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90% Cropsey (2010) The filmmakers overreach trying to explain the meaning of a community's revulsion and rush to judgment regarding the man convicted of one of the murders, but Cropsey still gets under your skin. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Mar 3, 2014
B- 84% You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet! (2013) While the meta-theatrical staging is artful and impeccable and the performances (pulled from a cast of actors Resnais has used over several decades) are superb, it's not the easiest film to sit through. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Feb 21, 2013
C+ 93% Our Children (2013) A drab, gloomy drama that doesn't provide any real enlightenment about why something so awful could happen. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Feb 14, 2013
B+ 93% No (2013) Savvy, often brilliant ... ‐ Oregonian
Posted Feb 14, 2013
B- 90% Beyond The Hills (2013) For all the arresting imagery and intensity on display here, there doesn't seem to be a point to this very long film beyond a very obvious one: showing just how terribly stupid and destructive belief can be when not underpinned by some measure of reason. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Feb 7, 2013
B 93% Barbara (2012) Worth seeing ... both for Petzold's singular aesthetic and for Hoss, who as usual is a riveting presence. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Jan 31, 2013
A 98% 56 Up (2013) See you again in 7 years, friends. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Jan 24, 2013
B+ 82% De rouille et d'os (Rust and Bone) (2012) It doesn't have the same absorbing, epic qualities of "A Prophet." But Audiard's craft is still arresting, and the film hums with beauty, vigor and blood. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Jan 10, 2013
B 84% Smashed (2012) A worthy addition to the addiction-movie genre. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Nov 8, 2012
C+ 78% Flight (2012) While the film around him is generally cheesy and obvious, Washington is to-the-bone real. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Nov 1, 2012
B- 43% The Paperboy (2012) While Daniels' work disappoints, his film is saved from disaster by uniformly terrific performances. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Oct 11, 2012
C+ 56% La Rafle (2012) There are two halves to "La Rafle." ‐ Oregonian
Posted Aug 9, 2012
B- 51% Where Do We Go Now? (2012) Labaki's use of abrupt tonal shifts can be jarring, but her narrative is ambitious and anything but typical. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Jul 12, 2012
B- 53% Dr Seuss' The Lorax (2012) It's a diversion worth some giggles, a few visual wows and a brief reminder to do good, but unlike the Thneed, it's not something that everyone, EVERYONE, EVERYONE needs. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Mar 1, 2012
C+ 49% Sleeping Beauty (2011) Though it seems appropriate to make "Sleeping Beauty" as empty, enervating and dull as its main character, it only serves to underscore the lack of entertainment or insight. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Dec 22, 2011
B 84% Puss in Boots (2011) "Puss in Boots" isn't particularly deep, nor does it take itself seriously -- it just wants to seek glory, win affection and cash in. Done, done and done. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Oct 27, 2011
83% !Women Art Revolution (2011) A compelling story emerges of a feminist art movement inspired by the civil rights and anti-war movements, its loosely organized members striving for equality and recognition through guerrilla protest tactics that were in themselves art. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Oct 26, 2011
B+ 100% Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone (2011) Filled with personal vignettes and famous-people testimonials, the film has a few too many narrative digressions, but it's a moving portrait of all-too-human personalities and the dogged optimism that keeps them going. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Oct 5, 2011
A- 40% Straw Dogs (2011) Lurie's "Straw Dogs" argues we are products of our environment and learn to survive by embracing the attitudes and values around us, even when they contradict our own instincts. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Sep 16, 2011
B No Score Yet The Adults In The Room (2011) A hard-to-classify movie that is both a dramatization of the adult-minor sexual relationship and a making-of documentary. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Sep 1, 2011
B+ 82% The First Beautiful Thing (La prima cosa bella) (2011) The high-pitched emotions, gesticulations and occasional near-hysteria seem completely normal and genuine. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Jul 7, 2011
A- 98% Marwencol (2010) "Marwencol" is inspiring but also insightful because it refuses to gloss over complex, even discomfiting questions surrounding its endearing but troubled central character. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Jan 6, 2011
B- 75% Heartless (2010) "Heartless" is a bit of a jumble, especially in its last third. But it's got a distinct tone, contrasting romance and even outright sentimentality with urban dread and a few nasty visuals. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Dec 2, 2010
B+ 91% Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer (2010) Like "Casino Jack," Gibney's newest concerns greed, corruption and the nature of powerful people. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Nov 18, 2010
A- 85% Down Terrace (2010) Chances are you've never seen a crime family like the one in Ben Wheatley's unusual, ferociously witty dark comedy Down Terrace. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Oct 28, 2010
B 56% Calvin Marshall (2010) A baseball movie suffused with authentic patter and love for the game equal to that harbored by its titular character. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Aug 26, 2010
