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67% Date Night (2010) In timing, delivery, and charisma, Tina Fey and Steve Carell are exactly who they always are, and this is a good thing. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Apr 26, 2010
4/10 68% Funny People (2009) Bromances like Funny People do a disservice to the friendship capabilities of straight men, making them seem stunted. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Aug 6, 2009
5/10 84% Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009) In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, complicated teenaged sexual desires are the counterpart to the sacrificial love oft touted by Dumbledore. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jul 14, 2009
37% Angels & Demons (2009) A Harvard professor is an unlikely candidate for the hero of a summer blockbuster, and Angels & Demons demonstrates exactly why. The film is filled with talk, talk, talk. ‐ PopMatters
Posted May 21, 2009
7/10 38% X-Men Origins - Wolverine (2009) Scary as Hugh Jackman's vascular body may be, it's also perfectly appropriate as a visual extension of the weaponization of Wolverine. ‐ PopMatters
Posted May 7, 2009
8/10 92% Every Little Step (2009) Every Little Step is all about repetition, documenting the casting of the 2006 Broadway revival of A Chorus Line, a musical about the casting of a Broadway musical. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Apr 19, 2009
1/10 35% Alien Trespass (2009) Alien Trespass won't let our knowledge of the stereotypes it incorporates do the work and make the critique. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Apr 7, 2009
5/10 32% Fanboys (2008) That the boys are so earnest in their dedication to the Star Wars oeuvre signals their stunted adolescence. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Mar 8, 2009
8/10 65% Watchmen (2009) For Rorschach, there are clear lines between good and evil, and in this he is the most traditional of the superheroes in Watchmen. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Mar 8, 2009
4/10 13% The Women (2008) Despite its title, "The Women" is not an update of George Cukor's diva smackdown of the same name. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Sep 12, 2008
1/10 39% Henry Poole Is Here (2008) Your faith and your patience won't fare well for sitting through the slow-moving, lackluster Henry Poole is Here. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Aug 15, 2008
6/10 18% The Happening (2008) The Happening features an effectively stylized physical environment: rarely have clouds drifting overhead and wind blowing through trees and a sunny day been filmed so ominously. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jun 13, 2008
88% Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) The film's real pleasure is in the connections it makes (whether intentional or not) to current 'real world' questions about the beneficence of institutional authority. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Dec 6, 2005
38% D.E.B.S. (2004) It's corny, clichéd, and often an absolute hoot. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jul 29, 2005
84% Batman Begins (2005) Even though the film does come down on Batman's 'side,' it raises as many questions about fear as political weapon as it answers. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jul 5, 2005
19% Thunderbirds (2004) Here the problem is compounded by the fact that few members of the target audience (kids) are even aware of the original series. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Nov 19, 2004
95% The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) It is precisely Jackson's pandering to fans' expectations that repeatedly drags The Return of the King to a halt. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Feb 13, 2004
61% Hulk (2003) Whereas the original Hulk (and King Kong, for that matter) fought against injustice, intolerance, and abuses of power, all that this Hulk has to fight is his Big Bad Daddy. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Aug 30, 2003
37% Star Trek - Nemesis (2002) Nothing new. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Aug 30, 2003
8% Troop Beverly Hills (1989) It's a treat (and necessity) not only for youngish gay boys, but for anyone who enjoys campy good fun with the added bonus of watching dominant cultural values self-destruct. ‐ PopMatters
Posted May 2, 2003
44% Daredevil (2003) The good news is that Johnson's Daredevil follows Marvel's disability politics. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Feb 14, 2003
82% Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002) The film is muddled by its slavish dedication to the minutiae of events and at the same time, erases those aspects of the book that gave it real social and political urgency. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Dec 1, 2002
14% Ghost Ship (2002) It's surprisingly good, spooky, fun, and stylish. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Oct 27, 2002
5% Swept Away (2002) Hardly 'romantic,' not a 'comedy,' and downright nasty to women. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Oct 11, 2002
69% Red Dragon (2002) It also insists there be a physical correlate to that internal turmoil, that we be able to see the mark of his degeneracy on the surface of his body. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Oct 4, 2002
65% Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) Attack of the Clones will likely be remembered as cluttered with inconsequential character and plot details and excessive special effects. ‐ PopMatters
Posted May 18, 2002
89% Spider-Man (2002) As a kid, I always wanted to be Spider-Man. I still do. ‐ PopMatters
Posted May 10, 2002
26% The Sweetest Thing (2002) A second-rate recycling of any number of recent lowbrow comedy flicks. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Apr 12, 2002
13% Sorority Boys (2002) Never quite rises to the level of self-conscious parody, but merely replicates the same old stereotypes. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Mar 29, 2002
17% Queen of the Damned (2002) ... the story doesn't make a whole lot of sense ... ‐ PopMatters
Posted Feb 22, 2002
14% Crossroads (2002) Sure, Crossroads and Brit herself may be silly, superficial, and bubbly, but so what? She and the film are also fun, sexy, and playful. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Feb 15, 2002
52% The Mothman Prophecies (2002) An affecting film that leaves you wondering long after the credits roll. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jan 25, 2002
32% Charlotte Gray (2002) Resists depicting WWII in easy blacks and whites, and in doing so, challenges the national ideologies, nostalgia, and idealization that have become so commonplace in popular cultural imaginings of the 'great war.' ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jan 11, 2002
91% The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) An ambitious and generally enjoyable film, especially for those who might desire a little more narrative coherence and depth than Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone has to offer. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Dec 14, 2001
80% Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) Moves along rather herkily-jerkily, bouncing from one special effect to another, from one character or scene to another, with seemingly little connection between them. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Nov 16, 2001
76% Moulin Rouge! (2001) Mines the twentieth century to construct a musical extravaganza totally out of time with its narrative world. And it works, most of the time. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Oct 31, 2001
93% Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001) Mitchell and Trask clearly strive to bring back into vogue gay (or at least sexually ambiguous) boys who know how to rock! And how to look fabulous while doing so. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Oct 31, 2001
49% Hearts in Atlantis (2001) The nostalgia infusing Hearts in Atlantis often makes the film infuriating, as well as just plain dopey. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Oct 8, 2001
45% Jeepers Creepers (2001) The film suffers from a distinct lack of urgency or intensity, largely because of the predictability of its plot. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Aug 31, 2001
52% American Pie 2 (2001) The lack of any girl power, or even any real girl presence, in AP2 contributes to a ratcheting up of the boys' piggy behavior as the film tries to out-do its own previous gross-out humor. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Aug 10, 2001
35% The Man Who Cried (2000) A sprawling affair, filled with bad accents ... tired cliches about studly horsemen and young girls' sexual awakenings, and really bad lip-syncing to Italian opera. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Aug 3, 2001
73% A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) Stuffed to the gills with sacchariney melodrama meant to tug at all the requisite heartstrings and get us to contemplate 'the bigger questions.' ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jul 2, 2001
78% Keep the River on Your Right (2000) Keep the River on Your Right is not only the fascinating story of one man, but it is also about the cultural changes engendered by (post)modernity that have differentially affected 'us' (that is, humanity in all its varieties) all over the world. ‐ PopMatters
Posted May 14, 2001
11% Freddy Got Fingered (2001) It slaps us in the face and asks us to hate it at every turn. Mission accomplished. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Apr 20, 2001
22% Pokemon 3: The Movie (2001) Much to my own surprise, the newest installment of the Pokémon cartoon franchise gets my begrudging respect. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Apr 10, 2001
56% The Mexican (2001) Overly long, or perhaps just ploddingly paced and unnecessarily repetitive. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Mar 2, 2001
81% Pollock (2000) Repeats the same old stereotypes of 'artistic greatness,' and ends up feeling a little bit worn out. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Feb 23, 2001
20% Monkeybone (2001) The film tells us, we all have, or would like to have, a little Monkeybone inside of us. Well, hopefully not. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Feb 22, 2001
39% Hannibal (2001) As his immense popularity suggests, there is something about Lecter that appeals to 'us', there appears to be some level on which 'we' all wish we could be a little more like him. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Feb 8, 2001
8% Valentine (2001) What is actually scariest about Valentine is the film's tacit attitude that these girls had it coming. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Feb 8, 2001