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3/5 19%

American Pastoral (2016)

"American Pastoral is a flawed film that lacks inspiration, but it has its moments, and the story might strike a chord with parents." ‐Radio Times
Posted Nov 10, 2016
4/5 93%

Arrival (2016)

"If you like thoughtful, cerebral sci-fi films that are driven by ideas, you will be in for a treat." ‐Radio Times
Posted Nov 7, 2016
2/5 17%

The Comedian's Guide to Survival (2016)

"The film rarely rings true, and there are very few laughs along the way." ‐Radio Times
Posted Oct 28, 2016
4/5 84%

Oasis: Supersonic (2016)

"You don't need to love Oasis in order to enjoy the film, but if you are a fan, you'll be "mad for it"." ‐Radio Times
Posted Oct 6, 2016
4/5 92%

Southside With You (2016)

"The film itself is relatively slight, but it's warm, engaging and likeable. In fact, it's a perfect choice for a first date." ‐Radio Times
Posted Sep 30, 2016
2/5 43%

Kickboxer: Vengeance (2016)

"This isn't completely terrible, but if you want entertaining kickboxing thrills, watch the original." ‐Radio Times
Posted Sep 30, 2016
4/5 96%

De Palma (2016)

"For cinephiles and De Palma fans, this is essential viewing." ‐Radio Times
Posted Sep 23, 2016
4/5 83%

Imperium (2016)

"Radcliffe is convincing in the lead. There is very little action, but Imperium has some intense sequences and offers more complexity than you might imagine." ‐Radio Times
Posted Sep 23, 2016
4/5 98%

Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)

"This charming comedy combines endearing characters with generous helpings of deadpan humour - and the result is quite wonderful." ‐Radio Times
Posted Sep 16, 2016
3/5 27%

Kids in Love (2016)

"Poulter remains likeable and engaging throughout. Undoubtedly, his performance is the main reason for watching Kids In Love ..." ‐Radio Times
Posted Aug 28, 2016
5/5 82%

Jerry Maguire (1996)

"It's Cameron Crowe's finest hour." ‐Eye for Film
Posted Aug 24, 2016
3/5 89%

The Childhood of a Leader (2016)

"There are times when you feel as though very little is happening, but this is a bold, uncompromising film that gradually takes a hold." ‐Radio Times
Posted Aug 21, 2016
3/5 65%

Nerve (2016)

"While the game itself never feels credible and the climax is weak, the whole thing moves fast enough that many viewers will be swept along." ‐Radio Times
Posted Aug 14, 2016
4/5 71%

The Carer (2015)

"All of this is entirely predictable, but it is funnier than you might expect, with Cox grabbing numerous laughs along the way." ‐Radio Times
Posted Aug 4, 2016
3/5 92%

Queen of Earth (2015)

"Moss and Waterston are highly impressive, but be warned: this is a challenging watch." ‐Radio Times
Posted Jul 1, 2016
3/5 27%

Colonia (2016)

"A watchable but clearly fictionalised account." ‐Radio Times
Posted Jul 1, 2016
4/5 94%

Remainder (2015)

"For those who don't mind unusual films that refuse to provide all the answers, Remainder offers a haunting, intoxicating experience that will linger in the memory." ‐Radio Times
Posted Jun 26, 2016
4/5 No Score Yet

The Shamer's Daughter (Skammerens Datter) (2015)

"A solid, impressively realised slice of fantasy adventure." ‐Radio Times
Posted Jun 26, 2016
4/5 84%

The Meddler (2016)

"The Meddler isn't especially funny, but it is charming and quietly moving, and it's the sort of film that will make you want to call your mum." ‐Radio Times
Posted Jun 26, 2016
3/5 90%

Barbershop: The Next Cut (2016)

"In short, it may have been a long time (12 years) coming, but Barbershop 3 is much better than expected." ‐Radio Times
Posted Jun 16, 2016
3/5 71%

Our Kind of Traitor (2016)

"If you're looking for a globetrotting espionage thriller to pass the time, you could do worse." ‐Radio Times
Posted May 12, 2016
4/5 80%

These Final Hours (2015)

"The plot might suggest a large-scale epic, but These Final Hours emerges as an intimate film about the end of the world." ‐Radio Times
Posted May 5, 2016
4/5 72%

Louder Than Bombs (2016)

"This delicate, mournful drama follows a family that is haunted by loss." ‐Radio Times
Posted Apr 21, 2016
3/5 100%

The Divide (2016)

"A timely documentary that examines economic inequality in the modern world." ‐Radio Times
Posted Apr 21, 2016
3/5 73%

Miles Ahead (2016)

"Cheadle deserves plenty of credit, but his performance veers towards caricature, and the film doesn't quite hit the high notes that it aims for." ‐Radio Times
Posted Apr 21, 2016
3/5 100%

