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81% Victoria (2015) A near perfect triumph of pure cinematic joy. It does away with the gimmicks of one-shot films, creating a claustrophobic vacuum that pulls you in and doesn't let you out.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Mar 10, 2016
96% Cemetery of Splendor (2016) Both a film of resistance and an openly escapist experience, Cemetery of Splendour envelops you in immediate reverie, pulling you in with its quiet rhythms and cadences.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Jan 14, 2016
92% Anomalisa (2015) Anomalisa gently rolls over you like a wave, enveloping you into its world and staying with you long after.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Jan 14, 2016
86% Steve Jobs (2015) With a tremendous cast, a great script, and solid direction, Steve Jobs carefully balances capitalistic exaltation with Jobs' more humanised flaws, brought to the screen in equal parts dazzle and heartbreak.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Jan 14, 2016
79% Macbeth (2015) One of the most visceral storytelling experiences on screen this year.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Sep 30, 2015
89% Dope (2015) Combined with a sugary-pop sensibility and dialogue that constantly feels a beat behind, Dope feels more like the fun of Yo Gabba Gabba! than a serious exploration of street life, leaving less bark and even fewer bites.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Aug 19, 2015
57% Paper Towns (2015) The film rightly treads a neat middle ground between sentimental teen idealism and the indie cool of The OC.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Jul 16, 2015
90% Love & Mercy (2015) The skill of Love & Mercy lies in Pohlad's ability to weave these two very specific periods together, while also making them as detail-rich as possible.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Jun 25, 2015
50% Tomorrowland (2015) Bird's focus is clearly on the power of invention, but he is preoccupied with creating James Bond-like gadgetry, rather than a cohesive or mildly interesting narrative.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted May 27, 2015
51% San Andreas (2015) Johnson continues to impress with his roles. He tackles this film head on with a wry smile.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted May 27, 2015
94% Spy (2015) There's a sense of witnessing a woman empowered and it's a hoot to see McCarthy given the space she deserves to spread her comic wings.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted May 20, 2015
94% The Salt of the Earth (2015) The Salt Of The Earth is nothing short of fascinating, intimate and moving; yet at times, it's a bleak and often harrowing journey that exposes both the strength and weakness of mankind.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Apr 10, 2015
44% The Gambler (2014) What's left is a frustratingly superficial film that alienates its characters as much as it does the audience.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Feb 5, 2015
99% Selma (2015) The film firmly centres on the intimate, reminiscent of Spielberg's Lincoln, where grandiosity is found in performance not pedestals.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Feb 5, 2015
95% Snowpiercer (2014) Snowpiercer is an engaging experience and is not only the most assured and interesting film of the recent Korean new-wavers' Hollywood output, but it's also a riveting action blockbuster in itself, the best of the American summer thus far.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Jan 2, 2015
33% Horrible Bosses 2 (2014) Horrible Bosses 2 is a buddy film, and to this end, it manages to hit its egregious mark more often than not, understandably invested in the comedic charm of talents Sudeikis, Day and Bateman.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Dec 11, 2014
30% The Captive (2014) While The Captive builds strongly in its first act, it ultimately lets itself down with generic plot twists and a largely dissatisfying finale. Egoyan's eye for beauty, however, is unquestionable.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Dec 4, 2014
30% Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) Exodus confuses and frustrates with an uneven mix of camp and tragedy layered through Scott's controversial biblical spectacle.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Dec 4, 2014
68% The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (2014) Where Catching Fire seemed fresh and fun, Mockingjay gets stuck in a cycle of titillation, suggesting more than it's willing to offer, as it introduces big ideas before cautiously reverting back to a repetitive cycle of tired teen tropes.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Nov 20, 2014
48% The Judge (2014) A sweeping Hollywood melodrama that glides by on its strong performances and surprising charm.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Oct 9, 2014
24% Dracula Untold (2014) On this occasion, the prefix aligns much more scrupulously on adjectives like unoriginal, uninvolving, and uninspired.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Oct 2, 2014
87% Gone Girl (2014) An absorbingly chilling picture of domestic discontent.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Oct 2, 2014
60% The Equalizer (2014) Unfortunately, by the time the final act rolls around, there's little more left on Fuqua's mind than a grisly, hardware store-sponsored cops and robbers showdown, that would make even MacGyver wince.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Sep 25, 2014
18% Tarzan (2014) The latest reimagining of a classic text leaves one feeling like a character from Godot -- waiting on a barren stretch of road for something, or someone, to show up and alleviate the never-ending monotony.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Sep 19, 2014
22% Into The Storm (2014) While Into the Storm has the look of a satirical disaster film, it completely lacks any satire, taking itself far too seriously (and offers nothing original) to be anywhere near as fun as its genre-spawning second-cousin, Sharknado. ‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Sep 18, 2014
60% Non-Stop (2014) The film descends into the realm of implausibility, with a marked change in tempo and dialogue that demolishes any tension that the film worked so hard to create.‐ FILMINK (Australia)
Read More | Posted Feb 28, 2014