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4/5 89% A Bigger Splash (2016) A Bigger Splash displays a rich understanding of its characters' foibles, and the ways in which they betray each other instead of communicating their shared weaknesses. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted May 26, 2016
5% The Avengers (1998) A merciless and unwarranted mangling of a beloved English institution. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jul 8, 2014
5/5 96% Goldfinger (1964) All the tropes are genre highs, from the iconic title song to the archetypal cool car to the endlessly quotable sadistic one-liners.‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Apr 2, 2014
4/5 57% American Jesus (2014) You begin to find yourself wondering how this qualifies as an actual movie, as opposed to a mere travelogue to eccentricity. But then the hammer swings down. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Apr 2, 2014
5/5 96% I Am Divine (2013) An affectionate, even triumphant bio of Waters' immortal leading "lady."‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Oct 25, 2013
5/5 82% About Sunny (2013) The movie is a minefield of potential calamities that will have every audience member with an ounce of a protective instinct on the edge of his or her seat. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Mar 29, 2013
2/5 45% Hotel Transylvania (2012) Mostly bland and unmemorable babysitter for kids too young to go trick-or-treating. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Sep 26, 2012
5/5 87% The Dark Knight Rises (2012) The Dark Knight Rises covers such ground so compellingly that one almost forgets how brilliantly performed and photographed it all is.‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jul 18, 2012
4/5 67% Ted (2012) Not just a potty-mouthed retread of The Muppets, but a highly watchable, even affecting buddy picture in its own right.‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jun 29, 2012
5/5 95% Star Trek (2009) Bravely vindicates its source material's essential underpinnings of friendship and honor. 'Get a life?' This is the redemption Trekkies have been living for. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted May 7, 2009
3/5 65% Watchmen (2009) The result is cosmetically faithful but tonally scattershot, a frustrating 163 minutes in which every set piece is as likely to land on point as beside it. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Mar 6, 2009
61% The Reader (2008) Director Stephen Daldry and screenwriter David Hare adapt Bernhard Schlink's novel into a shuffling, episodic entertainment that's undermined by inconsistent casting. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jan 5, 2009
4/5 98% Let the Right One In (2008) Sweet within its own bloodthirsty idiom, the film inhabits a twilight world in which love doesn't merely conquer all; it'll rip your damn head off if you get in its way. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Nov 6, 2008
3/5 70% Religulous (2008) The movie is at its most interesting when the attitudes of the faithful prove more sophisticated than Maher's own. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Oct 22, 2008
5/5 94% The Dark Knight (2008) A product of these troubled times, the sequel to 2005's Batman Begins includes nods to terrorism, domestic surveillance and even sanctioned torture. But one of its greatest feats is to capture our collective anxiety over the resurgent politics of hope. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jul 24, 2008
49% Sex and the City (2008) We'll continue to experience befuddlement verging on disgust whenever we're reminded of Sex and the City (so named, we suppose, because Seriously Rethinking Third-Wave Feminism reads like ass on a poster). ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted May 30, 2008
3/5 89% The Visitor (2008) [Director] McCarthy has an undeniable way with actors, and it sustains our interest in this overt Good Samaritan tale. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted May 1, 2008
77% Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (2008) It's about time somebody brought the wide-eyed wonder back to movies, and it's wonder indeed we experience whenever we get to witness the divine Ms. Adams at work. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Mar 7, 2008
1/5 9% Bratz: The Movie (2007) Our heroines set out to prove to the school that it's just as important to pick your BFFs on the basis of shared shopping practices. Calling that a positive spin takes some serious ballz -- as does trapping Jon Voight in his most embarrassing role... ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Aug 2, 2007
5/5 88% The Simpsons Movie (2007) The plot is as hilariously bombastic as the ones boob-tube producers used to spin off onto the big screen before they discovered the concept of the Very Special Episode. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jul 26, 2007
3/5 37% Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) Impressive not because of anything that's said, but for the realization that you're watching the screen be dominated by Jessica Alba and a piece of CGI without ever once experiencing the urge to gnaw through your own shoulder. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jun 21, 2007
2.5/5 85% Sweet Land (2006) What we have here is an otherwise respectable period drama that keeps descending to an after-school-special level of bluntness. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jan 25, 2007
4.5/5 74% The Illusionist (2006) You don't have to have spent more than five minutes in the presence of a professional magician to recognize that Edward Norton has their entire act down. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Aug 31, 2006
1/5 21% The Quiet (2006) I can't think of a human activity I'd recommend less than watching this hackneyed, straining-to-be-lurid domestic drama. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Aug 31, 2006
