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Current Critics List

The Current Critics List includes all critics who have actively contributed to the Tomatometer within the last calendar year.
  • Critics with individual Tomatometer approval are marked as "Tomatometer Critic". Their reviews are always eligible for inclusion from any publication.
  • Critics whose reviews are included at specific Tomatometer-approved publications will have those outlets listed next to their name.
For a list of critics who are no longer active, but whose reviews are still part of the Tomatometer, click here.


Emily Yahr when published by Washington Post

Jen Yamato Tomatometer Critic

Manu Yáñez Tomatometer Critic

Aaron Yap when published by

Sophie Yapp when published by Little White Lies

Chuck Yarborough when published by Cleveland Plain Dealer

Siena Yates when published by New Zealand Herald

Isobel Yeap when published by 4:3

Yip Wai Yee when published by The Straits Times (Singapore)

Joshua Yehl when published by IGN Movies

Debra Yeo when published by Toronto Star

Kevin Yeoman when published by ScreenRant

Emine Yildirim Tomatometer Critic

Keva York when published by 4:3

Emily Yoshida Tomatometer Critic

Sage Young when published by Entertainment Weekly

Deborah Young when published by Film Comment Magazine, Hollywood Reporter, Variety

Paul Young when published by ScreenRant

Neil Young when published by Hollywood Reporter, indieWire

Danny Yu when published by Time Out

Jada Yuan when published by New York Magazine/Vulture

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