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1/4 25%

Pearl Harbor (2001)

"Even the much-vaunted depiction of the Japanese attack, while often visually arresting, still suffers from over-frenetic editing and more emphasis on adventure thrills than befits the tragedy of Pearl Harbor." ‐Christian Science Monitor
Posted May 27, 2014

Insomnia (2002)

"A startlingly good thriller wrapped around a morality tale." ‐Christian Science Monitor
Posted Aug 5, 2013
1/4 3%

Battlefield Earth (2000)

"The film starts well with interesting comic book-style camera angles, but it never generates enough tension due to preposterous plot holes and liberal borrowings from other movies." ‐Christian Science Monitor
Posted May 28, 2013
C 29%

Eye of the Dolphin (2007)

"This indie, a Flipper for tweens, boasts winning roles by Bogie and Bacall, a pair of dolphins. The human actors don't fare as well." ‐Christian Science Monitor
Posted Aug 23, 2007
B+ 32%

Click (2006)

"Click ventures into unexpectedly pensive territory and even becomes emotional. (That word has never before been used in conjunction with an Adam Sandler comedy.) Sandler, usually a callow actor, has never been less remote." ‐Christian Science Monitor
Posted Jun 23, 2006
C- 16%

Underworld: Evolution (2006)

"For all the scenes of gory mayhem, you'll find more suspense watching the Winter Olympics curling event." ‐Christian Science Monitor
Posted Jan 26, 2006
B+ 40%

End of the Spear (2006)

"Though the final steps in Mincayani's awakening are crudely sketched, the film's conclusion will stir even the nondevout." ‐Christian Science Monitor
Posted Jan 19, 2006
3/4 39%

Sahara (2005)

"The secret ingredient that makes this handsome thriller so enjoyable is the chemistry between Alpha-male McConaughey and zany Zahn." ‐Christian Science Monitor
Posted Apr 7, 2005
3/4 65%

Fever Pitch (2005)

"The film centers on someone obsessed with a sports team, but the story's universality lies in the way that it can act as a metaphor of a variety of stumbling blocks in a relationship." ‐Christian Science Monitor
Posted Apr 7, 2005
2/4 55%

Cellular (2004)

"Dilutes any suspense by cramming its plot with contrivances." ‐Christian Science Monitor
Posted Sep 9, 2004
2/4 25%

The Princess Diaries 2 - Royal Engagement (2004)

"Lazily plotted Bachelorette for tweens." ‐Christian Science Monitor
Posted Aug 12, 2004
1/4 23%

Raising Helen (2004)

"Great premise, but the ensuing trials and tribulations -- not to mention hapless attempts at comedy -- are ... off-key." ‐Christian Science Monitor
Posted May 27, 2004
0/4 44%

Connie and Carla (2004)

"The screenplay feels as padded as a drag queen's dress." ‐Christian Science Monitor
Posted Apr 15, 2004
1/4 44%

Good Boy! (2003)

"It's a wonder that the genre, started by the marvelous Babe, has any currency left after Cats and Dogs and Snow Dogs." ‐Christian Science Monitor
Posted Oct 9, 2003
0/4 24%

Lara Croft Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life (2003)

"Croft's quest is to find Pandora's Box before a mad scientist can get there first, open it, and unleash a series of second-rate special effects upon an unsuspecting world." ‐Christian Science Monitor
Posted Jul 24, 2003
2/4 73%

The Italian Job (2003)

"The movie fails to understand the key ingredients of a great heist." ‐Christian Science Monitor
Posted May 29, 2003
1/4 22%

Mr. Deeds (2002)

"He's still the same persona in every movie." ‐Christian Science Monitor
Posted Jun 28, 2002
2/4 66%

Spy Game (2001)

"A decent thriller, but it's about as memorable as an Aldrich Ames mugshot." ‐Christian Science Monitor
Posted Nov 26, 2001
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