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RT Honor Roll

It's time for pencils, books, and, of course, teachers' dirty looks. Never worry, we're making your back to school transition a fun one, filling you up with quality cinema. Behold: RT's Honor Roll, counting down the 25 best-reviewed school movies of all time!

Movie critics are tough graders, so each Honor Roll movie worked hard to earn their position. (That means each needed a minimum 20 reviews, with a plot primarily about going to school and/or campus life.) In fact, the movies here have such good reviews that some of our favorites (classics like Back to School, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Mean Girls) just barely missed the cut. So what?s left? Lots of great stuff - movies funnier than the class clown, smarter than the valedictorian, and hotter than the head cheerleader.

Class, enough talk: Open your books to RT's Honor Roll!