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B- 92%

The Nice Guys (2016)

"Until going off the rails, The Nice Guys is a locomotive breath of retro air, an action comedy winking while wallowing in slapstick brutality. Punchlines that are actual punches, bones broken funny, that sort of thing." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted May 19, 2016
C 62%

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016)

"Remember the sweet, conciliatory way Neighbors ended two years ago? Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising doesn't, the first sign of a sequel lunging for reasons to exist." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted May 19, 2016
A- 90%

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

"This movie feels like the fanboy event we've been sold before that wasn't delivered, epically constructed and briskly paced." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted May 6, 2016
B- 76%

Keanu (2016)

"Keanu is raucous enough to satisfy the Hangover crowd, yet when compared to Key and Peele's trenchant tomfoolery on television, it needs focused anger, funnier tension. Or perhaps simply more kitty cat." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Apr 29, 2016
B+ 91%

Green Room (2016)

"A lot of movies get under your skin; Green Room carves it off the bone." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Apr 29, 2016

Barbershop: The Next Cut (2016)

"Ice Cube's life leading to this project - partly defined by the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton - lends invaluable credibility to this movie's many messages, about violence, respecting women, parenting and accountability. " ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Apr 14, 2016
B+ 94%

The Jungle Book (2016)

"After two outdated live action and one beloved animated versions, director Jon Favreau crafts a marvelous hybrid, practically a one-boy show with CGI animal-ated realism. This Jungle Book on screen may look exactly as Kipling imagined." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Apr 14, 2016
B+ 84%

Midnight Special (2016)

"Jeff Nichols fashions three-quarters of a terrific movie with Midnight Special, a slow burn science fiction thriller. The rest is merely gripping, which isn't a bad problem to have." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Apr 8, 2016
B+ 52%

Demolition (2016)

"Demolition could easily be maudlin, some urban Nicholas Sparks-type weeper in which ideas run out before tissues. But this is Vallée, whose dexterity with downbeat material is edgier... daring the audience to cry at tragedy, rather than expecting it." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Apr 8, 2016
A- 86%

Everybody Wants Some!! (2016)

"... as playfully raunchy as any sex comedy doubling down on exclamation points can be. Like its kindred predecessor, it's also wise about basically good people being dazed and very confused." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Apr 8, 2016
C+ 22%

The Boss (2016)

"The Boss feels like a fun character gradually wasted, setting up a safe but smart premise, making it zing, then dropping it for a floundering third act development. Quitting while ahead might be wiser but that would leave a 70-minute movie." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Apr 8, 2016
C- 29%

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016)

"Sometimes a movie has its heart in the right place, and it's nowhere you want to be. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is like that, wheezing to please whoever's still alive and interested 14 years after the original." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Mar 24, 2016
C 27%

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

"Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was supposed to settle a fanboy debate older than Adam West. Instead it raises another: Is being a superhero really this much of a drag?" ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Mar 24, 2016
B+ 90%

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

"... gets into our heads because that's where the scariest stuff happens... It's Room without motherly instinct shielding her son and the audience from bad things happening. Yet much funnier, in a nervous sort of way." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Mar 18, 2016
B 68%

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016)

"Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is much more than groin humor. There's a M*A*S*H-like insolence about these overgrown children at work and play, a boundary-nudging tenor that directors Ficarra and Requa, who wrote Bad Santa, are clearly comfortable with." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Mar 18, 2016
B- 33%

The Bronze (2016)

"It's a very funny character needing more arc than Rauch's script offers, or a shorter movie." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Mar 18, 2016
D 13%

The Divergent Series: Allegiant (2016)

"Allegiant is more and less at once; larger, exposing its green-screen inadequacies, and darker, making this a 2-hour slog to inconclusion... It's fair to wonder how much interest will remain in June, 2017." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Mar 18, 2016
B- 80%

Eddie The Eagle (2016)

"Eddie the Eagle is a lot like its subject, an ungainly Englishman, Britain's first Olympic ski jumper. Like this movie, Edwards wasn't especially good at what he was doing but his spirit was irresistible, a joke insisting upon being taken seriously." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Feb 25, 2016
D+ 54%

Triple 9 (2016)

"It's a problem when every move a movie makes is a reminder of movies that everyone should have walked out of before. Not that Triple 9 is as incompetently macho-empty as Killing Me Softly or Out of the Furnace, but it's close." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Feb 25, 2016
A- 91%

The Witch (2016)

"Robert Eggers' The Witch is a reminder that horror's essence is patience that moviegoers are trained to not have. " ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Feb 22, 2016
C+ 61%

Race (2016)

"Race has the tools necessary for greatness and not enough heart to make it happen." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Feb 22, 2016
C 78%

Where to Invade Next (2016)

"Where to Invade Next is arguable at every turn, which can be said of all of Moore's movies, but this one doesn't seem worth the effort. " ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Feb 11, 2016
B 84%

Deadpool (2016)

"Deadpool's flawed insolence is appealing, like a mangy pup crawling into your lap." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Feb 11, 2016
B- 48%

How To Be Single (2016)

"Valentine's Day begs for a dirty rom-com and this fits the bill, with its quotable flirtspeak, sexual euphemisms, and a mic-drop breakup line... How to Be Single contains just enough of such clever moments to be a decent indecent date flick." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Feb 11, 2016
C 85%

Hail, Caesar! (2016)

"The big book of Coen characters must be stuffed with ideas, paper scraps jotted with traits and scrapes for the next Dude, Barton or Marge to get into. Hail, Caesar! is what happens when that book is dumped open, contents fluttering into randomness." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Feb 4, 2016
A 92%

