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Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
4.5/5 78%

Burn After Reading (2008)

"A roller coaster of emotions that will have you laughing one moment and gasping in shock the next." Film Threat
Posted Oct 18, 2008
1.5/5 33%

The Guitar (2008)

"To be brutally honest, there are many other things I would rather do with my final days than sit through this clichéd mess all over again." Film Threat
Posted Oct 18, 2008
3/5 67%

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

"If you're into seeing some fun, mindless action in a faithful Marvel comic adaptation for a couple hours, then go see the Hulk smash some stuff." Film Threat
Posted Jun 17, 2008
3.5/5 48%

Run Fatboy Run (2007)

"Pacing and suspension of disbelief aside, I had fun with the heart-felt moments and the sheer comedy. Plus, itâ(TM)s great to see Pegg jump out of his Edgar Wright-zone for a bit and try making a movie with a different group for a change." Film Threat
Posted Mar 11, 2008
5/5 49%

Towelhead (2007)

"Racism, teen sex, and war are all hot button issues. In Alan Ball's genius Towelhead, all of those above mentioned subjects go hand-in-hand in a truly wonderful cinematic experience." Film Threat
Posted Jan 29, 2008
4.5/5 69%

American Teen (2008)

"For years filmmakers have tried to capture the essence of being in high school and no film has been as successful as the documentary American Teen." Film Threat
Posted Jan 29, 2008
3/5 49%

Smart People (2008)

"It could've been much better. The characters don't really progress too far (any developments are too minute to be appreciated), leaving this movie as really just a bunch of A-List names with nothing much else to offer." Film Threat
Posted Jan 29, 2008
5/5 91%

There Will Be Blood (2007)

"If P.T. Anderson's next film is going to be this brilliant, I have no problem waiting another half a decade or more." Film Threat
Posted Jan 1, 2008
2/5 15%

The Condemned (2007)

"Don't look to glean too much from it other than a few cool fight scenes and some funny one-liners." Film Threat
Posted Sep 22, 2007
2.5/5 7%

License to Wed (2007)

"If you have seen the trailers for this film, you have seen most of the funny moments and are not missing anything in this by-the-numbers rom/com." Film Threat
Posted Jul 10, 2007
2/5 76%

The Last Winter (2007)

"It is sad, however, to see that such a unique spin on the monster film genre was so poorly executed." Film Threat
Posted Jun 26, 2007
2/5 44%

Hostel Part II (2007)

"The general storyline is now repetitive, making the journey of the film lackluster and not worth sitting through, despite the experience of the final fifteen minutes' gory ending." Film Threat
Posted Jun 12, 2007
3.5/5 69%

Disturbia (2007)

"If you are into suspense films and you don't mind predicting the ending very early on, then go check out this film, since it really isn't as bad as some of the previews lead you to think." Film Threat
Posted Apr 16, 2007
2/5 34%

TMNT (2007)

"Unfortunately, many of the older crowd will remember the heroes in half-shell and their mentor Splinter moreso than today's younger crowd, and sadly this is a movie that said old fans will not be happy with." Film Threat
Posted Mar 31, 2007
3/5 26%

Ghost Rider (2007)

"It's a ride worth taking." Film Threat
Posted Feb 19, 2007
1/5 2%

Epic Movie (2007)

"It is just too bad that the film isn't called Miniscule Movie because that is a better description of this epic-less piece of garbage." Film Threat
Posted Feb 6, 2007
3/5 40%

Dark Matter (2008)

"This is a great film, to a point." Film Threat
Posted Feb 3, 2007
3/5 90%

Crossing the Line (2007)

"The film is so visually stunning it keeps the audience entertained the entire time." Film Threat
Posted Feb 3, 2007
3/5 57%

Noise (2007)

"A great ride with an entertaining story. This was a decent crime thriller and until the form is revived inearnest, Noise will more than hold down the fort." Film Threat
Posted Feb 3, 2007
3.5/5 40%

Dedication (2007)

"Check it out and enjoy the hijinks of this messed up children's book writer but don't look that far into it because you will be disappointed." Film Threat
Posted Feb 3, 2007
1/5 No Score Yet

Welcome Europa (2007)

