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Samba (2015)

"The editing errs on the side of longueurs, but likable people and the mise-en-scène draw you in. Somehow, even the artificiality feels heartwarming." ‐TheWrap
Posted Dec 30, 2015

United Passions (2015)

"One of those rare films so unfathomably ghastly you could write a better one while sitting through its interminable 110 minutes." ‐TheWrap
Posted Dec 23, 2015

Love the Coopers (2015)

"When it's all said and done, you might not exactly love the Coopers, but you'll probably slurp them down like eggnog and wind up with a pleasant, sleepy, bough-scented buzz." ‐TheWrap
Posted Nov 12, 2015

Pawn Sacrifice (2015)

"Is anybody better at playing a dotty, preoccupied genius than Tobey Maguire?" ‐TheWrap
Posted Sep 17, 2015

Batkid Begins (2015)

"The editing is ruthlessly efficient, and some of the talking-heads scenes are dramatized via lively comic-book renditions that lend visual panache. All the characters grab you, not just the kid." ‐TheWrap
Posted Jun 25, 2015

The King's Speech (2010)

"Firth and Rush are geniuses who raise each other's game" Thompson on Hollywood
Posted Nov 24, 2010

Hard Candy (2006)

"Candy sets up the tense situation, builds it up patiently, masterfully, then has no idea where to go with it. At least Page's career has an obvious direction -- up." Seattle Weekly
Posted Apr 26, 2006
7/10 68%

Mrs. Henderson Presents (2006)

"In the annals of no-sex-please Brit nudie revues, this Oscar hopeful falls between the The Full Monty's Rabelaisian stew and Calendar Girls' charming but thin broth." Seattle Weekly
Posted Dec 15, 2005
5/10 82%

Keane (2005)

"A psycho-underworld tour de force like Irreversible or The Machinist, impressive as far as it goes (not far), single-minded but without enough on its mind, a gimmick flick." Seattle Weekly
Posted Dec 15, 2005
7/10 76%

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (2005)

"The kids are disastrous, except for Henley. Her irresistible crooked grin is a triumph over British dentistry. She makes Dakota Fanning look like a calculating android." Seattle Weekly
Posted Dec 9, 2005
7/10 No Score Yet

Chronicling Narnia: The C.S Lewis Story (2005)

"A pale echo of the Tolkien trilogy, worse than Cuaron's third Harry Potter film, better than Chris Columbus' first two, and about on a par with Mike Newell's new one." Seattle Weekly
Posted Dec 5, 2005
8/10 85%

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

"The 1940 version had its flaws, too--who wants to **** Mrs. Miniver? Knightley is a Lizzie for our profane time. " Seattle Weekly
Posted Nov 28, 2005
7.5/10 46%

Rent (2005)

"Rent works best as a centaur creation: half-movie, half-play, plunging into theater world in all its mindless, cheesy, sentimental splendor." Seattle Weekly
Posted Nov 28, 2005
7/10 89%

Tony Takitani (2005)

"Impressively reduces Murakami's hard-boiled word world to a floating-picture world. But like Lish's edits of Ray Carver, it mutes a story that was nearly mute to begin with." Seattle Weekly
Posted Oct 17, 2005
4/10 28%

Elizabethtown (2005)

"Much of it is not half bad. Some moments achieve the transcendence they ache to find. But it's like a concept album with no concept, Singles with fewer hit singles. " Seattle Weekly
Posted Oct 13, 2005
9/10 95%

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)

"Nick Park is Tim Burton's opposite: his storytelling is smooth, his visual technique jerky. Go for the guy who can tell a story, as Burton has failed to do for 11 years now." Seattle Weekly
Posted Oct 4, 2005
7/10 60%

Oliver Twist (2005)

"Fails to topple Lean's untoppable version; still one of the best movies of 2005. Startlingly unemotional, but for the stormy torments behind Fagin's overhanging eyebrows." Seattle Weekly
Posted Sep 26, 2005
4/10 83%