Anomalisa (2015)

"... another odd, affecting scenario by Kaufman, the brain salad surgeon who previously took viewers inside John Malkovich's head and Jim Carrey's spotless mind. Anomalisa is Kaufman at his most strangely mundane." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Jan 27, 2016
A- 87%

Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016)

"A singular look, an exemplary vocal cast, and a narrative arc like a caress. That'll be the Kung Fu Panda franchise's legacy, the idea that shouldn't have worked but did, beautifully and with its own chi." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Jan 27, 2016
C- 60%

Sisters (2015)

"Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are an unbeatable comedy team. That doesn't make them infallible." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Jan 12, 2016
B 61%

Concussion (2015)

"Concussion is essentially Erin Brockovich with shoulder pads, a crowd pleaser built upon an issue long ignored. " ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Jan 12, 2016
C 60%

Joy (2015)

"Endings have never been Russell's strong suit. This time the beginning also eluded him, and the middle fell into his lap. Joy leaves a feeling of panicked disappointment, as if phone lines are open and nobody's calling." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Jan 12, 2016
C 31%

Daddy's Home (2015)

"What keeps Daddy's Home watchable is Wahlberg's checkmate machismo, as the intimidating foil necessary for Ferrell's namby-pambyism to register. It's like watching Andy Samberg's SNL impersonation of tough guy Mark Wahlberg, a self-parody of a spoof." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Jan 12, 2016
B 73%

Youth (2015)

"Youth is a movie of dreamscapes and insinuated feelings, gorgeous and puzzling at once. The filmmaker can be considered a visual descendant of Federico Fellini, camera doting on erotically tinged fantasies. Even the grotesque is somehow sexy." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Jan 12, 2016
B+ 69%

The Danish Girl (2015)

"Redmayne is uncanny in his dual role, especially in those moments between his gender extremes, when Einar is curious about women, what they wear, how they move. " ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Jan 12, 2016
D 75%

The Hateful Eight (2015)

"... sub-grindhouse material blown out of proportion by its creator's ego. For the first time, the complaints of others are clearer; the excesses, the nasty streak.... you realize a previously essential filmmaker won't always be that." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Jan 12, 2016
A 81%

The Revenant (2015)

"... an action blockbuster with an art house soul, a headlong rush of motion with meaning. Pure cinema from Iñárritu and Lubezki, two undisputed masters working at their peaks." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Jan 12, 2016
B+ 94%

Carol (2015)

"Haynes designs a perfectly nostaglic sensory experience - something like a Manhattan department store window - needing a suppler story to sell." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Jan 12, 2016
A- 73%

He Named Me Malala (2015)

"The most gratifying takeaway from He Named Me Malala is how ordinary Malala is shown to be, when she isn't lobbying the United Nations and visiting beleaguered countries." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Dec 30, 2015
A- 94%

Room (2015)

"It is a deeply intimate introduction to sordid, extraordinary circumstances, and a cramped stage for two of the year's finest performances." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Dec 30, 2015
C 88%

The Big Short (2015)

"The humor of The Big Short is subprime, fourth-wall-breaking irony getting tiresome quickly. The crash was funnier." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Dec 23, 2015
B+ 97%

Brooklyn (2015)

"... a lovely, classically constructed reminder of our best melting pot instincts." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Nov 24, 2015
B 77%

The Good Dinosaur (2015)

"The Good Dinosaur is Disney-Pixar's obligation gift for the holidays, hoping moviegoers remember it's the thought that counts." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Nov 24, 2015
B+ 94%

Creed (2015)

"... easily Stallone's career-best performance, although honestly the bar was never set that high. " ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Nov 24, 2015
A- 78%

Bad Santa (2003)

"Thornton never backs down from anything the writers throw at him. Bad Santa takes everything beyond tasteful limits." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Nov 23, 2015
C- 66%

The Night Before (2015)

"Rogen, Gordon-Levitt and Mackie don't declare war on Christmas; it's more like triangulated fire from Super Soakers, basically harmless and soon annoying." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Nov 19, 2015
D 39%

Secret in Their Eyes (2015)

"... Americanized beyond recognition from its Oscar-winning version. The central mystery has been drastically altered to fit Julia Roberts, its most telling clue diluted, and a signature sequence that made soccer exciting now makes baseball duller." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Nov 19, 2015
B+ 70%

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015)

"... a series doing little like any others, stretching theme limitations that blockbusters placed on themselves. By design or necessity, Hunger Games movies concentrate on story more than spectacle, allowing a savage antiwar allegory to ring through." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Nov 19, 2015
A 96%

Spotlight (2015)

"... like All the President's Men there's nothing to spoil, much to admire. And, like Pakula's movie, Spotlight will likely figure into journalism school syllabi for as long as anyone enrolls." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Nov 17, 2015
A- 65%

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002)

"George Lucas puts away childish things and gets down to business with Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, the movie Jedi disciples waited 16 years to see and got Episode I instead." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Nov 16, 2015
A- 79%

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)

"Lucas saved the best of his arguably needless prequels for last, finally justifying an entertainment empire and cementing a myth." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Nov 16, 2015
A- 87%

The Peanuts Movie (2015)

"The Peanuts Movie is certain to satisfy longtime fans and perhaps make new ones, but who knows? Innocence is a tough sell these days. Happiness is the occasional movie that tries." ‐Tampa Bay Times
Posted Nov 12, 2015
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