Company Men - Rotten Tomatoes
NAME: Mills, Bryan

LAST KNOWN WHEREABOUTS: Taken (2008), alias Liam Neeson.

HISTORY: In active duty, Mills foiled the six attempts on Skrillex's life, consistently met quota on Kraken releasing, and converted Beliebers back to reality by force.

In retirement, Mills once flew to Paris to save his daughter and her best friend (a corpse). Body count: 17. Injuries: a non-fatal shot to the shoulder after Mills had grown tired of the table conversation.

Mills remains on the Agency's board of directors, recently winning the vote to change the Agency's motto to "I mos vultus tui. Volo invenire. Et vos occiderem." (Rough translation: "I will look for you. I will find you. And I will kill you.")


THREAT ASSESSMENT: High. Mills's rampage forced the Illumanti to return the Statue of Liberty to France for diplomatic repairs. The Agency has advised that Mills's daughter be enrolled in our Kidnapping Prevention & Science Lab night course.