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Weiner (2016)

"[A] cringe-inducing portrait of an arrogant politician's self-immolation ..." ‐New York Times
Posted May 19, 2016

Manhattan Night (Manhattan Nocturne) (2016)

"What sounds so delicious in the telling is pallid and ludicrous onscreen." ‐New York Times
Posted May 19, 2016

Last Days In The Desert (2016)

"A quietly compelling portrait of the human side of Jesus, wrestling with his doubts while wandering through the Judean desert." ‐New York Times
Posted May 12, 2016

A Monster With A Thousand Heads (Un Monstruo de Mil Cabezas) (2016)

"A Monster With a Thousand Heads will make your blood boil." ‐New York Times
Posted May 11, 2016

Beautiful Something (2016)

"The movie is in dire need of character development and a wider social context." ‐New York Times
Posted May 5, 2016

Being Charlie (2016)

"When Charlie inevitably relapses and trolls Los Angeles's meaner streets for a fix, you feel little sympathy for a character so shallow he seems incapable of introspection." ‐New York Times
Posted May 5, 2016

Fassbinder: To Love Without Demands (Fassbinder: at elske uden at kræve) (2016)

"There is no film-by-film analysis of his major works, which include "The Marriage of Maria Braun" and "Berlin Alexanderplatz," or the connection from one to the next." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 28, 2016

Viva (2016)

"It infuses a too-familiar story with so much heart that you surrender to its charm and forgive it for being unabashedly formulaic." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 28, 2016

Hockney (2016)

"Many erudite talking heads appear, but there is no satisfying overview of the artist and his complicated relationship to art history ..." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 21, 2016

A Hologram for the King (2016)

"It takes an actor with the finesse of Tom Hanks to turn a story of confusion, perplexity, frustration and panic into an agreeably uncomfortable comedy." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 21, 2016
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Sky (2016)

"This expressionistic portrait of the American West is an oddity that only a director from another country could have conjured." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 14, 2016

An Eye for Beauty (Le règne de la beauté) (2014)

"The message that "An Eye for Beauty" wants to send is that gorgeous people suffer just like the rest of us. But it is so enamored of them that the message gets lost en route to the screen." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 14, 2016

Neon Bull (Boi Neon) (2016)

""Neon Bull" is a profound reflection on the intersection of the human and bestial." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 7, 2016

Demolition (2016)

"Mr. Gyllenhaal's strong performance still doesn't add enough substance to a film that is hollow at the center. It's mostly the fault of Mr. Sipe, who seems to believe that saying nothing is saying something." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 7, 2016

Standing Tall (La Tête Haute) (2016)

"Mr. Paradot's performance is so viscerally intense that there is no escaping its force." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 31, 2016

The Dark Horse (2016)

"The movie's portrayal of the complex dynamic involving the brothers and Mana conveys a potentially explosive mixture of fear, love and anger." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 31, 2016

Born To Be Blue (2016)

"Baker emerges as a frightened, defiant, arrogant and entirely self-centered musician, who, by his own admission, excelled at only one thing. The rest of his life was a shambles." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 24, 2016

The Program (2016)

""The Program," much to its detriment, concentrates almost exclusively on the history of the doping effort . There is no mention of his childhood or adolescence or any attempt to analyze his character." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 17, 2016

Fireworks Wednesday (Chaharshanbe-soori) (2016)

"As with Mr. Farhadi's other films, every detail of speech and body language resonates." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 15, 2016

Marguerite (2016)

"What redeems it is Ms. Frot's subtle, deeply compassionate portrayal of a rich, lonely woman clutching at an impossible dream until reality intrudes." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 10, 2016

Eye In The Sky (2016)

"A grim, suspenseful farce in which unpredictable human behavior repeatedly threatens an operation of astounding technological sophistication." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 10, 2016

Songs My Brothers Taught Me (2016)

"Because her laissez-faire approach makes little effort to fit the fragmentary scenes into a tidy portrait of reservation life, "Songs My Brothers Taught Me" feels more authentic than if she had chosen to impose a tighter structure." ‐New York Times
Posted Mar 1, 2016

Jack of the Red Hearts (2015)

""Jack of the Red Hearts" is the movie equivalent of what used to be called a "problem play." As such, it is well done." ‐New York Times
Posted Feb 25, 2016

Race (2016)

""Race" reminds us that long before television elevated black sports heroes into gods, there were athletes like Jesse Owens who paved the way." ‐New York Times
Posted Feb 18, 2016

Embrace Of The Serpent (El Abrazo De La Serpiente) (2016)

""Embrace of the Serpent," a fantastical mixture of myth and historical reality, shatters lingering illusions of first-world culture as more advanced than any other, except technologically." ‐New York Times
Posted Feb 16, 2016

Sunset Song (2016)