Couple In A Hole (2015)

"Higgins and Dickie are superb as they combine to help create a haunting, downbeat film about two people who have been consumed by sorrow." ‐Radio Times
Posted Apr 8, 2016
3/5 52%

Boulevard (2015)

"Quietly heartbreaking." ‐Radio Times
Posted Apr 8, 2016
2/5 56%

Iona (2015)

"The scenery is striking, and Negga is impressive as a woman who is haunted by events from her past. Regrettably, though, the film itself isn't worthy of such praise." ‐Radio Times
Posted Mar 24, 2016
3/5 63%

High-Rise (2016)

"The story becomes increasingly messy and disjointed. It's hard to care about any of the characters ..." ‐Radio Times
Posted Mar 17, 2016
3/5 39%

Secret in Their Eyes (2015)

"The film itself doesn't generate much suspense, but it does engage as a morally ambiguous tale about loss and obsession." ‐Radio Times
Posted Feb 26, 2016
4/5 90%

A Bigger Splash (2016)

"The four leads are superb, but Fiennes steals the show, dominating a scene whenever he appears. His dancing, in particular, is a joy to behold." ‐Radio Times
Posted Feb 11, 2016
3/5 76%

Goosebumps (2015)

"The film is pleasantly enjoyable throughout, combining likeable characters with knowing gags and lively set pieces." ‐Radio Times
Posted Feb 4, 2016
5/5 96%

Spotlight (2015)

"A gripping, smartly crafted film that deserves to be seen." ‐Radio Times
Posted Jan 28, 2016
3/5 25%

Dark Places (2015)

"Theron is solid enough in the lead role, and the central mystery is reasonably intriguing before the beans are spilled." ‐Radio Times
Posted Jan 22, 2016
4/5 52%

At Any Price (2013)

"This engaging, low-key drama is a film about family, business and success." ‐Radio Times
Posted Dec 20, 2015
4/5 91%

Hector (2015)

"A likeable, thought-provoking film about friendship, community and kindness." ‐Radio Times
Posted Dec 13, 2015
3/5 82%

Sunset Song (2016)

"All of this is superbly acted by Deyn, Mullan and Guthrie, and it is beautifully crafted by writer/director Terence Davies." ‐Radio Times
Posted Dec 3, 2015
4/5 86%

Steve Jobs (2015)

"A film that is smart, funny, likeable and entertaining. It is, quite simply, a thoroughly enjoyable piece of work." ‐Radio Times
Posted Nov 12, 2015
2/5 29%

Under Milk Wood (2015)

"Every scene is filled with striking imagery and rich, descriptive language, but the whole thing grows relatively exhausting after a while. Perhaps you can have too much of a good thing." ‐Radio Times
Posted Oct 29, 2015
2/5 38%

The Messenger (2014)

"Disappointingly flat and undercooked." ‐Radio Times
Posted Sep 17, 2015
3/5 48%

The D Train (2015)

"This bromance-flavoured comedy has more edge than you might expect." ‐Radio Times
Posted Sep 17, 2015
2/5 22%

Barely Lethal (2015)

"The film pokes fun at teen movies, but it also adopts many of the same clich├ęs and stereotypes, resulting in a high-school flick that is both knowing and formulaic at the same time." ‐Radio Times
Posted Aug 27, 2015
5/5 97%

45 Years (2015)

"A naturalistic, insightful, heartbreaking film that deserves to be celebrated." ‐Radio Times
Posted Aug 27, 2015
2/5 10%

Good People (2014)

"There is little inspiration to be found and the end product is serviceable at best." ‐Radio Times
Posted Aug 20, 2015
3/5 52%

Gemma Bovery (2015)

"While the events aren't particularly funny or dramatic, the characters are engaging." ‐Radio Times
Posted Aug 20, 2015
2/5 59%

Barney Thomson (The Legend of Barney Thomson) (2016)

"Black comedies are difficult to get right, of course, but despite a handful of positive attributes, The Legend Of Barney Thomson doesn't quite cut it." ‐Radio Times
Posted Jul 23, 2015
3/5 95%

The Salt of the Earth (2015)

"The Salt of the Earth certainly won't be for everyone, but it offers a haunting, reflective, thought-provoking portrait of a remarkable individual." ‐Radio Times
Posted Jul 16, 2015
3/5 46%

Boychoir (2015)

"If you're looking for a harmless crowd-pleaser, this will fit the bill." ‐Radio Times
Posted Jul 9, 2015
3/5 91%

Love & Mercy (2015)

"A fascinating biopic could be made about Brian Wilson, but this isn't it." ‐Radio Times
Posted Jul 9, 2015
4/5 43%

Comet (2014)

"The performances are commendable and the zippy, back-and-forth dialogue is consistently enjoyable." ‐Radio Times
Posted Jul 2, 2015
Showing 1 - 50 of 76