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride (2005)

"It doesn't stink, but it's a mere technical advance that pales next to Nightmare. The maggot's a Jiminy Cricket manque. And it's just not very animated." Seattle Weekly
Posted Sep 21, 2005
2/10 62%

Proof (2005)

"Catherine is an infinitely less convincing version of Arcadia's girl genius; the proof is just a MacGuffin; it runs out of plot and has not one idea in its head." Seattle Weekly
Posted Sep 21, 2005
2.5/10 32%

Pretty Persuasion (2005)

"Wood's not an interesting psycho-just numb, mumbling, and dull. Pretty unpersuasive." Seattle Weekly
Posted Aug 31, 2005
8.6/10 85%

The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005)

"Even Keener transcends her famous ball-busting screen persona and registers real warmth." Seattle Weekly
Posted Aug 31, 2005
8/10 82%

Hustle & Flow (2005)

"Djay is the Fezziwig of pimps. His hit tune, as catchy as "That Thing You Do," also wears out its welcome. But his quest for le mot juste and mo' bling is charming." Seattle Weekly
Posted Aug 10, 2005
8/10 69%

The Edukators (2005)

"The surprise ending is gimmicky, but the character study is consistently enthralling. The Edukators is educational-not intellectually, but emotionally." Seattle Weekly
Posted Aug 10, 2005
1/10 13%

Stealth (2005)

"For at least the first hour, Stealth is a SAEBCPSOS (Shockingly and Excruciatingly Boring Columbia Pictures Sack of S---)." Seattle Weekly
Posted Aug 10, 2005
7/10 85%

De Battre mon Coeur s'est Arrêté (The Beat That My Heart Skipped) (2005)

"Compared to Keitel, he's a fluttery lightweight, whether banging the ivories or his victims. His nature isn't divided. He's no hoodlum--not even Belmondo impersonating Bogart." Seattle Weekly
Posted Aug 10, 2005
3.5/10 59%

The Talent Given Us (2004)

"The big problem with this verité film is that nothing in it is verified. Verily, a lot of it is just B.S." Seattle Weekly
Posted Aug 10, 2005
9.5/10 86%

Junebug (2005)

"If the Academy has any brains, heart, and balls, at least one Oscar will go to the quietly brilliant Junebug." Seattle Weekly
Posted Aug 10, 2005
9/10 76%

The Holy Girl (2005)

"Alche's crooked grin is as gleeful as the nose-wriggling enchantress in Bewitched. The elliptically implicit ending reminds me of Purple Noon minus the murder." Seattle Weekly
Posted Jun 22, 2005
8.5/10 84%

Batman Begins (2005)

"Tim Burton's Batman could probably lick Nolan's Batman Begins. But in a fight between Nolan's Batman and Burton's, I know who'd kick whose cape-draped ***. " Seattle Weekly
Posted Jun 16, 2005
3/10 31%

The Longest Yard (2005)

"Sandler is trying to outrun his clownish boy-man past, but since everything about Yard is transparently fake, it loses him career yardage." Seattle Weekly
Posted May 25, 2005
5/10 63%

Ladies in Lavender (2005)

"A rigorous test of cineaste sitzfleisch: to savor the Dames' deep acting, you have to endure a story that goes nowhere. You must suffer for this art." Seattle Weekly
Posted May 25, 2005
7.5/10 82%

Control (2005)

"A frivolous fable and a fabulous frivol, a lighthearted romp and a dark night of the existential soul-Slacker meets Metropolis." Seattle Weekly
Posted May 25, 2005
8.5/10 75%

Crash (2004)

"Though it lacks Magnolia's messy greatness, you won't hear more fiendishly articulate dialogue on-screen any time soon." Seattle Weekly
Posted May 4, 2005
4/10 39%

Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

"As a war hero, Orlando Bloom reminds me of the nickname Truman Capote's father gave him: Little Miss Mouse Fart." Seattle Weekly
Posted May 4, 2005
7/10 60%

