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As seen in...
The Hangover
Ocean's Eleven
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Honeymoon in Vegas
Vegas Vacation
Viva Las Vegas

If nicknames like "Lost Wages" and "Sin City" imply "ideal vacation spot" to you, you might be Chevy Chase. Or Hunter S. Thompson. Or a bachelor party. But America's unofficial gambling capital is more than just a haven for those seeking fast money and debaucherous thrills. For example, the nearby Hoover Dam might inspire awe in your family (Vegas Vacation), and as long as your plans don't include burglary, you can always take a tour of the major hotels (Ocean's Eleven). The casinos can be a breath of fresh, air-conditioned air for tourists suffering the Nevada heat, but outdoorsy types might enjoy a bit of waterskiing on Lake Mead or take in a race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Viva Las Vegas). Just remember this: Whatever happens in Vegas will probably come back to haunt you later, so sightsee in moderation, folks.