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88% Eames: The Architect And The Painter (2011) A must for those with an interest in modern design...‐ Hollywood Reporter
Read More | Posted Oct 19, 2011
91% Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench (2010) Shot in black and white on 16mm in a spontaneous, stripped down style, it manages to be both low key, downtown cool and exuberant at the same time.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 3, 2010
81% Cairo Time (2010) Love wilts under the Egyptian sun in this chemistry-free romantic vehicle.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jul 6, 2010
87% White Material (2010) A taut, unforgettable film.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jul 6, 2010
83% Avatar (2009) ... a largely humorless movie that plays like the sensitive white man-goes-native saga, Dances with Wolves in Outer Space.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 23, 2009
89% The Boys: The Sherman Brothers' Story (2009) It might not break new ground, but this entertaining, inside-show-business documentary is greatly enhanced by the presence of the two engaging 'boys' of the title.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 29, 2009
59% The International (2009) Tom Tykwer's glossy, high finance conspiracy thriller is a spectacular looking film with an unsettling intensity.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 9, 2009
75% American Violet (2009) Its simplistic, heavy handed treatment of a complex issue gives it the weight of a contrived movie of the week melodrama.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 24, 2008
45% Cactus (2008) Suspenseful misadventure gets off to a roaring start but doesn't deliver the goods.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 21, 2008
37% The Lucky Ones (2008) The plot functions in a rudimentary fashion setting up one contrived complication after another, engendering a desire, despite a few amusing scenes and pleasant company, for the trio to arrive at their respective destinations as soon as possible.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 25, 2008
45% Lakeview Terrace (2008) Although LaBute has created memorably lacerating portraits of male cruelty and willful dominance, this one doesn't add up.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 8, 2008
94% The Dark Knight (2008) ... director Christopher Nolan's much-hyped, long awaited second entry in the Batman franchise is not only fabulous and the best film of the summer, it's possibly the best film of the year, a guaranteed mammoth hit.‐
Read More | Posted Jul 26, 2008
86% In Search of a Midnight Kiss (2008) Showcases promising new talent in front of and behind the camera.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 5, 2008
94% Juno (2007) Juno, a smart-mouthed, sweet, well-acted comedy directed by Jason Reitman.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 15, 2008
No Score Yet The People's Advocate: The Life & Times of Charles R. Garry (2007) A bare bones, ragged-around-the-edges enterprise, the film is nonetheless an illuminating portrait of a driven, deeply committed man and the turbulent era he lived in.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 3, 2007
25% Love in the Time of Cholera (2007) Handsomely appointed but disappointing.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 12, 2007
100% Anita O'Day: The Life of a Jazz Singer (2007) An engaging if less than revelatory documentary.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 6, 2007
72% Lust, Caution (2007) Ang Lee's latest, Lust, Caution is a sluggish disappointment with a catchy title.‐
Read More | Posted Oct 22, 2007
89% Eastern Promises (2007) Cronenberg's latest is as engrossing as it is creepy.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 10, 2007
82% Into the Wild (2007) While the material seems to warrant understated, direct storytelling...Penn opts for epic proportions and clutters his narrative with gimmicks.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Aug 31, 2007
76% Stardust (2007) A magical adult fairy tale.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jul 30, 2007
90% Colma: The Musical (2006) A little rough around the edges, this likable movie is filled with adolescent angst, youthful energy and hope.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jul 10, 2007
79% Ghosts of Cité Soleil (2006) It's an unforgettable, visceral journey into the heart of darkness, grueling poverty and anarchy.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 26, 2007
60% Fog City Mavericks (2007) Entertaining if overly reverent.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 22, 2007
73% Golden Door (Nuovomondo) (2007) A series of static, poetic tableaux rather than a full-blown cinematic experience, screenwriter-director Emanuele Crialese's Golden Door drains the drama and iconography out of an inherently dramatic, iconic story.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 27, 2007
3.5/5 82% Delirious (2007) No one is spared in this whip-smart comedy about the entertainment industry.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 25, 2007
78% Crazy Love (2007) Narrowly focused, poorly paced documentary lacks a narrative thrust that could have made for a more compelling film.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 25, 2007
86% Girl 27 (2007) Girl 27 is about the moral hypocrisy of Hollywood as well as a testament to the lingering damage inflicted by rape.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 25, 2007
65% The Nines (2007) An offbeat, unpredictable story that plays out in parallel universes.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 23, 2007
No Score Yet Night Buffalo (2006) Too much sex and not enough humanity makes a dull film.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 22, 2007
89% Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten (2007) A rock documentary that's a good as it gets.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 22, 2007
58% The Astronaut Farmer (2006) Even for those who don't wholly buy into the film's 'if we don't have our dreams, we have nothing' ethos, there are many small pleasures to savor.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 18, 2006
67% Americanese (2007) A collection of scenes in search of a coherent story, the film's characters don't develop, and plot lines fail to coalesce by the movie's conclusion.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 26, 2006
33% Berkeley (2007) Guess you had to be there.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Mar 10, 2006
No Score Yet Unfolding Florence (2005) [A] thoroughly original, whimsical documentary bio with dramatic recreations, sly wit and animation by SV2, who created collage-like imagery.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 26, 2006
75% American Blackout (2006) Well structured and fast paced, the film uses news footage, interviews with voters and congressional leaders, poignant images of Ohio voters standing for hours in the rain, only to be told it was too late to vote.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 26, 2006
92% An Unreasonable Man (2007) A heroic crusader to some and the spoiler who betrayed the Democratic Party to others, Ralph Nader emerges as a dedicated, controversial and flawed figure.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 26, 2006
71% Who Needs Sleep? (2006) An informative though not particularly exciting documentary.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 26, 2006
70% POV (2006) The film suffers from a crucial lack of perspective.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 24, 2006
57% Kinky Boots (2006) Kinky Boots, a crowd-pleasing British import based on a true story, may be this year's Full Monty.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 23, 2006
20% Open Window (2006) [A] sometimes unbearably slow, uneven melodrama that's not without a few powerful sequences.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 22, 2006
86% Drum (2005) An intelligent, moving film steeped in an authentic sense of time and place.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 4, 2005
92% Ballets Russes (2005) A captivating if somewhat conventional documentary.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 3, 2005
No Score Yet The Californians (2006) Largely due to a loose, inconsistent script by Parker and Catherine di Napoli, it plays like a formulaic TV movie.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 21, 2005
52% Secuestro Express (2005) While it's difficult to resist the temptation to avert one's eyes, the film's power is undeniable.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Aug 4, 2005
67% Edgar G. Ulmer: The Man Off-Screen (2005) Michael Palm's film remains earthbound despite its interesting, offbeat subject.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 7, 2005
95% The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill (2005) Genuinely sweet, beautifully constructed documentary.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 14, 2005
71% Havana Suite (Suite Habana) (2003) Aspires to the poetic but falls short because of a lack of dynamism.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jul 28, 2004
50% Doppelganger (Dopperugengâ) (2003) A mildly intriguing, if slight, entertainment.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jul 28, 2004
89% Metallica: Some Kind of Monster (2004) These are rich, aging men in a young man's game, and the discrepancy between image and reality, captured by the filmmakers, makes for engrossing material.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 6, 2004