Winter Solstice (2005)

"Anthony LaPaglia does understated wonders...He could beat David Duchovny in an underacting contest. Few movies score so many true moments. And few add up to less. " Seattle Weekly
Posted Apr 28, 2005
8/10 81%

Voices in Wartime (2005)

"One of the most original war movies ever made. Men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there." Seattle Weekly
Posted Apr 15, 2005
8/10 83%

Lost Embrace (2005)

"Sweet but not too, a tangy, teasing valentine to dear hearts and gentle people who start to feel like family. Burman is like Woody Allen with a human face." Seattle Weekly
Posted Mar 29, 2005
5/10 47%

The Ballad of Jack and Rose (2005)

"Rebecca Miller is no tragedian like her dad. She's a lyrical poet with an elliptical turn of mind...despite moments of beauty and mystery, ultimately it's a muddle." Seattle Weekly
Posted Mar 29, 2005
7/10 85%

Gunner Palace (2005)

"A litmus test for an America scarcely less bitterly divided than Iraq. The risibly dishonest government radio broadcasts play like the satirical radio bits in M*A*S*H." Seattle Weekly
Posted Mar 10, 2005
2/10 16%

Diary of a Mad Black Woman (2005)

"Helen's chaste swain wants intimacy, not sex. C'mon-even Baptists are interested in sex. They just don't do it standing up, because someone might think they were dancing." Seattle Weekly
Posted Mar 10, 2005
.5/10 15%

Head in the Clouds (2004)

"Tyrone Power would have more chemistry courting Deanna Durbin in a deep coma. Theron destroys all her Monster acting cred. Cruz squeaks like a hamster huffing helium. " Seattle Weekly
Posted Mar 9, 2005
2/5 55%

Undertow (2004)

"Bad in the worst way, yet it trails clouds of glory and authentic stink from a Georgia pigsty. Pretty, a legitimate auteurist statement. And a flop." Seattle Weekly
Posted Mar 9, 2005
7/10 78%

Videodrome (1983)

"Underbaked, but you can't argue with its otherworldly aura. One disappointment: we don't get to see the belly-slit sex organs Baker designed for the never-used orgy finale." Seattle Weekly
Posted Mar 9, 2005
7/10 83%

Finding Neverland (2004)

"Interestingly and movingly hints at the sad future fate of his Lost Boys, but it's too timid to follow up on those dark portents. " Seattle Weekly
Posted Mar 9, 2005
2/5 49%

The Passion of the Christ (2004)

"Might be mistaken for an instructional video on meat-tenderizing techniques for cannibal chefs. Mel's a muscular Christian without a philosophical bone in his head." Seattle Weekly
Posted Mar 9, 2005
4.5/5 76%

Being Julia (2004)

"Thank God for Being Julia, an Oscar-worthy comeback role that may just save one of our most gifted actresses from a life of way too much leisure." Seattle Weekly
Posted Mar 9, 2005
4/5 No Score Yet

The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus (1996)

"Spiffily restored and bursting at the seams with extra features. One-third of the performers were on heroin, including John Lennon." Seattle Weekly
Posted Mar 9, 2005
3.5/5 90%

Kinsey (2004)

"Throws lots of stylish light on sex. But he leaves too much of Kinsey's soul in the closet." Seattle Weekly
Posted Mar 9, 2005
3/5 77%

The Machinist (2004)

"Mark Twain said that Wagner's music isn't as bad as it sounds. The Machinist isn't as good as it looks. But Bale's fever-dream performance is otherworldly great." Seattle Weekly
Posted Mar 9, 2005
4/5 90%

Hotel Rwanda (2004)

"Don Cheadle's eyes have an openness and depth like Martin Sheen's in Apocalypse Now: they're the lens through which we can watch this incredible war." Seattle Weekly
Posted Mar 9, 2005
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