Black Sails Character Guide - Rotten Tomatoes
Captain Jack Rackham (Toby Schmidt)

A quick thinker and a faster talker, Captain Jack Rackham is an outsider among his pirating brothers -- he's terrible at fighting and too erudite for his own good. Partnered up with the beautiful and cold-blooded Anne Bonney (who he saved from an abusive husband when she was just a girl), Rackham oversees Max's brothel and ultimately joins forces with her to assemble a new crew. As captain of the Colonial Dawn, Rackman manages to retrieve the coveted Urca gold (some five million pieces), transporting it via the salvaged Walrus pirate ship and stashing it in Vane's abandoned fort. Though he and Bonny don't appear to be lovers anymore, they remain fiercely loyal to each other as they embark on their latest endeavor -- running a new pirating outfit, along with the help of Max and quartermaster Featherstone.