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When Harry Met Sally
In America
Miracle on 34th St.

Nothing against any of the other boroughs, but if you're looking to take a cinematic journey to New York City, you can get just about anything you need in Manhattan. There's romance, of course, as exemplified by the classic rom-coms When Harry Met Sally and Manhattan -- both of which juxtapose their characters' relationships against glimpses of some of the city's greatest landmarks, from major monuments (Manhattan's famous shot of the Queensboro Bridge) to local haunts (the classic When Harry Met Sally scene shot in Katz's Deli). Sure, it isn't all romance -- as we see in the lives of the Hell's Kitchen immigrants of In America -- but there's undeniably a certain magic in the air. After all, we're talking about the city where, in Miracle on 34th Street, Santa Claus himself took the stand to prove his own existence.