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C+ 79% Patriots Day (2017) A competently-made thriller that's overtly about love and coming together as a city but has a near-constant, icky subtext of authoritarianism. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Jan 12, 2017
B- 33% Live By Night (2017) Basically Boardwalk Empire if it had starred Ben Affleck from The Town. It's not a good movie, but it's a fun bad one. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Jan 12, 2017
D 84% Silence (2017) This unrelentingly dour, All Inquisitions Matter take on 17th century religion feels like Scorsese's penance for the amoral Wolf Of Wall Street. Without a story arc or a relatable character it's just a dulling slog. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Jan 6, 2017
A 92% Toni Erdmann (2016) An outrageous but heartwarming father-daughter comedy that's also a tragedy about globalization's broken promises -- one the year's best, and probably it's most unique. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Dec 29, 2016
A+ 93% La La Land (2016) The beauty of La La Land is that is uses an escapist format to tell a story about professional disappointment and the limitations of love. It's a romance for cynics. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Dec 22, 2016
C 31% Passengers (2016) This cerebral, relevant sci-fi premise about mortality and the need for human connection tries to resolve itself with a series of banal macguffins. Such a missed opportunity. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Dec 21, 2016
C+ 85% Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) Rogue One does a brilliant job capturing the look and feel of Star Wars, but narratively, it's a footnote, and some of the creative choices are baffling. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Dec 16, 2016
D 12% Collateral Beauty (2016) There isn't a single character in Collateral Beauty who isn't an overused stock drama crutch, and even with all that cheap manipulation it still can't tell a coherent story. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Dec 14, 2016
B- 96% Neruda (2016) Amply clever and easy on the eyes, though it uses all that cleverness and craft more to deflect than to illuminate. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Dec 9, 2016
A- 88% Jackie (2016) A brilliant exploration of Jackie's role in creating the Kennedy mythos, though it also doesn't really ever question that mythos. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Dec 2, 2016
C 23% Bad Santa 2 (2016) Bad Santa had kind of a film noir atmosphere. Bad Santa 2 takes the same great character and sticks him into a sitcom. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Nov 23, 2016
A- 61% Allied (2016) Allied is pure pop filmmaking. But while it may not be especially introspective, unlike a lot of Zemeckis movies, it's actually about something. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Nov 21, 2016
C 27% Army of One (2016) I can't give Army of One a positive or negative review, I can only try to convey my utter bemusement at this cinematic Edsel. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Nov 18, 2016
B+ 94% Arrival (2016) Beautifully shot and executed, though you might need a time machine to fully appreciate the one big alien movie trope it defies. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Nov 18, 2016
D 72% Nocturnal Animals (2016) Plays like a very serious, arthouse adaptation of an Avril Lavigne song, except Sk8er Boi had more narrative content. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Nov 17, 2016
B+ 71% Bleed For This (2016) No, we probably didn't need another biopic about a white boxer succeeding against all odds, but you could do a lot worse than this one. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Nov 16, 2016
A- 90% Doctor Strange (2016) Offers just enough plot to inspire the most dazzling eye-candy superhero movie to date. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Nov 16, 2016
B 88% Elle (2016) Elle is entertaining enough, and provocative, but it doesn't seem to have much to say beyond "aren't I naughty?" ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Nov 11, 2016
B- 19% Inferno (2016) Not especially interesting as a piece of art, but as a reflection of our collective yearning for a world controlled by competent adults, it's fascinating. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Oct 27, 2016
A- 98% Moonlight (2016) He takes a while getting there sometimes, but director Barry Jenkins combines the personal and the political better than almost anyone. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Oct 21, 2016
A- 51% The Accountant (2016) Headshots, math problems, and pained social interactions? Yes, please. The Accountant is the world's first Asploitation film, and pure schlock genius. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Oct 12, 2016
D+ 43% The Girl on the Train (2016) The story is never grounded in any believable situation, so every twist leaves you more confused than intrigued. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Oct 6, 2016
C- 72% The Birth of a Nation (2016) Nat Turner's is a story that deserves to be told, but Nate Parker's admirably-graphic telling is light on insight and motivations. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Oct 4, 2016
A- 78% American Honey (2016) Juggalo Kerouac: A trailer trash road epic that explores what it means to be white trash in America and the creep sexuality underpinning it all. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Sep 30, 2016
D 30% Masterminds (2016) Like someone tried to stretch a photobooth series with goofy outfits and silly props into a feature. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Sep 30, 2016
87% A Monster Calls (2017) It's a beautiful little storm cloud of a movie, that communicates the nuances of grief movingly, but also perfectly illustrates why we sometimes avoid grieving people. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Sep 16, 2016
