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B 16%

Diary of a Mad Black Woman (2005)

"Mr. Perry's irrepressible energy and rapid-fire wit bring Robin Williams to mind." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Feb 24, 2005
B+ 60%

Voices of Iraq (2004)

"An extraordinary, up-to-the-minute tapestry that ranges all over this country of 25 million people and carries the force of revelation." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Oct 28, 2004
B- 50%

Woman Thou Art Loosed (2004)

" For the Rev. Jakes, Jesus is the way out. But on film, that message comes across with more subtlety and tenderness than the grind of the touring gospel musical can muster." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Sep 30, 2004
A 83%

Broadway: The Golden Age (2004)

"Manages to immerse us in the moment, Broadway from the late '40s to the mid-'60s, even if we weren't there." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jun 24, 2004
C- 18%

Confusion of Genders (2000)

"We wander through Alain's life just as he does, never satisfied, and perhaps marveling at how dull bisexual promiscuity actually seems to be." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Oct 16, 2003
B- 63%

Camp (2003)

"Its earnest acting and brimming-over love for musicals are infectious, and most of its shopworn narrative devices play as tribute rather than trite." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Aug 15, 2003
B+ 67%

Sade (2000)

"Sade is Quills without the hyperbole and melodrama." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Mar 6, 2003
C+ 18%

Love in the Time of Money (2002)

"The overall fabric is hypnotic, and Mr. Mattei fosters moments of spontaneous intimacy." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Dec 5, 2002
D+ 0%

Mr. Smith Gets a Hustler (2002)

"Though it pretends to expose the life of male hustlers, it's exploitive without being insightful." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Oct 31, 2002
C+ 51%

Paid in Full (2002)

"Performances are strong, especially that of Mr. Wood." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Oct 24, 2002
B 75%

Ivans Xtc (2002)

"A triumph, relentless and beautiful in its downbeat darkness." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Oct 17, 2002
D 51%

The Man from Elysian Fields (2001)

"The actors are appealing, but Elysian Fields is idiotic and absurdly sentimental." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Oct 17, 2002
C 18%

Just a Kiss (2002)

"Overembellished to distraction." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Oct 17, 2002
B 84%

Margaret Cho - Notorious C.H.O. (2002)

"Preserves some indelible new routines." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Sep 12, 2002
B+ 61%

Les Destinees (2002)

"The movie is relentlessly gorgeous, and brims over with color, light and movement like a room-filling Monet canvas." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Sep 12, 2002
C+ 50%

The Chateau (2002)

"Has the gritty look of a Dogma film, which shows what the movement's influence has been reduced to: a trendy look, not a set of principles for honest, no-frills filmmaking." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Aug 29, 2002
C 72%

Happy Times (2002)

"The performances are winning all around. And the comic, slice-of-life feel is charming, but takes a hike as the film progresses." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Aug 22, 2002
B 68%

Dahmer (2002)

"Renner's performance as Dahmer is unforgettable, deeply absorbing." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Aug 8, 2002
B+ 75%

Family Fundamentals (2002)

"The film is almost eerily calm and refuses to take sides. But that lets its insights penetrate all the deeper." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jul 25, 2002
B+ 39%

Sex with Strangers (2002)

"It's both degrading and strangely liberating to see people working so hard at leading lives of sexy intrigue, only to be revealed by the dispassionate Gantz brothers as ordinary, pasty lumpen." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jun 6, 2002
C+ 32%

Very Annie Mary (2001)

"The movie would seem less of a trifle if Ms. Sugarman followed through on her defiance of the saccharine." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted May 9, 2002
B- 36%

Crush (2002)

"A guilty pleasure." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Apr 18, 2002
B 69%

Chop Suey (2001)

"It's as amusing, varied and instantly forgettable as an issue of Vanity Fair or Vogue, minus the fragrance samples." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Apr 4, 2002
B+ 77%

The Turandot Project (2001)

"Turandot emerges triumphant, but by the time it does, Mr. Zhang looks considerably older." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Feb 14, 2002

Im Juli. (In July) (2001)

"Sometimes forced, but nearly as charming as it tries to be, which is very." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 10, 2002

Intimacy (2001)

"It's when the actors are working at a deeper, wordless level that Intimacy really distinguishes itself." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Dec 13, 2001

Adventures of Felix (2001)

"We realize early on that nothing much is going to happen ... and it's hard to stay fully engaged with a film that, frontal nudity notwithstanding, plays it so safe." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Dec 6, 2001

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

"Brimming over with unforgettable gags and baroquely nonsensical insults." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Sep 6, 2001

Red Planet (2000)

"Red Planet is cluttered with too many threats and too many implausible solutions." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 1, 2000

The Cell (2000)

"Often- spectacular visuals that recall the work of the creepily eccentric British animation team the Brothers Quay." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Down to You (2000)

"There's little chemistry between co-stars Freddie Prinze Jr. and Julia Stiles." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Coyote Ugly (2000)

"Everything about Coyote Ugly is taken from the cliché catalog." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Drowning Mona (2000)

"Too bland to be repulsive." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Price of Glory (2000)

"Among boxing movies, Raging Bull remains the all-time champ at breaking the mold. But Price of Glory fills it well." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 1, 2000

The Ladies Man (2000)

"The Ladies Man joins the crop of terrible movies based on Saturday Night Live skits, and offers serious competition for a title as the worst." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Whipped (1999)

"This is an adolescents' view of the grown-up world, created as if by someone who loves to talk about sex, but doesn't quite understand how it actually works." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 1, 2000

Turn It Up (2000)

"In his first acting job, Ja Rule reveals a magnetic presence, smoldering with rage and eroticism." ‐Dallas Morning News
Posted Jan 1, 2000
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