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Survived: The Scary Movie Franchise

A high-school-student-turned-college-student-turned-anchorwoman-turned-professional-boxer-turned-caregiver, Cindy Campbell knows how to throw down and maybe even snap some necks. Her response to a home-attack by Ghostface? What else? Throw a HOUSE PARTY! That would be the safest thing to do, right? But everyone ends up dead. Go figure. But her Matrix-like aerial fighting skills get her through another night. But can she survive a wedgie in Scary Movie 2? Turns out... she can and does! As well as a fist fight with a housecat!

This one is handy though. Only Cindy Campbell could MacGyver random objects into a tractor, allowing her to crash through the door of a refrigerator she was locked in. Even a UN nude-ray won't stop this savvy ingénue. When an alien Command triPod ensnares her with Venus Fly Traps in a grimy old bathroom, she is instructed to find the key to free her friend Brenda and herself. The key is located behind her eye. No problem! Cindy has a glass eye (old bar fight injury).

Cindy has survived a lot. She's slick and sagacious. But will Scary Movie 5 see the return of Cindy Campbell? If so, what other inhuman challenges will face her, that she can so dexterously avoid?