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8/10 62%

Make Out With Violence (2009)

"A melancholy gem eerily reminiscent of The Virgin Suicides and Twin Peaks as seen through the eyes of Wes Anderson." Bloody Disgusting
Posted Aug 6, 2009
7/10 No Score Yet

Header (2006)

"What's a Header? You'll wish you never knew." Bloody Disgusting
Posted Jun 30, 2009
3/10 No Score Yet

Elsewhere (2009)

"by-the-book plot points, atrocious dialogue and abysmal performances by the cast - a recipe for disaster." Bloody Disgusting
Posted Jun 11, 2009
3/10 No Score Yet

The Cell 2 (2008)

"This film reeks of the old b-movie tradition: If we don't know how to sell it, we can call it a sequel to better film." Bloody Disgusting
Posted Jun 11, 2009
7/10 No Score Yet

Murder Loves Killers Too (2008)

"Despite the the crazy notion that a cabin-in-the-woods film can still be original, Murder Loves Killers Too,delivers a story that should leave genre fans with a new underground fave." Bloody Disgusting
Posted Jun 11, 2009
8/10 No Score Yet

Plague Town (2009)

"A fascinating look at how a true student of the genre would go about making his very own genre film." Bloody Disgusting
Posted May 5, 2009
6/10 No Score Yet

Fanatic (1982)

"The backstory behind The Last Horror Film (Fanatic) is really far more fascinating than the actual production." Bloody Disgusting
Posted May 5, 2009
9/10 No Score Yet

Laid to Rest (2009)

"A blood soaked orgy of guts and gore, backed by a cast we can care about and a killer we can fear. I can't even remember the last time those two, seeming important details, fell alongside one another in the same movie." Bloody Disgusting
Posted Apr 21, 2009
8/10 62%

Cthulhu (2008)

"It's not a monster movie, CTHULHU is, is a deep character study about one man coming to grips with his past and the unforeseeable future that lies ahead of him. Like most Lovecraftian lore...it's serious dramatic horror." Bloody Disgusting
Posted Apr 14, 2009
4/10 No Score Yet

Perkins' 14 (2009)

"Created in conjunction with the website Massify.com, Perkins 14 was chosen, cast and created by the fans...this is what happens when you make a film by committee." Bloody Disgusting
Posted Mar 31, 2009
8/10 52%

Shuttle (2009)

"A bus ride to hell." Bloody Disgusting
Posted Mar 26, 2009
10/10 94%

Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation! (2008)

"Makes the viewer want to dash onto the nearest computer and start tracking these flicks down. My Netflix queue will be stockpiled with Aussie trash cinema for months to come!" Bloody Disgusting
Posted Mar 24, 2009
5/10 93%

Lake Mungo (2009)

"In the end, the film achieves a revolutionary conclusion that is fascinatingly unexplored." Bloody Disgusting
Posted Mar 20, 2009
6/10 16%

The Haunting in Connecticut (2009)

"Despite its many pitfalls, The Haunting in Connecticut still comes off as a totally serviceable horror film. One that is deeply mired in traditions and struggling to find a distinct voice but, nonetheless, an enjoyable way to kill a Friday night." Bloody Disgusting
Posted Mar 19, 2009
4/10 26%

Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009)

"Lesbian Vampire Killers is a bad film, but in the eye of a beholder blinded by a love for humor that would make Benny Hill blush, this film is a goldmine of bare-breasted beauties, slo-mo kissing scenes. But is it funny? Sadly the answer is, not so much." Bloody Disgusting
Posted Mar 19, 2009
8/10 80%

Eden Lake (2008)

"Horrordom loves a good "don't go into the woods" thriller%u2014some crazy cautionary tale about civilization encroaching on nature, or a just a simple reminder that tourists are annoying." Bloody Disgusting
Posted Feb 16, 2009
4/10 No Score Yet

Hit and Run (2009)

"Since the Chante Mallard case has inspired an episode of CSI, Law & Order, Stuart Gordon's feature film STUCK and countless urban legend retellings, it's pretty hard for HIT AND RUN to overcome the lack of originality wall that sits squarely in front of i" Bloody Disgusting
Posted Feb 16, 2009
6/10 50%

Dying Breed (2009)

"Drawing on a pair of local legends, first time feature filmmaker Jody Dwyer along with Writers Michael Boughen and Rod Morris deliver a down-under thriller that plays out like an Aussie version of WRONG TURN." Bloody Disgusting
Posted Feb 16, 2009
1/10 47%

The Broken (2008)

"I don't know what other kind of flicks Sean Ellis watched growing up, but he has definitely seen some Hitchcock in his day. THE BROKEN seems to be Ellis' version of we might get if an utterly talentless Alfred Hitchcock had interpreted INVASION OF THE BOD" Bloody Disgusting
Posted Feb 16, 2009
5/10 No Score Yet

The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations (2009)

"Like all of the BUTTERFLY EFFECT films, this one is also saddled with a plot that makes very little sense." Bloody Disgusting
Posted Feb 16, 2009
4/10 10%

The Unborn (2009)

"It's an interesting premise, and in the hands of a filmmaker with a bit more savvy in the craftsmanship department, THE UNBORN might have been a tense little thriller. Unfortunately, the film is a mess." Bloody Disgusting
Posted Feb 15, 2009
3/10 25%

Friday the 13th (2009)

"A karo syrup coated confection of fake blood, fake boobs and fake hope that the Slasher Film would rise again." Bloody Disgusting
Posted Feb 13, 2009
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