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92% The Nice Guys (2016) That the film mostly falls flat has far more to do with the largely unconvincing material rather than with the co-stars, who are more than game ... ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 15, 2016
75% The BFG (2016) The two-hour two-hander drags with too much dialogue during the first half and never truly achieves narrative lift-off. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 14, 2016
58% Ma loute (2016) Weird and arresting. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 13, 2016
57% Money Monster (2016) An ordinary film about an extraordinary situation. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 12, 2016
70% Café Society (2016) A small fiction of amiable appeal and vibrancy which goes down as easily as a fizzy cocktail. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 11, 2016
48% X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Despite the undeniable presence of a huge amount of action, X-Men: Apocalypse is decidedly a case of more is less. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 9, 2016
86% Mary Pickford: The Muse of the Movies (2008) A disappointingly conventional career recap of the silent era's preeminent female star and businesswoman. ‐ Variety
Posted May 2, 2016
3% Nina (2016) It's not the biographical film this stupendous, if mightily troubled, musical and political figure deserved, especially coming in the immediate wake of Liz Garbus' riveting documentary What Happened, Miss Simone? last year. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 18, 2016
60% Desierto (2016) The two leading actors effectively enough express the simplistic perspectives they're meant to represent, but there's no subtext or nuance called for; they're more like action totems of diametrically opposed positions. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 12, 2016
30% Criminal (2016) Even if you've allowed yourself to hope that the redoubtable actors might tilt the proceedings in a positive direction, almost every choice made by director Ariel Vromen... sends Criminal spiraling toward overwrought silliness. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 11, 2016
95% The Jungle Book (2016) Visually stunning and entirely engaging. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 3, 2016
27% Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) The film may be imposing, but it's not fun. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Mar 22, 2016
91% City Of Gold (2016) Accessible and informative. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Mar 8, 2016
25% London Has Fallen (2016) Butler manfully dispenses justice here many times over, and even if the other main actors are in it strictly for the paycheck, they've all been in a whole lot worse in their time. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Mar 2, 2016
68% Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016) There are no surprises or hitherto untapped resources mined here. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 28, 2016
73% Disorder (Maryland) (2016) After about 45 minutes, Vincent and Jessie have barely said anything to one another, and there are few plot-advancing elements other than Vincent's growing suspicion that Jessie's husband is mixed up in the arms business. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 19, 2016
53% Triple 9 (2016) Without much investment, one just sits back with increasing detachment and bemused curiosity as to where and on whom the next shoe will drop. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 17, 2016
84% Deadpool (2016) A really raunchy, very dirty and pretty funny goof on the entire superhero ethos, as well as the first Marvel film to irreverently trash the brand. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 7, 2016
85% Hail, Caesar! (2016) The Coens' reimagining of a real Hollywood tough guy is interesting for insiders, but in their first order of business, that of making a rousing comedy about the Hollywood of 65 years ago, they've fallen rather short. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 3, 2016
91% Southside With You (2016) A warm and surprisingly engaging account of the first date of Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 2, 2016
60% Film Hawk (2016) A pleasing visit with a keen-eyed pathfinder for American independent filmmakers. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 1, 2016
86% First Girl I Loved (2016) A naturalistic coming-out story sinks into extreme melodrama. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 27, 2016
80% The Intervention (2016) A cloying throwback to the Big Chill format of a cloistered reunion devoted to self-analysis and errant hanky-panky that in this case features mostly silly and annoying characters with whom it's no fun to be trapped. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 27, 2016
72% The Birth of a Nation (2016) The film offers up more than enough in terms of intelligence, insight, historical research and religious nuance as to not at all be considered a missed opportunity ... ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 26, 2016
98% Love & Friendship (2016) Although it's difficult even by the end to entirely sort out who's related to whom and how, the actors acquit themselves nicely, and it's always good to have Stephen Fry around in this sort of tony affair ... ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 24, 2016
93% Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World (2016) A quizzical, spry, modestly illuminating consideration of where human beings currently stand vis-a-vis the invention that is changing the world in as-yet unimaginable ways. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 24, 2016
