited and largely unresolved, in favor of some low-grade finger-up-the-butt jokes. " ‐
Posted Aug 25, 2015
97% Show Me a Hero: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "The stories are human and the characters are textured. " ‐
Posted Aug 17, 2015
85% Orphan Black: Season 3 (TV, 2015) "Orphan Black lost its grip on the story sometime early in season 2, and introducing even more characters has not proven to be a way to reclaim it. " ‐
Posted Aug 13, 2015
31% True Detective : Season 2 Episode 8 "What value is there to introducing major elements of a character's backstory into the last few minutes of both his life and the show's run? " ‐
Posted Aug 10, 2015
84% True Detective : Season 2 Episode 7 "The dialogue this season is over-the-top nonsense, but the show is still weirdly engaging; True Detective is better when things are happening. " ‐
Posted Aug 3, 2015
100% Review: Season 2 (TV, 2015) "Review is not a nice show. Its brand of humor is cynical, nihilist, and not above being cruel; this is a comedy about the foibles of human existence, so when it lands, it hurts. " ‐
Posted Jul 30, 2015
92% Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp: Season 1 (TV, 2015) "The seams are visible; the inconsistencies, obvious. But the show's brand of humor delights in the absurd, the makeshift, and the overblown. " ‐
Posted Jul 30, 2015
75% True Detective : Season 2 Episode 6 "For all the nuance and complexity that the show aspires to, or pretends to aspire to, the nuances in this episode either hit the viewer like a train, they're so obvious, or whizz right by, because they swing and miss so damn hard. " ‐
Posted Jul 27, 2015
52% True Detective : Season 2 Episode 5 "I'm not wholly sure of the significance of everything I saw, but there's something nice about that ambiguity; True Detective is offering a mood of suspended curiosity that is exactly the kind of thing you want from a chapter of a good mystery. " ‐
Posted Jul 20, 2015
54% True Detective : Season 2 Episode 4 "Well, that wasn't very good. " ‐
Posted Jul 13, 2015
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