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I'm So Excited! (2013)

""I'm so Excited" shows Pedro Almodovar at his frothiest: shaking sex and death into a humorous cocktail aboard a plane in peril." Yahoo! Movies
Posted Nov 1, 2013

The Way Way Back (2013)

"If you're first act was writing the Oscar winning screenplay for "The Descendants," looking for an encore can be tough. But Nat Faxon and Jim Rash leveraged that win and made the leap to directing their own small-budget, bighearted coming of age comedy." Yahoo! Movies
Posted Nov 1, 2013

The Hunt (2013)

"Vinterberg uses a sharp cinematic knife to cut to the core of the matter: that the human heart can never be entirely civilized and, ultimately, each man is alone with his fate." Yahoo! Movies
Posted Oct 31, 2013

Only God Forgives (2013)

"Those who are less judgmental, or less enamored of the sentimentality of "Drive" -- and "Bronson" die-hards -- will know to lower their expectations and see what strange, stylized crime drama the Danish director is serving up this time." Yahoo! Movies
Posted Oct 31, 2013

Short Term 12 (2013)

"The film succeeds by its simple storytelling technique - no explosions, no sweeping music signaling emotional peaks, no big reveals. It's just unsuperhumans...hoping to scratch out some joy and ward off the shadow of loneliness." Yahoo! Movies
Posted Oct 31, 2013

Ain't Them Bodies Saints (2013)

"Like a bastard love child of Terrence Malick and Robert Altman, David Lowery's crime drama shuffles to its own drummer. " Yahoo! Movies
Posted Oct 31, 2013

Lovelace (2013)

"Co-directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman corralled a stellar cast that piles on great performances." Yahoo! Movies
Posted Oct 31, 2013

Cockneys vs Zombies (2013)

"Maybe it's me, but after all the bloated, clanging, FX-driven summer tent poles, I'm partial to a gentle genre horror comedy that has gooey guts - but doesn't throw the heart out with the steaming entrails." Yahoo! Movies
Posted Oct 31, 2013

Blackfish (2013)

"Gabriela Cowperthwaite's eye-opening, edge-of-your-seat feature "Blackfish" has it all: an oversized villain, chilling attack footage, corporate malfeasance, and girls in bikinis. " Yahoo! Movies
Posted Oct 31, 2013

All Is Lost (2013)

"As a solo sailor on a hostile sea, Robert Redford doesn't so much play to the camera, as tolerate it, showing that, even at 77, he's so much more than a pretty face, a buttery voice and an athletic physique. " Yahoo! Movies
Posted Oct 30, 2013

The East (2013)

"What makes The East a necessary destination is that it explores the personal why's behind these homegrown terrorists, and discovers each individual's mixed motives for taking the law into their own hands." Yahoo! Movies
Posted Jun 5, 2013
3.5/4 95%

The King's Speech (2010)

"A charming, personal period drama." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Feb 16, 2013
3/4 24%

Conan the Barbarian (2011)

"Though the adventure gushes with blood (there's an amateur C-section on the battlefield), it's also packed with thrills and sexy romance." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Aug 17, 2011
3/4 44%

30 Minutes or Less (2011)

"[A] zany, irreverent comedy." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Aug 10, 2011
3/4 74%

The Whistleblower (2011)

"Rachel Weisz is tremendously moving in this fact-based story." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Aug 4, 2011
2/4 39%

Cars 2 (2011)

"Only the youngest audience members will be amused (if a bit squirmy); older kids and parents will find their patience tested. At least Pixar's peerless animation remains a treat." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Jun 22, 2011
1.5/4 18%

The Art of Getting By (2011)

"While Roberts glows, she deserves more than this flimsy, underwritten part. The humdrum romance flunks out." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Jun 15, 2011
2/4 26%

Green Lantern (2011)

"Green Lantern fails to shine." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Jun 15, 2011
3/4 82%

Super 8 (2011)

"A strong Kyle Chandler enforces order as Joe's lawman dad, while Elle Fanning catapults from child star to romantic heroine as a troubled teen." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Jun 9, 2011
2/4 19%

Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer (2011)

"[This] high-pitched, candy-colored comedy tries too hard to be fun." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Jun 8, 2011
3/4 81%

Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)

"With fluid action sequences and luminous 3-D visuals, the film will tickle kids and engage their parents." ‐Us Weekly
Posted May 25, 2011
3/4 75%

Everything Must Go (2011)

"Though the actor is famous for his outrageous roles, he delves deep into this troubled character and nails the quieter moments." ‐Us Weekly
Posted May 11, 2011
2.5/4 36%

Prom (2011)

"It can't decide if it's a snarky look at the rite of passage or an earnest story about being true to oneself." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Apr 27, 2011
2.5/4 72%

Rio (2011)

"Vibrant and as zippy as a kindergartner on a sugar rush, this 3-D animated flick will certainly please kids, even if adults may find it a little snoozy." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Apr 14, 2011
3/4 59%

Scream 4 (2011)

