The Big Payback: 15 Movies Out for Revenge - Rotten Tomatoes
Clint Eastwood's grizzled sneer embodies vengeance, and that spirit -- as well as its ultimately ruinous consequences -- is pursued to its blood-soaked limits in this 1973 Western, starring Eastwood as a nameless drifter called upon to protect the residents of a mining town from a trio of gunslingers who are finishing up a prison sentence after murdering the local constable. He might be their savior, but the Stranger's no saint; from the start, his relationship with the townfolk ranges from opportunistic to hostile, and his promise to ward off the bad guys comes with a list of demands that includes painting the town red (literally) and putting a dwarf in charge. In the end, Drifter turns out a lot like real-life revenge often does -- everyone gets what they asked for, but not what they bargained for.