2.5/5 27% Trust the Man (2006) The movie can't decide if it wants to be a well-observed urban relationship drama or a madcap comedy. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Aug 31, 2006
3/5 48% Idlewild (2006) At a certain point, the baldly borrowed story elements go from cute to plain lazy, and you notice that Benjamin's and Patton's characters -- introduced as friends from childhood -- share almost no scenes. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Aug 31, 2006
3/5 69% Snakes on a Plane (2006) Snakes was the best instantly disposable cinematic event I've attended since Bride of Chucky was launched on an unsuspecting world eight years ago. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Aug 24, 2006
3/5 37% Accepted (2006) Long on winning attitude but not what you'd call consistent, the movie will do simply anything for a laugh. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Aug 17, 2006
4/5 91% Little Miss Sunshine (2006) Beneath its oddball veneer, Little Miss Sunshine is a knowing injunction against a society that requires every American to be a winner, when simply being a human being used to be enough. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Aug 17, 2006
4.5/5 88% Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006) ... just about a perfect doc, railing authoritatively against a disgraceful chapter in the annals of American business. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Aug 10, 2006
2/5 19% Step Up (2006) Atrocious writing takes its toll on the cast's considerable energy, which is best showcased in dance sequences that could have been a lot longer given the cloying melodrama that's the viewing alternative. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Aug 10, 2006
3.5/4 40% The Night Listener (2006) Sometimes, holding up even a small mirror to contemporary anxieties is enough, which The Night Listener does by skillfully exploiting a mass distrust that's currently reverberating from book clubs to the blogosphere. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Aug 3, 2006
1.5/5 40% My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006) Vile. Nasty. Crude. Base. Ugly. Everything that's bad about 21st-century gender relations can be found in Ivan Reitman's dopily noxious Super Ex. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jul 27, 2006
1/5 24% Lady in the Water (2006) Never has the evidence been so clear that a once-promising director has gone completely insane, yet seldom has said proof been so all-fired dull. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jul 27, 2006
1.5/5 26% John Tucker Must Die (2006) The flick's girl-power aesthetic frequently gets lost in the madcap shuffle of elaborate, high-tech adventures that are far beyond the capabilities of actual teens. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jul 27, 2006
2/4 40% Scoop (2006) Nobody appears to have put much effort into this thing. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jul 27, 2006
2/5 47% Miami Vice (2006) There's no real rhythm or ingenuity to the story. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jul 27, 2006
3.5/5 64% Quality of Life (Against The Wall) (2006) It's up to the consistently fluid ensemble acting and colloquially sound dialogue to keep things on track, which they do admirably. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jul 20, 2006
3/4 74% Monster House (2006) Monster House is professionally assembled and contains a good amount of irreverent fun; as an adult, I dug a lot of it. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jul 20, 2006
1.5/5 21% You, Me and Dupree (2006) Laugh-free, derivative, punishingly long 'comedy.' ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jul 20, 2006
2/5 69% A Scanner Darkly (2006) Most of A Scanner Darkly is a wasted opportunity, with B+-list stars paint-boxed onto a third plane where not very much happens at all. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jul 13, 2006
3/5 54% Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006) A coulda-been classic ends up feeling variously like a particularly undisciplined director's cut and (shudder!) a Jerry Bruckheimer picture. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jul 6, 2006
4/5 95% Wordplay (2006) A rousing endorsement of the principles of fair play and communication. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jul 6, 2006
2/5 32% Click (2006) What it lacks is an inspired moment of unleashed rage -- the kind that have always kept Sandler's romps redeemable. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jun 29, 2006
76% Superman Returns (2006) So 30 of the 150 or so minutes are a bust. There's still ample reason to see the thing in first run, if only for the chance to be part of an audience that cheers en masse at the exorcism of its darkest, most up-to-date fears. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jun 29, 2006
3.5/5 80% Electric Shadows (2005) Chinese filmmaker Xiao Jiang makes an impressive debut with an extended flashback about two cinema-crazed kids coming of age amid the communist revolution of the early 1970s. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jun 22, 2006
2.5/5 40% Nacho Libre (2006) It's just kinda there, content to spin a woozily whimsical story. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jun 22, 2006
81% A Prairie Home Companion (2006) This is the Altman of Nashville, back to inhabiting the performer's world with thoroughness and infectious affection. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jun 8, 2006
33% The Break-Up (2006) With nothing genuine invested in either character, we can focus fully on how bland and churlish they are.‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jun 8, 2006
4/5 91% Water (2005) All the pat plotting and discourse in the world can't extinguish the fire of a film this well-intended, sensitively acted and beautifully filmed. ‐ Orlando Weekly
Posted Jun 8, 2006