Crime Doesn't Pay - Rotten Tomatoes
You have to be a very special breed of dumb criminal to be bested by a bunch of pre-teens, and luckily for the "Goonies," the Fratellis fit the bill rather well. Essentially comprised of a bitter old woman (Anne Ramsey) and her two sons (Joe Pantoliano and Robert Davi) -- Sloth (John Matuszak) doesn't really count -- the Fratellis are shut down in various ways by the wacky inventions of a whiz kid, a centuries-old booby trap, and the deformed, intellectually stunted member of their family who sports Superman T-shirts and quotes The Electric Company. They bumble after the Goonies with such earnest, perplexed fervor that you almost feel sorry for them with each crotch hit and inadvertent headbutt.