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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
3/5 50% 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi (2016) Bay squanders the potential to explore the nuances of a politically sensitive issue and instead descends into a gruesome display of war porn. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jan 28, 2016
3/5 71% Lee Daniels' The Butler (2013) It may skip so quickly through historic events that it can feel rushed and flimsy, but excellent performances elevate it to serious Oscar contender. ‐ Total Film
Posted Nov 8, 2013
4/5 67% Ted (2012) A fabulous first live-action effort, combining R-rated hilarity with skilled storytelling as it slips some real heart into the stuffing of a toy bear. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jul 23, 2012
3/5 63% The Five-Year Engagement (2012) What The Five-Year Engagement lacks in belly laughs it makes up for in heart and soul, successfully exploring the genuine greys of a relationship instead of painting them black and white. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jun 13, 2012
3/5 55% The Conspirator (2011) The slow pace and endless long shots of men walking purposefully test the patience of even the most willing viewer. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jun 15, 2011
4/5 67% The Company Men (2011) Ben Affleck does a fine job of playing a man without one in a compulsive cautionary tale for would-be Trumps and Gekkos. ‐ Total Film
Posted Mar 3, 2011
4/5 89% Waiting for Superman (2010) Guggenheim painted a similarly apocalyptic tale of the future in An Inconvenient Truth; once again, he shows a knack for presenting otherwise dry facts and figures in both a simple and dramatic way, combining them with heart- rending human stories. ‐ Total Film
Posted Dec 6, 2010
4/5 87% Unstoppable (2010) An adrenaline-pumper with more heavy metal than a night at Ozzfest. ‐ Total Film
Posted Dec 1, 2010
3/5 36% Eat Pray Love (2010) A beautiful, languid travelogue, although with some of the source novel's empowerment diluted. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Sep 22, 2010
4/5 78% The Other Guys (2010) The story confuses, but the characters engage, the action excites and the laughs are daft, clever and copious. ‐ Total Film
Posted Sep 16, 2010
3/5 58% Shrek Forever After (2010) This fourth ogre outing delivers plenty of 3D razzle dazzle and has fun messing about with its alternate-reality storyline, but it never troubles the modernclassic status achieved by the first Shrek. Still, a chunky step up from Shrek The Third. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jun 30, 2010
2/5 22% Repo Men (2010) It takes itself far too seriously when it should be having more fun with its speculative (high) concepts. ‐ Total Film
Posted Apr 22, 2010
3/5 57% 9 (2009) The apocalyptic 9 offers innovative images of a broken Earth inhabited by woven warriors battling machines. But it's more style than substance - this mechanical tale needs a human touch. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Oct 30, 2009
1/5 27% The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (2009) Some of the talent - like The Hangover's Ed Helms - manage to escape with their dignity, just about intact, but the film's attempts to justify its adult rating become increasingly desperate. ‐ Total Film
Posted Oct 23, 2009
3/5 38% Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (2009) Reilly's terrific as the bloodsucker who's lost his zest for death, and there's further quality from supporting freaks. ‐ Total Film
Posted Oct 23, 2009
2/5 56% The Soloist (2009) Thanks to heavy-handed treatment, this true story ultimately feels like a work of mannered fiction. ‐ Total Film
Posted Sep 25, 2009
3/5 28% Gamer (2009) It won't win points for originality or depth, but the Crank boys are still on their game as far as sex, violence and sheer unapologetic excess go. High concept, high octane, highly likely to end up a post-pub staple. ‐ Total Film
Posted Sep 18, 2009
2/5 26% Land of the Lost (2009) As a TV-to-movie remake, LOTL ranks with Lost In Space: fitfully entertaining, largely uninspired. Ferrell does his best, but ends up stranded in the middle of an ideas desert. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jul 31, 2009
2/5 50% Observe and Report (2009) This mall cop may be more Bickle than Blart, but Observe And Report tries too hard to be edgy, while its gloomy observations fail to produce a cohesive whole. Shop elsewhere. ‐ Total Film
Posted Apr 24, 2009
2/5 43% Race to Witch Mountain (2009) Race To Witch Mountain promises sci-fi but ultimately delivers lo-fi. Its themes are predictable and its look generic: this is one Race you may want to sit out. ‐ Total Film
Posted Apr 9, 2009
3/5 51% Get Smart (2008) Despite a plot that should be simpler, Get Smart is as big on action as it is on laughs and works because it's less a tired spoof and more a quality comedic adventure movie in its own right. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Aug 22, 2008
2/5 14% The Love Guru (2008) Beneath the disguise there lurks the spirit of Austin Powers, whose love of double entendres and fart gags remains present and politically incorrect. Which is exactly where and why The Love Guru falls down. ‐ Total Film
Posted Aug 1, 2008
1/5 8% Prom Night (2008) Corny, monotonous and very far from scary ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jun 5, 2008
2/5 17% Superhero Movie (2008) This super-powered spoof just doesn't fly. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jun 5, 2008
2/5 7% Shutter (2008) Workmanlike at best; derivative, predictable and slightly dull at worst. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted May 16, 2008
2/5 7% Shutter (2008) Workmanlike at best; derivative, predictable and slightly dull at worst. ‐ Empire Magazine Australasia
Posted May 15, 2008
2/5 66% How She Move (2008) The dance scenes are fun to watch but the script's not too light on its feet. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Apr 6, 2008
1/5 4% The Hottie and the Nottie (2008) Ugly in more ways than one. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 27, 2008
3/5 72% Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour (2008) Anyone under theage of ten won't have a clue what's going on, but it's perfect fodder for its target audience. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 14, 2008
2/5 37% Rambo (Rambo IV) (2008) On one level Rambo delivers what you're expecting: hard-to-hear dialogue married to hard-to-watch action. But this outing is uncomfortably gruesome and blatantly manipulative. Despite grander aspirations, only leather-tough mayhem-lovers will be satisfied ‐ Total Film
Posted Feb 22, 2008
2/5 12% Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (AVP 2) (2007) With a spike in the gore quotient, hardcore fans left baying for Paul WS Anderson's blood after the first AVP may be happy. Those interested in anything more than a barely comprehensible bitch-slap between two ill-treated icons should take a rain-check. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 18, 2008
1/5 7% License to Wed (2007) If ever there was lawful impediment for a marriage to not go ahead, it's this mess of a movie. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Aug 10, 2007
2/5 29% Lucky You (2007) A frustrating case of good pedigree, bad form. Delayed time and again, this mish-mash of listless plotting, shallow characters and uninvolving action sadly wasn't worth the wait. Poker fans are better off looking up The Cincinnati Kid or Rounders. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jun 22, 2007
1/5 8% Are We Done Yet? (2007) Even John C McGinley (Dr. Cox from Scrubs) can't save this lamest of comedies. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jun 8, 2007
3/5 48% Shooter (2007) An impressive shoot-'em-up, work-it-out action drama. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Apr 21, 2007
2/5 21% Catch and Release (2007) A film with a fishing metaphor for a title should have come with sharper hooks. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 23, 2007
1/5 9% Norbit (2007) Stereotype-based comedy from Eddie Murphy in a variety of fat suits is just not enough to make a decent film. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Mar 8, 2007
4/5 63% Jackass: Number Two (2006) Jackass: Number Two aims low and hits lower, but is as hilarious and uncomfortable an encounter as possible. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Dec 30, 2006
3/5 33% The Break-Up (2006) The Break-Up doesn't turn the rom-com on its head, but with its focus on the darker side of love manages to gently tip it on its side. ‐ Empire Magazine
Posted Jul 22, 2006