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Huang tu di (Yellow Earth) (1984)

"The striking images of Yellow Earth... offer respite from a plot that bears the impress of the cultural arm of the Chinese Communist Party's Central Committee. " ‐New York Times
Posted Aug 23, 2010
2/5 33%

A Man And A Woman, 20 Years Later (1986)

"At several points, Mr. Lelouch inserts clips of the young couple from A Man and a Woman. Those moments glow and remind us of what is missing this time round." ‐New York Times
Posted Jan 15, 2008
3/5 75%

Ambavi Suramis tsikhitsa (The Legend of the Suram Fortress) (1986)

"Although Mr. Paradjanov has a reputation as a prankster, I don't think this is an elaborate joke." ‐New York Times
Posted Jul 7, 2005

The Steamroller and the Violin (Katok i Skripka) (The Skating Rink and the Violin) (1962)

"Young Mr. Tartovsky has side-stepped all the visual detours and pitfalls of the standard experimental vignette." ‐New York Times
Posted Apr 2, 2005
4/5 83%

The Sacrifice (1986)

"The Sacrifice is a stunningly beautiful film that holds your attention even while you feel slightly stunned, in a less welcome way, by what is actually going on." ‐New York Times
Posted Aug 30, 2004
4.5/5 100%

Ashik Kerib (1989)

"How Mr. Paradzhanov manages the tricky feat of kidding folk themes yet according them love and respect is his secret. How well he succeeds is here for the rest of us to relish." ‐New York Times
Posted Aug 30, 2004
4/5 94%

Manhunter (1986)

"The movie drives along with such intensity for much of the time that you can just let it work on your senses without worrying about whether it makes sense." ‐New York Times
Posted Aug 30, 2004
2/5 91%

Stand by Me (1986)

"Rob Reiner's direction hammers in every obvious element in an obvious script." ‐New York Times
Posted Aug 30, 2004
5/5 95%

Come and See (Idi i smotri) (1985)

"Scene for scene, Mr. Klimov proves a master of a sort of unreal realism that seeks to get at events terrible beyond comprehension." ‐New York Times
Posted Aug 30, 2004
2/5 92%

Salvador (1986)

"One look at the youthful, idealistic guerrillas, accompanied everywhere by folk music, and you know where Mr. Stone's heart lies." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003
3/5 82%

Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

"An upscale send-up." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003

Permanent Record (1988)

"The implacable earnestness laid on by the script, which it took three people to put together, is not relieved by the nonstop songs, from rock-and-roll to Gilbert and Sullivan." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003
2/5 33%

The Best of Times (1986)

"Such a rouser that it almost makes up for the incomplete passes and stopped runs that precede it." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003

Lucas (1986)

"No, it's not a daringly original plot and yes, it is sentimental, but Mr. Seltzer handles his small story as gently as Lucas handles the baby locust he finds in the road." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003

American Anthem (1986)

"This whole movie may have been concocted on a synthesizer." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003

Masters of the Universe (1987)

"Their weapons make a Fourth of July sparkler show, but they almost never hit anybody." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003

Top Gun (1986)

"Once 'Top Gun... gets back to earth, the master of the skies is as clunky as a big land-bound bird." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003
2/5 0%

Dream a Little Dream (1989)

"This is one incoherent movie; I have a hunch that the writers could not figure it out, either." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003

Stakeout (1987)

"The director uses the conventions of the action-comedy in so adroit a way that you may even forget the hundred other films you've seen lately about a couple of cops kidding around with each other in between battling the bad guys." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003
2/5 44%

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

"No matter how adeptly Chainsaw 2 was put together, it would remain just another exploitation flick for fans who get a tingle from watching blades slash into flesh and innards peep out." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003

Dead Heat (1988)

"[A] sci-fi, low-tech comedy horror show." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003
2/5 55%

Little Nikita (1988)

"Richard Benjamin's strategy in directing ''Little Nikita'' seems to have been to paper over the holes in the plot with routine moves from spy shows past, in hopes of making the improbable passable." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003
2/5 0%

RAD (1986)

"The bicycle acrobatics behind the credits at the opening of Rad are so spectacular that you wonder what the movie can do to improve on them. The short answer is, nothing." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003

Aliens (1986)

"A flaming, flashing, crashing, crackling blow-'em-up show that keeps you popping from your seat despite your better instincts and the basically conventional scare tactics." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003
3/5 91%

Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird (1985)

"By and large, the script by Tony Geiss and Judy Freudberg and the direction by Ken Kwapis don't strain for yuks; what they seek, and more often than not attain, is a tone of kindly kidding." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003
2.5/5 78%

Project X (1987)

"The director, Jonathan Kaplan, lays on the animal antics without stint; it's a one-ring circus. The way he tugs at our sympathy for the poor smart beasts may remind you of a house pet scratching away for attention." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003
2.5/5 55%

The Black Cauldron (1985)

"This is the 25th full-length animated feature from Walt Disney studios, and professionally put together as it is, many of the ingredients may seem programmed to those who have seen some of the others." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003

Under the Cherry Moon (1986)

"For all those out there who can't get enough of Prince, Under the Cherry Moon may be just the antidote." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003
1/5 0%

8 Million Ways To Die (1986)

"How did Eight Million Ways to Die commit suicide? Let us count the ways." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003

Volunteers (1985)

"A little melancholy may blend with the laughter ''Volunteers'' draws at the expense of those earnest days when a President was urging people to ask what they could do for their country." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003
2/5 6%

Death Wish 3 (1985)

"There is not a moment of credibility in the movie and the ending is sheer chaos, and anticlimactic at that. Mr. Winner runs out of imagination before Mr. Bronson runs out of ammunition." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003
2/5 70%

Highlander (1986)

"Since none of the characters makes sense even on the movie's own terms, Highlander keeps on exploding for almost two hours, with nothing at stake." ‐New York Times
Posted May 21, 2003

RoboCop (1987)

"Whatever may have been in the minds of the writers, Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner, has more trouble emerging from Mr. Verhoeven's sizzling battles than poor Murphy does from his robosuit." ‐New York Times
Posted May 20, 2003
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