C+ 69% Life During Wartime (2010) Happiness didn't really need a follow-up; it said everything it needed to say and had quite the indelible, ahem, climax. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Aug 26, 2010
B- 81% Cairo Time (2010) The plot doesn't really stand up to scrutiny, but Cairo Time works on an emotional level and is a hassle-free way to sample Egypt. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Aug 19, 2010
B- 85% Kisses (2010) Cute but foul-mouthed, tough but vulnerable and obviously crazy about each other in a reticent way, these kids are a wonderful presence, giving the most contrived scenes genuine emotion and a veneer of realness. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Aug 13, 2010
75% Let it Rain (Parlez-moi de la pluie) (2010) Agnès Jaoui's light farce is so crafty that one might not notice that the breezy story is really about a successful woman getting cut down to size for being too controlling. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Aug 5, 2010
10% The Oxford Murders (2010) So bad it's good, then? Alas, the whole thing is uncomfortable and boring, scotching any ironic enjoyment of its awfulness. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Aug 5, 2010
No Score Yet D Tour (2009) Granato does a fine job of pulling all the disparate elements of the situation (including one terribly sad but ultimately uplifting twist) into a cogent, gripping and educational narrative. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Jul 1, 2010
95% Crumb (1995) Among the all-time great American documentaries. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Jul 1, 2010
60% The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (2009) Plays like a glossy episode of "Cops," celebrating bad behaviors and welcoming audience voyeurism. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Jul 1, 2010
B+ 91% Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work (2010) [Her] resolute raging at the twilight is what humanizes Rivers and gives Ricki Stern and Anne Sundberg's film heart and potency. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Jun 24, 2010
B- 53% The Thorn in the Heart (2010) Gondry's masterful technique and subtle genre-tweaking almost make one forget that there isn't much drama to the story... ‐ Oregonian
Posted May 27, 2010
C- 20% Birdemic: Shock And Terror (2008) It's a shame that Mystery Science Theater 3000 isn't around anymore to provide real context for what is at times a jaw-dropping wonder of clumsiness and banality. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Apr 29, 2010
B 86% Prodigal Sons (2010) This combination of amazing coincidences, sibling tensions and identity crises is a natural fit for the documentary form. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Apr 22, 2010
B+ 85% The Art Of The Steal (2010) In spite of a fair amount of screen time for the move's proponents, Steal is a polemic that decries the subversion of Barnes' will and what it all means for the future of the arts. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Mar 12, 2010
C+ 48% Until the Light Takes Us (2009) Long on atmosphere and short on context, the film dances around whatever points it wants to make, sticking solely to the players' points of view. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Feb 4, 2010
100% Mr. Hulot's Holiday (Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot) (1954) A great introduction to the work of Tati, who made only a few movies but is rightly recognized as one of the great visionary directors. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Dec 24, 2009
50% Uncertainty (2009) Uncertainty is a long gimmick stylishly filmed and moderately enjoyable but plagued by tedious stretches and constant reminders of its own artificiality. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Dec 24, 2009
B 95% Crude (2009) While the audience may see smoking guns in every oily soil sample and every sick kid, Crude is only a progress report of a case that might last until well into the decade, the sordid details of which are still, pardon the pun, spilling out. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Nov 12, 2009
B- 80% It Might Get Loud (2009) Davis Guggenheim's documentary hints at high concept but doesn't follow through. Still, it entertains, in a messy, flailing way. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Sep 4, 2009
63% Extract (2009) Bateman's wry and deadpan reactions elevate his scenes with Affleck to something with a whiff of genius, and his steady presence in the less uproarious sequences makes them at least entertaining. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Sep 4, 2009
100% Quel maledetto treno blindato (The Inglorious Bastards) (1978) A Peckinpah-ish variation on The Dirty Dozen, not terribly original but with well-executed World War II battle scenes, nudity and plenty of coarse talk. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Aug 21, 2009
81% Taxidermia (2006) For those who can handle it, a viewing is an experience not soon forgotten. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Aug 21, 2009
A- 89% Séraphine (2009) Seraphine, a biopic of the early-20th century French painter Seraphine Louis aka Seraphine de Senlis, is among the best of its kind, thanks in no small part to the utterly believable, vanity-free performance of Yolande Moreau in the title role. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Aug 21, 2009
B- 27% The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (2009) The gold standard of used-car comedies is still, well, Used Cars. But I laughed out loud about a dozen times watching The Goods, and not even in spite of myself. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Aug 14, 2009
100% Trafic (Traffic) (1972) Trafic is a relative trifle but nevertheless delightful. ‐ Oregonian
Posted Aug 7, 2009