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As seen in...
50 First Dates
The Descendants
Blue Crush
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
A Perfect Getaway
Riding Giants
Punch Drunk Love

Hawaii remains a popular vacation and honeymoon destination because, well, it's gorgeous there, and as such, you'll probably spend most of your time outside. Take a cue from movies like Blue Crush and Riding Giants and learn how to surf; just make sure you stay away from the really big waves. Want something a tad off the beaten path? Hike to a secluded beach, or try a bit of kayaking around the islands (A Perfect Getaway). Wait, we understand -- you want to go super low-key. In that case, spend some time getting to know the friendly locals, maybe hit up a luau (50 First Dates, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), or follow in George Clooney's footsteps (literally) in The Descendants and take a nice, relaxing jog on the beach. If you're able to fund your trip entirely via a food marketing loophole (Punch Drunk Love), all the better! Whatever the case, make sure you tell Adam Sandler we said hello; he seems to spend a lot of time there.