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Survived: The Resident Evil Franchise

At first, it wouldn't appear that the Umbrella Corporation of the Resident Evil films planned very well for a possible outbreak of their zombifying T-virus. In fact, the soldiers sent to Umbrella's secret lab in 2002's Resident Evil spend most of their time simply trying to survive.

But even in the face of this population-decimating epidemic, there is one particular survivor who eventually goes on the offensive for the good of all mankind, and her name is Alice. The folks at Umbrella must have spotted her potential, too, because in Apocalypse (2004), they outfit Alice with some genetic modifications, and in Extinction (2007), they even clone her in hopes of building a butt-kicking army. She's survived attacks by all kinds of mutations, speedy, strong, and grotesque, but she hasn't fallen yet. Alice and Umbrella both know the whole ordeal is Umbrella's fault, and her quest to bring them to justice continues through to the franchise's fifth installment, opening this month.