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Victoria Alexander

Victoria Alexander
These days the wages of sin depend on what kind of deal you make with the devil. I refuse to be colonized.

Agrees with the Tomatometer 63% of the time.

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60% Non-Stop (2014) "Air travel rules and regulations pushed aside, Neeson is totally committed to the role. " ‐ Las Vegas Informer
Posted Mar 2, 2014
30% The Monuments Men (2014) "A comedy with silly music, long patriotic speeches, ham-fisted acting and the villain is Hitler's signature. " ‐ Las Vegas Informer
Posted Feb 10, 2014
56% Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014) "A boring, editing mess with an absurd jump cut in the action not worthy of a major hoped-for franchise. " ‐ Las Vegas Informer
Posted Jan 18, 2014
94% Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) "If you love the Coen Brothers, don't see this movie. You do not want to go inside Llewyn Davis. " ‐
Posted Dec 10, 2013
41% Oldboy (2013) "A brave, uncompromised remake of the cult original. It is worth seeing. " ‐ Las Vegas Informer
Posted Dec 6, 2013
96% 12 Years a Slave (2013) "Brilliant yet brutal without playing on our guilt. Straightforward horror with an astonishing cast. It is director Steve McQueen's masterwork " ‐ Las Vegas Informer
Posted Oct 24, 2013
37% The Fifth Estate (2013) "Assange is demonized and the Cumberbitches are going to be enraged. " ‐ Las Vegas Informer
Posted Oct 19, 2013
36% Salinger (2013) "He hated being famous. " ‐ Las Vegas Informer
Posted Sep 26, 2013
89% Rush (2013) "Howard chose the wrong race car driver. Thanks to Hemsworth's natural, easy-going charisma, it is an almost sexy movie with flashes of the lead character's flaws. " ‐ Las Vegas Informer
Posted Sep 25, 2013
81% Prisoners (2013) "After seeing this, you will say: Jackman also plays Wolverine? " ‐ Las Vegas Informer
Posted Sep 21, 2013
No Score Yet Aleksandr's Price (2013) "A frank, blunt and realistic look at the dark side of life in New York City - for many young men and women. " ‐ Las Vegas Informer
Posted Sep 10, 2013
58% Riddick (2013) "Diesel has resurrected Riddick and even though I didn't know what the hell was going on, it was terrific. " ‐ Las Vegas Informer
Posted Sep 7, 2013
67% Elysium (2013) "An extremely engaging sci-fi thriller with a director's strong point of view on the caste system. Should be seen twice. " ‐ Las Vegas Informer
Posted Aug 7, 2013
71% Pacific Rim (2013) "It's about lost shoes and bloody noses. " ‐ Las Vegas Informer
Posted Jul 11, 2013
49% Now You See Me (2013) "A messy magic act dominated by Eisenberg who once again shows off his amazing skill at memorizing long monologues " ‐ Las Vegas Informer
Posted Jun 4, 2013
20% The Hangover Part III (2013) "Stale. Rated "R" for what? Doesn't just end the franchise, Part lll murders it. I laughed once. " ‐ Las Vegas Informer
Posted May 22, 2013
48% The Great Gatsby (2013) "Maguire open-mouth stupefaction dominates, Mulligan is miscast, and DiCaprio does his best to save his dignity. " ‐ Las Vegas Informer
Posted May 8, 2013
79% Iron Man 3 (2013) "Stupid and messy. The Most Beautiful Woman in the World has to go. Pepper must take "Happy" with her. " ‐ Las Vegas Informer
Posted May 1, 2013
49% Pain & Gain (2013) "Michael Bay delivers a terrific, violent, funny heist movie. Wahlberg once again throws himself into the role without movie star ego. He's fabulous - as it seems - always. I learned a lot about bodybuilders. " ‐ Las Vegas Informer
Posted Apr 25, 2013
14% K-11 (2013) "Who knew there was a special K-11 inmate division for LGBT criminals to run the dormitory, take drugs, dress up and have sex with the guards? " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Apr 16, 2013
68% Trance (2013) "Convoluted and deliciously twisty but worth even a second viewing. I've been placed under hypnosis and it's not like this at all. Why isn't Vincent Cassel a huge star in the U.S.? " ‐ Las Vegas Informer
Posted Apr 12, 2013
44% The Call (2013) "Thrilling, then it goes Hollywood stupid and then the best ending ever! Berry's hair co-stars and chews the scenery. " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Mar 17, 2013
36% The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (2013) "Jim Carrey walks off with the movie and he knows it. " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Mar 13, 2013
80% The Place Beyond The Pines (2013) "Morality is flexible and self-interest is paramount. Another terrific collaboration between director and star. " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Mar 13, 2013
39% Admission (2013) "Tina Fey's first big blunder. Cavalier and flippant regarding serious issues. Sloppy directing, terrible acting. Where is Helen Hunt when you need her? " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Mar 13, 2013
52% Jack the Giant Slayer (2013) "Fee-fi-fo-fun! Singer has cleverly re-interpreted the fairy tale saving Jack's reputation. " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Mar 1, 2013
60% The Last Stand (2013) "He's not back yet. " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Jan 18, 2013
28% Broken City (2013) "New Yorkers would never elect a man for mayor who wears bangs. " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Jan 17, 2013