"The entertaining Scream formula still works: When there's a big shiny knife, the action never gets dull." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Apr 13, 2011
2/4 46%

Soul Surfer (2011)

"The sincere message -- perseverance is essential when faced with life's setbacks -- is a good one, but the movie is a bit of a chore to watch." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Apr 6, 2011
3/4 92%

Source Code (2011)

"Give credit to the dashing and romantic Gyllenhaal for keeping this effort (mostly) on track." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Mar 30, 2011
2/4 37%

Mars Needs Moms (2011)

"Green makes a whiny hero, and Dan Fogler (as his buddy on Mars) fails to amuse. Plus, why is Milo's stay-at-home mom a saint and the working alien moms evil?" ‐Us Weekly
Posted Mar 9, 2011
2/4 40%

HappyThankYouMorePlease (2011)

"Fun but forgettable." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Mar 2, 2011
2.5/4 72%

The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

"The actors' romantic scenes excel. Just sitting side by side on a bus, their sexual connection crackles." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Mar 2, 2011
2.5/4 87%

Rango (2011)

"While Depp turns his bug-eyed reptile into a charismatic character, the plot gets lost in a maze of tangents and the story has too many tasteless jokes -- like a prostate gag -- that are not kid-friendly." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Mar 2, 2011
2/4 34%

Hall Pass (2011)

"[A] far-fetched, mostly unfunny comedy." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Feb 23, 2011
2/4 56%

Unknown (2011)

"This twist-filled tale of an amnesiac falling into a web of international intrigue moves swiftly but makes little sense -- and has ludicrous moments." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Feb 17, 2011
3/4 55%

Gnomeo and Juliet (2011)

"In this bright, bouncy Shakespeare take-off, animated gnomes tell the tale of the classic romantic tragedy." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Feb 9, 2011
3/4 43%

The Green Hornet (2011)

"The interplay between the Green Hornet and straight man Kato delights, overshadowing Cameron Diaz as a mutual love interest." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Jan 12, 2011
2/4 10%

Little Fockers (2010)

"If you do see the flick, stay for the closing credits, when Stiller offers a loose stand-up routine. Now that could have been a movie!" ‐Us Weekly
Posted Dec 21, 2010
3.5/4 49%

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010)

"Though the 3-D effects sometimes feel like overkill, the adventure is as stirring as the previous movies." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Dec 9, 2010
3/4 78%

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 (2010)

"It's easy to get lost in the rich, two-and-a-half hour installment, but it wraps up too abruptly." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Nov 17, 2010
2/4 56%

Morning Glory (2010)

"It plods along." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Nov 10, 2010

For Colored Girls (2010)

"This grave update of a 1975 play, which interweaves nine stories, wastes talents such as Janet Jackson and Thandie Newton." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Nov 3, 2010
3/4 73%

Megamind (2010)

"Superb 3-D graphics and silly running gags (Megamind routinely mispronounces words such as school) should keep kids amused, while sly political and pop culture references will get laughs from adults." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Nov 3, 2010
3/4 96%

The Social Network (2010)

"The movie zips along at a quick pace, with caffeinated dialogue. Still, things get dull in the third act during the inevitable crash." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Sep 29, 2010
3/4 70%

Ramona and Beezus (2010)

"The sweet sisterhood story based on the Beverly Cleary books doesn't talk down to kids and presents parents as appealing and vulnerable. " ‐Us Weekly
Posted Jul 23, 2010
3/4 62%

Salt (2010)

"Angelina Jolie is one deadly weapon in this breathless political thriller" ‐Us Weekly
Posted Jul 23, 2010
3/4 52%

Knight & Day (2010)

"Directed at a breakneck pace and with a spry script, it ratchets up the stakes as its stars leap from stunt to outrageous stunt. After a few years without a hit, Cruise seems back in control." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Jul 15, 2010
4/4 93%

The Kids Are All Right (2010)

"Directing from the tart, laugh-out-loud script she cowrote, Lisa Cholodenko (Laurel Canyon) has crafted an honest, generous portrait of the challenges of American family life -- gay or straight." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Jul 15, 2010
3/4 81%

Despicable Me (2010)

"This dark family comedy with its steal-the-moon premise is hilariously over-the-top, yet understandable from a child's perspective." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Jul 15, 2010
2.5/4 41%

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010)

"I get a charge out of Cage's serious self-mockery, here as a wizard who'd never make the grade at Hogwarts in a fantasy that doesn't aim high but hits the mark for summer entertainment." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Jul 15, 2010
3.5/4 86%

Inception (2010)

"In this smart sci-fi puzzle box, director Christopher Nolan transports the audience to a dreamscape that begins with the familiar and then takes a radical, imaginative leap. " ‐Us Weekly
Posted Jul 15, 2010
3/4 49%

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)

"Eclipse's balance of PG-13 romance and bone-crunching action will satisfy Twi-Hards and appeal to supernatural romantics who haven't completely converted to TV's True Blood." ‐Us Weekly
Posted Jun 29, 2010
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