79% Barry (2016) When it's on, Barry isn't really a movie about politics or the creation myth of Barack Obama. It's a movie for anyone who's ever felt like they don't fit in, and maybe won't ever. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Sep 16, 2016
D+ 61% Snowden (2016) Given the opportunity to say something, anything insightful about mass surveillance, Oliver Stone just hammers the point that "protest is patriotic," over and over again. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Sep 12, 2016
No Score Yet Lovemilla (2015) Lovemilla is maybe a little on the nose and cutesy at times, but using genre tropes as a way to create new ideas and actually say something about people is always my favorite approach. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Sep 1, 2016
62% Klown Forever (Klovn Forever) (2016) I feel reasonably okay defending how much I laughed. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Sep 1, 2016
C+ 59% The Light Between Oceans (2016) So relentlessly tasteful that it's a little distasteful. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Aug 31, 2016
D+ 45% Hands of Stone (2016) Instead of celebrating the heel, it tries to turn Durán into the babyface. The movie isn't as bad as the Usher song over the credits, but it's close. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Aug 24, 2016
C- 25% Ben-Hur (2016) This feels like someone trying to cover all the bullet points in a Ben-Hur plot outline without taking particular joy in any. Why bother? ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Aug 18, 2016
B+ 83% Sausage Party (2016) Sausage Party isn't as profound as it pretends to want to be, but it's brilliant at being stupid. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Aug 11, 2016
A- 89% Blood Father (2016) A delicious gourmet cheeseburger, like 'Taken' deconstructed and then reassembled with higher-quality parts. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Aug 10, 2016
B 26% Suicide Squad (2016) It's like Batman Returns meets Papa Roach -- a transparently skin-deep superhero sizzle reel, which is kind of refreshing when every other comic book movie these days is trying to guide you through the metaphorical levels. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Aug 3, 2016
D 59% Bad Moms (2016) Hacky sitcom pandering dressed up as female empowerment. Kathryn Hahn deserves an award for occasionally being able to eke laughs out of this Hallmark-with-bush-jokes script. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Jul 28, 2016
C+ 82% Indignation (2016) A lovingly-shot, beautifully-acted adaptation that's sporadically engrossing but lacks any forward momentum. It feels like a series of clever vignettes that all say basically the same thing. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Jul 27, 2016
99% Don't Think Twice (2016) It depicts comedy folks mining their personal and professional frustrations for laughs, without getting cheesy or schmaltzy, and with jokes that are actually funny. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Jul 19, 2016
D+ 35% Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016) These characters are just a collection of manic tics and bits from other movies -- adding female versions of them doesn't really help. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Jul 5, 2016
B- 36% The Legend of Tarzan (2016) A bizarre buddy-cop blend of King Leopold's Ghost, Quigley Down Under, and Dr. Doolittle. Worth it to watch Hollywood try to turn a eugenics poster boy into an anti-colonial superhero. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Jun 29, 2016
B 57% The Neon Demon (2016) Nicolas Winding Refn seems to want simultaneously to be cooed over by snooty gallery folk while flipping them the bird with both hands, which makes for an interesting combo. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Jun 23, 2016
A- 95% Tickled (2016) What does homoerotic vanilla bondage have to do with you? A lot, it turns out. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Jun 16, 2016
A 97% Weiner (2016) A fascinating tragedy about getting exactly the politicians we deserve. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Jun 3, 2016
B- 38% Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016) It's very dumb, but you already knew that. That said, the action scenes are well done and Bebop and Rocksteady are the cutest movie couple of the year. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Jun 3, 2016
A 77% Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016) Popstar has the joke density of Naked Gun, songs funnier than Weird Al, and a kind of backyard surrealism that rivals Tim and Eric. It's not just funny, but many different *kinds* of funny. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted Jun 1, 2016
B- 48% X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) After the drab, shaky affairs of Civil War and BvS, it's nice to see a superhero movie with vivid, coherent action. Unfortunately, the story is tired and the dialogue is terrible. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted May 27, 2016
A- 92% The Nice Guys (2016) Shane Black's passion can never quite be contained within the boundaries of good taste and I love that about him. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted May 26, 2016
B- 62% Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016) Basically, how much you like Neighbors 2 depends on how much leeway you give it for having its heart in the right place, even when its brain is slightly addled and the entire gesture shrinkwrapped in limitations of the format. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted May 24, 2016
A- 85% Maggie's Plan (2016) The rare movie set in smarmy academia that's as funny as it is clever, that depicts pompous characters without itself being pompous. ‐ FilmDrunk
Posted May 23, 2016