93% Teddy Bear (2012) "It's Paddy Chayesky's Marty drenched in silent emotion. " ‐
Posted Jan 13, 2013
90% Lincoln (2012) "Long, cheesy political monologues and crucifies the Lincoln legacy. What a torture! Director Steven Spielberg and screenwriter Tony Kushner turn the hallowed figure of Abraham Lincoln into a dreary sop. " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Nov 12, 2012
93% Skyfall (2012) "Skyfall keeps mocking 007 as old and out-of-touch. He goes unshaven and fails his physical! The ice-cold erotic charge of an immaculately groomed Bond is dead. Fleming's 'blunt instrument' has bad knees. He's one of us now. " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Oct 29, 2012
31% Chasing Mavericks (2012) "At best, Butler (as the Mr. Miyagi of surfing) got to learn how to surf from a professional. " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Oct 25, 2012
11% Alex Cross (2012) "Matthew Fox is terrifying and awesome while Perry proves he cannot act, especially in emotional close-ups. I did like the phantasmagoric story " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Oct 18, 2012
85% The Master (2012) "Homoerotic obsession with a very dangerous man. Hoffman plays a seductive, likeable Master. I remember the Lifespring cult in the 80s. " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Sep 18, 2012
41% The Possession (2012) "As Fox Mulder's poster proclaimed, "The tooth is out there" applies here, or is that the leap-off for the sequel? It's scary and real. I know two people with similar experiences with spirits contained in non-living objects. " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Aug 30, 2012
78% Killer Joe (2012) "McConaughey eviscerates his rom-com/MAGIC MIKE legacy with an astonishing, terrifying performance. Makes Frank Booth and Max Cady look like the choir boys of seduction. Friedkin is back! " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Aug 26, 2012
87% The Dark Knight Rises (2012) "Nolan created a nihilist anthem. He dumped Batman gadgetry. Makes every past superhero movie look like a boy's backyard staging of Star Wars. Bane takes the movie. Nolan plays to Bale's need to get badly beaten up. " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Jul 18, 2012
73% The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) "All hail the screenwriters who turned around a rotting franchise by bringing forth a troubled superhero and his conflicted nemesis. The love interest failed. " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Jul 7, 2012
80% Magic Mike (2012) "Horrible. No story, overt homoeroticism, and the death-knell for McConaughey. Is this the same director who did the fabulous HAYWIRE? " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Jun 29, 2012
95% Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present (2012) "Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Yes, Abramovic is a seductress. " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Jun 26, 2012
44% To Rome with Love (2012) "Weak fluff but a devastating looks at no-talent celebrities. Only the harried, suddenly anointed celebrity tale was beautifully crafted satire. " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Jun 20, 2012
41% Rock of Ages (2012) "All hail mesmerizing Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx. There is way too much Hough and Boneta. Baldwin and Brand are the new "yes". " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Jun 13, 2012
73% Prometheus (2012) "Fassbender's David is the film's centerpiece. Rapace plays the Hollywood girlfriend role instead of a steely protagonist on a messianic journey. Theron always commits fully to every character she plays. " ‐ Film Festival Today
Posted Jun 7, 2012
75% Sound of My Voice (2012) "Pretentious, self-serving vehicle glorifying Marling. If you can't get hired, write yourself a role where you are worshipped. Make sure you are the only good looking woman in the film with plenty of golden close-ups. " ‐
Posted May 16, 2012
37% Dark Shadows (2012) "Finally, Johnny Depp's first hot sex scene. He's got real chemistry with Eva Green. Makes you wonder what happened in The Tourist. " ‐
Posted May 11, 2012
100% Kinyarwanda (2011) "I've been to Rwanda. I have a strong perspective on the genocide. " ‐
Posted May 3, 2012
88% Titanic (1997) "Two spitting scenes in 3D and Jack Dawson loses his virginity. A second look indicates a cruel streak in the modern epic. " ‐
Posted Apr 16, 2012
66% Friends With Kids (2012) "Westfeldt's sloppy love letter to herself and corralled Hamm's friends to help sell it. " ‐
Posted Mar 10, 2012
55% In the Land of Blood and Honey (2011) "A brilliant debut written and directed by Jolie. She has an artist's eye, strong personal vision, and a masterful command of her stars. " ‐
Posted Feb 29, 2012
85% Rundskop (Bullhead) (2012) "Like Tom Hardy in BRONSON, Matthias Schoenaerts gives a riveting, magnetic star making performance in this twist-turning gangster tale with a highly unusual backstory. " ‐
Posted Feb 15, 2012
53% Safe House (2012) "Ignore the CIA agent gone rouge-laded story. Director Daniel Espinosa delivers a tense, Bourne-style action thriller with bold city streets car chases and messy, bloody fights in hallways. " ‐
Posted Feb 8, 2012
Showing 101 - 150 of 1094