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Baby Driver

Bleeding a special cinematic language while being brilliantly unique, it's put together unlike anything you've seen before

Eric Eisenberg,

The Graduate

Watching it today I can appreciate the historical significance of The Graduate, and Mike Nichols' direction is sharp and stylish. Yet I'm ambivalent about the film.

Edward Lawrenson, The Big Issue

Benjamin Troubles

Snappy, acerbic script by Lee Ross is augmented by first time director Kai Ephron's pathos for his characters and situations.

Staci Layne Wilson,


The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog

Alfred Hitchcock's first great film looks stellar on Criterion's Blu-ray, lacking nearly all of the usual decay endemic to silent movies.

Jake Cole, Slant Magazine

Ugetsu (Ugetsu monogatari)

One of cinema's mightiest and most bottomless of accomplishments has never looked or sounded better, with a vintage supplements package that provides invaluable analysis of Japanese film culture.

Zeba Blay, Slant Magazine

Ghost World

"Maybe I don't want to meet someone who shares my interests. I hate my interests." Steve Buscemi speaks for us all.

Eric Henderson, Slant Magazine

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All Eyez on Me is rotten!


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