"Extremely pretentious and false-feeling right out the gate, making the entire experience uncomfortable." Film Threat
Posted Feb 3, 2007
4/5 60%

Resurrecting the Champ (2007)

"I believe that this film can breath new life into a genre that has become so obvious over the years." Film Threat
Posted Feb 3, 2007
4/5 80%

Never Forever (2007)

"Beautifully shot and acted, with a heartbreaking story, Never Forever is worth the effort." Film Threat
Posted Feb 3, 2007
3/5 96%

The Pool (2008)

"The entire film is shot in static shots, creating a cinema style that evoles into an extension of reality." Film Threat
Posted Feb 3, 2007
3.5/5 79%

Sangre De Mi Sangre (2007)

"It will be interesting to watch the career of this director unfold, particularly because of his strong start." Film Threat
Posted Feb 3, 2007
1.5/5 42%

The Go-Getter (2008)

"How many road trip movies of self discovery starring artsy, skinny, white kids that fall in love with unconventionally cute little brown-haired girls do we need?" Film Threat
Posted Jan 30, 2007
3/5 63%

King of California (2007)

"Michael Douglas with his giant crazy man stare and beard to match is quite funny." Film Threat
Posted Jan 30, 2007
3.5/5 65%

Smiley Face (2007)

"A decent diversion for those who are into comedies that are different than your standard fare. The visuals are great, the comedy is new and refreshing." Film Threat
Posted Jan 30, 2007
4/5 No Score Yet

Si Yo Hubiera Sabido que Era un Genio (2007)

"I enjoyed this film and I think so many others will enjoy if they have ever reminisced about the days past and the lost potential of their lives." Film Threat
Posted Jan 30, 2007
3.5/5 66%

Black Snake Moan (2007)

"Southern hospitality sees a whole new light in this pulpy romp." Film Threat
Posted Jan 30, 2007
4/5 88%

Hear and Now (2007)

"Truly an intimate portrait into the lives of a remarkable couple as they struggle to get, and ultimately cope with, this life-changing surgery." Film Threat
Posted Jan 27, 2007
1/5 No Score Yet

Welcome Europa (2007)

"A documentary with no true narrative and no connection to the people being documented is a terrible film."
Posted Jan 25, 2007
1/5 0%

Weapons (2007)

"The acting isn't the sole disappointment, the writing and directing was just as bad." Film Threat
Posted Jan 25, 2007
4.5/5 84%

Rocket Science (2007)

"If Napoleon Dynamite and Rocky had a kid and placed it in New Jersey, it would be the delightful and fresh Rocket Science." Film Threat
Posted Jan 25, 2007
3.5/5 56%

The Legacy (L'Héritage) (2006)

"The Legacy shows that simple films can work. The film doesn't need anything too ostentatious or amazing to sell the story." Film Threat
Posted Jan 25, 2007
3.5/5 100%

Four Sheets to the Wind (2007)

"A film with some wonderfuly oddball comedy while also being a very heart-felt statement about expanding on the person you are and finding your true voice." Film Threat
Posted Jan 25, 2007
4/5 50%

Everything's Cool (2007)

"I really liked this film more than I did An Inconvenient Truth, as Everything's Cool made the subject matter into a palatable form that actually made it interesting instead of depressing." Film Threat
Posted Jan 25, 2007
3.5/5 98%

The Devil Came on Horseback (2007)

"I really enjoyed the style of the film. Using [subject] Steidle's pictures he took while he narrates the letters he sent to his sister during his time in Sudan really make for an interesting narrative." Film Threat
Posted Jan 25, 2007
3.5/5 No Score Yet

Comrades in Dreams (2006)

"This is a very fun documentary. All of the theater owners bring something new to the table and are fascinating to watch, plus the fact that it is different than the standard shakey-cam documentary is commendable." Film Threat
Posted Jan 25, 2007
1/5 No Score Yet

Acidente (2006)

"I don't know who, if any one, is the audience for this film. As far as I was able to comprehend, there was no purpose, no real commentary."
Posted Jan 25, 2007
2.5/5 43%

Night at the Museum (2006)

"This isn't an extremely terrible movie, it really wants to be an original film and in a way the idea behind it actually is BUT it is just too bad the execution is so by-the-numbers and emotionally empty." Film Threat
Posted Jan 2, 2007
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