The television DC Comics universe was born with CW's Arrow in 2012, then expanded to a handful of series consistenly bringing new comic book charaters to the small screen in every season.

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  • Batwoman (TV Show, 2019 - )

    Synopsis: With Gotham in despair after the mysterious disappearance of Batman, Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) returns home and becomes a dark knight vigilante, continuing the legacy of her missing cousin, Bruce Wayne.
    Starring: Ruby Rose, Meagan Tandy, Camrus Johnson
  • DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV Show, 2016 - 2020)

    Synopsis: A time-traveling rogue assembles a group of heroes and villains to prevent the world's destruction.
    Starring: Victor Garber, Wentworth Miller, Brandon Routh
  • Supergirl (TV Show, 2015 - )

    Synopsis: At 24, Kara Zor-El decides the time has come to embrace her superhuman abilities and fulfill her destiny as a hero in this drama based on the DC Comics character Supergirl.
    Starring: Melissa Benoist, Calista Flockhart, Mehcad Brooks
  • The Flash (TV Show, 2014 - )

    Synopsis: Scientist Barry Allen acquires super speed through a freak accident and becomes known as the Fastest Man Alive in this adaptation of the DC Comics character the Flash.
  • Constantine (TV Show, 2014 - 2015)

    Synopsis: Based on the wildly popular comic book series "Hellblazer" from DC Comics, seasoned demon hunter and master of the occult John Constantine specializes in giving hell... hell. Armed with a ferocious knowledge of the dark arts and his wickedly naughty wit, he fights the good fight - or at least he did. With his soul already damned to hell, he's decided to leave his do-gooder life behind. But when demons target Liv, the daughter of one of Constantine's oldest friends, he's reluctantly thrust back into the fray - and he'll do whatever it takes to save her. -- (C) NBC
    Starring: Matt Ryan, Harold Perrineau, Charles Halford
  • Arrow (TV Show, 2012 - 2020)

    Synopsis: Reinventing the DC Comics character, the Arrow is not a superhero but a hero every bit as dangerous as the criminals he's hunting.
    Starring: Stephen Amell, Michael Rowe, Katie Cassidy