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The Rock
Mrs. Doubtfire

Going to explore San Francisco in the '50s? Put away that DeLorean and pop in that laserdisc of Vertigo. Between the deception and murders, Alfred Hitchcock's film is a veritable California postcard, with picturesque glimpses of the Palace of Fine Arts (a magnificent structure which lies in the middle of a lake) and Fort Point, the spot beneath the Golden Gate Bridge where Kim Novak made her dramatic suicide attempt. Vertigo hero James Stewart valiantly stalked the city's boundless hills, but it took Steve McQueen and a particular Bullitt car chase to make those hills infamous. Jumping forward to more contemporary times, consider visiting The Rock, an explosive inside tour of the island prison Alcatraz, and Mrs. Doubtfire, which details the modern San Franciscan's trials of love, relationships, and cross-dressing in order to see your kids in secret.