Stephen Williams

Stephen Williams

Agrees with the Tomatometer 65% of the time.

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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
0.5/4 27%

Beer League (2006)

"The inanity is harmless, thoroughly predictable and ultimately disposable." ‐ Newsday
Posted Sep 19, 2006
1.5/4 3%

The Covenant (2006)

"The Covenant is just a copycat." ‐ Newsday
Posted Sep 13, 2006
2/4 50%

Suicide Killers (2006)

"Rehov seeks answers, but there are none." ‐ Newsday
Posted Aug 25, 2006
2/4 43%

Reinas (Queens) (2006)

"[A] frothy, occasionally charming romantic comedy." ‐ Newsday
Posted Aug 25, 2006
3.5/4 71%

Invincible (2006)

"Unlike most 'feel-good' films in this genre, Invincible isn't blatantly manipulative, and works so well because it is, in fact, understated." ‐ Newsday
Posted Aug 24, 2006
0/4 4%

Material Girls (2006)

"Madonna's anthem was only good-naturedly arrogant, but the SoCal twins, like the film's script, are arrogant, ghastly immature and offensive to any audience that isn't all of the above." ‐ Newsday
Posted Aug 18, 2006
2.5/4 65%

Lunacy (2006)

"A bad dream leads to constant conscious nightmares in this wacky, surreal creepshow from over-the-edge Czech filmmaker Jan Svankmajer." ‐ Newsday
Posted Aug 12, 2006
1.5/4 74%

Conversations With Other Women (2006)

"By fade out, the movie has run out of air: the quick, clever dialogue flattens out and it becomes contrived." ‐ Newsday
Posted Aug 12, 2006
0.5/4 37%

Accepted (2006)

"More disconcerting is the idea put forward that self-indulgence is a substitute for structured education, or, more to the point, that it's a substitute for life." ‐ Newsday
Posted Aug 12, 2006
1/4 3%

Zoom (2006)

"The director of Zoom is Peter Hewitt, who also directed Garfield. Nothing more to say about that." ‐ Newsday
Posted Aug 12, 2006
2.5/4 72%

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)

"A whole bunch of great racing footage would've ratcheted up Nights a notch or two -- see Cars for inspiration -- but even the track scenes are ... well, pedestrian." ‐ Newsday
Posted Aug 3, 2006
1/4 85%

The Descent (2006)

"The Descent doesn't need to exist: a script that goes beyond outlandish. Actors who'd flunk out of Make Believe 101. Blind creatures that see things. Did we mention continuity?" ‐ Newsday
Posted Aug 3, 2006
3/4 63%

The Ant Bully (2006)

"Luc's transformation from ant destructor to ant protector illustrates a lesson told many times before, but rarely with such down-to-earth charm." ‐ Newsday
Posted Jul 27, 2006
2.5/4 18%

Shadowboxer (2005)

"Billed as film noir, but because it lacks any subtlety and accentuates gratuitous violence that is more in-your-face than it is implied, the movie is about as noir-ish as Rocky." ‐ Newsday
Posted Jul 21, 2006
2/4 74%

Monster House (2006)

"When the fat lady finally sings -- the filmmakers turn up the volume and the visuals explode. It's these sensations, and not necessarily the content, that might overwhelm some youngsters." ‐ Newsday
Posted Jul 20, 2006
.5/4 22%

The Oh in Ohio (2006)

"Eventually, the oh's becomes 'zzzzzz's.'" ‐ Newsday
Posted Jul 13, 2006
2.5/4 82%

Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos (2006)

"Told in a breezy, fast-cut style, and backed by a boisterous soundtrack that ranges from Puccini to James Brown, Lifetime focuses on the players -- on the field and off -- that made the Cosmos such a super, if short-lived, team." ‐ Newsday
Posted Jul 6, 2006
0/4 52%

Strangers with Candy (2005)

"Quickly, no taste leads to bad taste, and dumb leads to dumber." ‐ Newsday
Posted Jun 28, 2006
2/4 86%

The Road To Guantanamo (2006)

"Reality and make-believe get more than mixed: They get muddled." ‐ Newsday
Posted Jun 23, 2006
2.5/4 32%

Click (2006)

"Walken is so adept and natural as Sandler's guiding light -- and his tormentor -- that he seems to be ad-libbing. It's an artful, endearing performance." ‐ Newsday
Posted Jun 22, 2006
1/4 60%

Lower City (Cidade Baixa) (2006)

"The film is gritty and graphic, with 'artsy' takes where the camera holds on a motionless actor. But art it isn't." ‐ Newsday
Posted Jun 16, 2006
1/4 26%

The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green (2006)

"There's so much ill-conceived fluff floating about the 'elusive true love' themes that by the finish, Ethan Green hasn't as much substance as a good Looney Tunes." ‐ Newsday
Posted Jun 16, 2006
2.5/4 86%

Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul (2006)

"It's a tasty sonic apertif to an unfamiliar world, and likely to inspire more than a few folks to make a beeline for the world music browser at the music store." ‐ Newsday
Posted Jun 9, 2006