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Survived: The Hellraiser Franchise

Puzzle cubes in the 1980s were all the rage. Of course, when Kristy Cotton played with one, she suffered the consequences: the opening of another realm filled with sado-masochistic Cenobytes lead by Pinhead himself. Pinhead's posse included Butterball, Chatterer and The Female. After attacks from a deceptive dead-skin- wearing uncle, a group of deal-reneging "explorers" from another realm and stepmother hell-bent on devouring her boyfriend, Kristy even withstands a trip to the Cenobyte realm. In Hellraiser III, she exists only through old interview footage, however she returns in Hellseeker with some gruesome tricks up her sleeve.

Being orphaned could inspire one to focus on new hobbies and interests... like mastering such a puzzle box, coincidentally called the "Lament Configuration." That, and a propensity for turning the tables on your loved ones, could be all you need to survive when confronted by violent unearthly beings that thrive on the pleasures of pain.