77% Wiener-Dog (2016) Life may be as unfair and arbitrary as Solondz portrays it, but it is arguably more diverse in its moods and its ups and downs. The film may not be a dog, but nor is it likely to become anyone's best friend. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 23, 2016
50% 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi (2016) This is the story of a fiasco, one made less so by the fierce and selfless commitment of a few good men whose old-fashioned kick-ass attitudes form the crux of the yarn's appeal. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 14, 2016
92% Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015) Star Wars: The Force Awakens pumps new energy and life into a hallowed franchise in a way that both resurrects old pleasures and points in promising new directions. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 16, 2015
75% The Hateful Eight (2015) As ever with Tarantino films, however, some of the performances are lip-smackingly delicious. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 15, 2015
60% Joy (2015) The splendidly dextrous cast ensures that this goofy success story, which could just easily be titled American Hustle 2, keeps firing on all cylinders in the manner of the writer-director's previous few outings. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 7, 2015
88% The Big Short (2015) both the behavior of the characters and the viewer responses sought are so repetitive and unchanging that it all becomes wearisome well before the far overlong feature wraps up. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 4, 2015
81% The Revenant (2015) Director/co-writer Alejandro G. Inarritu, cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki and a vast team of visual effects wizards have created a sensationally vivid and visceral portrait of human endurance under very nearly intolerable conditions. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 4, 2015
43% In the Heart of the Sea (2015) Something less than a whale of a tale. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 2, 2015
80% Chi-Raq (2015) Even if the now-veteran director lays everything on a bit thick... he's still found a lively and legitimate way to tackle an urgent subject matter that other filmmakers have found excuses to avoid. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 23, 2015
95% Creed (2015) Coogler makes the transition from the indie world to big-budget studio filmmaking with a result that's sturdy and smooth. Buffed into ring-ready shape, Jordan acquits himself well both in and out of the ring ... ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 18, 2015
33% By The Sea (2015) This languid piece of would-be art cinema will prove once again that even the biggest names in the world won't draw an audience to something that, in and of itself, has no reason for being. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 6, 2015
70% The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015) Pervasively grim. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 4, 2015
95% Sembene! (2015) The film turns a welcome spotlight on a resourceful and singular artist who was forced to do everything from scratch in the absence of any local industry infrastructure. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 2, 2015
35% Our Brand is Crisis (2015) David Gordon Green's latest unpredictable addition to his resume is offbeat and appealing on some levels but is neither as funny nor as trenchant as it might have been. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 27, 2015
9% Rock the Kasbah (2015) Rock the Kasbah morphs into a pretty implausible feel-good movie that's nearly as maudlin as it is unconvincing. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 20, 2015
71% The Summer Of Sangaile (2015) Awash with ripe, voluptuous summertime imagery and brimming with aborning adolescent female sexuality, The Summer of Sangaile is an appealingly simple, poetically conceived teen coming-of-age tale. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 20, 2015
71% Crimson Peak (2015) [It's] certainly unequaled in its field for the beauty of its camerawork, sets, costumes and effects. But it's also conventionally plotted and not surprising or scary at all. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 13, 2015
91% Bridge of Spies (2015) An absorbing true-life espionage tale very smoothly handled by old pros who know what they're doing. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 5, 2015
27% Pan (2015) The actors all try hard to keep the energy up but never get convincingly in synch and, with the exception of Peter, the characters don't reasonably comport with one's pre-existing images of them. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 20, 2015
95% Hitchcock/Truffaut (2015) Graced by the exemplary print condition of the many titles it excerpts, this documentary will be a top draw wherever films about filmmakers are welcome. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 16, 2015
96% Rams (Hrútar) (2016) A small story about two old estranged brothers and their animals gently morphs from gentle near-absurdist comedy to something close to tragedy. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 15, 2015
74% Youth (2015) Youth is a voluptuary's feast, a full-body immersion in the sensory pleasures of the cinema. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 14, 2015
62% Truth (2015) It may be yesterday's news, but there's still plenty of juice left in Truth, a crackerjack journalism yarn in which big-name actors play big-name real-life characters who became embroiled in a controversy that still raises partisan hackles. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 14, 2015
97% Heart of a Dog (2015) Heart of a Dog is an impressionistic meditation on death and its prelude by a thoughtful, free-ranging, highly idiosyncratic artist who enjoyed a very deep relationship with her dog. ‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 14, 2015