"The film pointedly contrasts the splendor of the Scottish landscape with the punishingly austere lives of the farmers who toil in the fields." ‐New York Times
Posted Feb 12, 2016

Touched With Fire (2016)

""Touched With Fire" is an actor's field day, and both Mr. Kirby and Ms. Holmes boldly meet the challenge of playing bright, high-strung artists struggling with depression." ‐New York Times
Posted Feb 11, 2016

Glassland (2016)

"There's much in the movie to admire until it runs headlong into a stone wall." ‐New York Times
Posted Feb 11, 2016

Zoolander 2 (2016)

""Zoolander 2" has enough plots for several movies. They are so jammed together that they more or less cancel each other out." ‐New York Times
Posted Feb 11, 2016

Misconduct (2016)

"Except for Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Pacino, going through their familiar paces, incompetent is the word." ‐New York Times
Posted Feb 5, 2016

Eisenstein In Guanajuato (2016)

"The movie gleefully demolishes the cliché of a great artist as a brooding, omniscient eminence." ‐New York Times
Posted Feb 5, 2016

2016 Oscar Nominated Shorts - Animated (2016)

"All together, the 15 shorts ... demonstrate a level of quality and technical ingenuity comparable to that of the Oscar-nominated feature-length films." ‐New York Times
Posted Jan 28, 2016

The Finest Hours (2016)

""The Finest Hours" never departs from a tried-and-true formula, but that's one of its quaint charms." ‐New York Times
Posted Jan 28, 2016

Naz & Maalik (2016)

"Despite its deficiencies, "Naz & Maalik" feels authentic, and Mr. Johnson and Mr. Cook bring their characters completely alive." ‐New York Times
Posted Jan 21, 2016

The Benefactor (2016)

"Mr. Gere's flamboyant performance is the sole raison d'être for this melodrama, written and directed by Andrew Renzi. Its other elements are given short shrift." ‐New York Times
Posted Jan 14, 2016

Band Of Robbers (2016)

"This comic take on "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" is infused with a gleefully absurdist sense of humor while retaining a childlike sense of wonder." ‐New York Times
Posted Jan 14, 2016

Anesthesia (2016)

"Like few contemporary films, "Anesthesia" distills the anxious intellectual tenor of the times." ‐New York Times
Posted Jan 7, 2016

Daddy's Home (2015)

"It is best avoided unless a movie that has the attitude and mind-set of a schoolyard bully happens to be your thing." ‐New York Times
Posted Dec 25, 2015

Where to Invade Next (2016)

"Watching it made me feel like a deprived child with my nose pressed against the glass of a magical toy store in a faraway land. On one side is a happy, harmonious land of productive people. On the other is a world of misery, anxiety, war and greed." ‐New York Times
Posted Dec 22, 2015

Dreams Rewired (2015)

"A lively, visually enthralling attempt to gaze into the future by remembering the past." ‐New York Times
Posted Dec 16, 2015

The Emperor's New Clothes (2015)

""The Emperor's New Clothes" is moderately effective agitprop." ‐New York Times
Posted Dec 15, 2015

A Royal Night Out (2015)

"What makes "A Royal Night Out" palatable are the lead performances." ‐New York Times
Posted Dec 3, 2015

Night Owls (2015)

"Meet the fun couple of the year, and watch them go at it tooth and nail." ‐New York Times
Posted Dec 3, 2015

The Lady In The Van (2015)

"In Ms. Smith's tough, levelheaded performance, Mary is an irascible termagant full of batty notions clutching on to life as best she can. She is hard to like, and that's good." ‐New York Times
Posted Dec 3, 2015
No Score Yet

Iraqi Odyssey (2015)

"For all the politics described in the film, "Iraqi Odyssey" never becomes bogged down in strident rhetoric and analysis ..." ‐New York Times
Posted Nov 26, 2015

Janis: Little Girl Blue (2015)

"The film sustains a double vision of both the child and the hard-living folk-blues mama Joplin became." ‐New York Times
Posted Nov 26, 2015
No Score Yet

Adrift (Choi Voi) (2011)

"A subtle, melancholy exploration of erotic angst and uncomfortable awakening. " ‐New York Times
Posted Nov 23, 2015

Secret in Their Eyes (2015)

"Sad to say: There is far more crackle in an average episode of "Law & Order."" ‐New York Times
Posted Nov 19, 2015

Mediterranea (2015)

"This calm, hardheaded film never sacrifices its toughness for a swooning, misty-eyed moment of hope." ‐New York Times
Posted Nov 19, 2015

Shelter (2015)

"Mr. Bettany's sketchy, unconvincing screenplay is more interested in Ms. Connelly's execution of exploitative stunts than in seriously examining the social crisis it purports to lament." ‐New York Times
Posted Nov 12, 2015
Showing 51 - 100 of 2299